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Thermal initiator system using leuco dyes and polyhalogene compounds

The present invention relates to IR-sensitive compositions containing an initator system comprising:
    • (a) at least one compound capable of absorbing IR radiation selected from triarylamine dyes, thiazolium dyes, indolium dyes, oxazolium dyes, cyanine dyes, polyaniline dyes, polypyrrole dyes, polythiophene dyes and phthalocyanine pigments
    • (b) at least one compound capable of producing radicals selected from polyhaloalkyl-substituted compounds
    • (c) at least one polycarboxylic acid represented by the following formula I
wherein Y is selected from the group consisting of O, S and NR7, each of R4, R5 and R6 is independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, C1-C4 alkyl, aryl which is optionally substituted, —COOH and NR8CH2COOH, R7 is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, C1-C6 alkyl, —CH2CH2OH, and C1-C5 alkyl substituted with -COOH, R8 is selected from the group consisting of —CH2COOH, —CH2OH and —(CH2)2N(CH2COOH)2 and r is 0, 1, 2 or 3 with the proviso that at least one of R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 comprises a —COOH group or salts thereof, and
  • (d) at least one leuco dye, wherein the following inequation is met:
  • oxa<redb+1.6eV
    with oxa=oxidation potential of component (a) in eV redb=reduction potential of component (b) in eV
    These compositions are inter alia extraordinarily suitable for the manufacture of printing plates.

    Water soluble preservative film for fruits and vegetables and preparation method of preservative film

    The invention relates to a water soluble preservative film for fruits and vegetables and a preparation method of the preservative film. The water soluble preservative film for the fruits and vegetables is mainly prepared by the following materials in percentage in weight: 50 to 80% of polyvinyl alcohol with alcoholysis degree of less than 90%; 10 to 30% of polyhydroxy plasticizer, 1 to 5% of auxiliary film forming agent, 3 to 8% of low temperature antifreeze agent, 3 to 10% of adsorbent filling agent and 0.3 to 2% of film-forming adding additive. The preparation method comprises the following two steps of: 1, after metering contents of components of the preservative film in the formula, obtaining a uniform aqueous solution with concentration of 15 to 25% in water; and 2, uniformly casting the prepared solution on a clear steel band, and drying the solution to obtain the film through a dried drying tunnel with temperature of 120 to 180 DEG C. The preservative film has a high barrier property against oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and the like, and has a high bidirectional permeable exchange capacity for steam, thereby guaranteeing free breathing and water exchange of the fruits and vegetables in a preserving process.

    Preparation method for purely-natural yeast powder

    The invention discloses a preparation method for purely-natural yeast powder. The preparation method for purely-natural yeast powder comprises the following steps of: preparing yeast solution, specifically, soaking fruits, grains or plant flowers in honey, malt extract and purified water, standing, and then extracting the yeast solution of fruits, grains or plant flowers, which contains a saccharomyces cerevisiae group and a lactobacillus group; preparing yeast paste, specifically, kneading naked barley powder, malt extract and purified water into the yeast paste, and culturing in four phases; culturing saccharomycetes, specifically, synthesising the yeast solution and the yeast paste into a wet cenobium, and culturing; performing enlargement culture on saccharomycetes, specifically, mixing the wet cenobium with an enlargement culture medium in a certain ratio, and performing enlargement culture on saccharomycetes by proliferating by 100-10000 times, so as to prepare mixed yeast solution; and blending the yeast powder, specifically, mixing the dry substances of glucose, alpha-dry rice meal, vitamin C, corn starch, cane sugar and the like in the mixed yeast solution, and finally preparing the natural yeast powder. The yeast powder disclosed by the invention is completely prepared from natural substances and free from preservative, and has the advantages of being anti-ageing, anti-mildew and long in storage life.

    Production method of spanish mackerel head can

    The invention relates to a method for preparing canned spanish mackerel head and is characterized in that a fresh spanish mackerel head, the eyes of which are not cut, is chosen and put into pickling materials and seasoned and then fried to dark brown in heated peanut oil, and the fried head is taken out and packaged into a can container after the remained oil is drained; flavor oil and condiments are also added into the container with the weight percentage of the mackerel head of 85 to 90 percent, the flavor oil of 1.5 to 3 percent and the condiments of 8 to 12 percent; the gas in the mackerel head and accessional material is dissolved out after the container is opened and heated for 15 to 20 minutes in the temperature condition of more than 80 DEG C; after the can is sealed, the sterilization is carried out for 40 to 80 minutes at temperature of 100 to 120 DEG C, and the head is cooled to room temperature, thus forming the canned spanish mackerel head. The canned food manufactured by adopting the method fully preserves the nutritional components of spanish mackerel heads, is rich in nutrition, delicious in taste, long in shelf life and convenient in eating, improves the added value of spanish mackerel heads, and reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution. The manufacturing method of the invention is reasonable in process, feasible in operation, high in production efficiency and is suitable for industrial production.
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