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Unfreezing device, refrigerator and unfreezing control method of refrigerator

The invention provides an unfreezing device, a refrigerator and an unfreezing control method of the refrigerator. The unfreezing device comprises a shell, a first electrode board, a second electrode board and a high-frequency power supply, the first electrode board is arranged at the top of the inner wall of the shell, the second electrode board is arranged at the bottom of the inner wall of the shell, the first electrode board and the second electrode board are connected with two ends of the high-frequency power supply respectively, high-frequency alternating electric fields are generated between the first electrode board and the second electrode board when the high-frequency power supply operates, so that high-frequency electromagnetic waves are generated and acted onto unfrozen food, insulating materials are arranged between the first electrode board and the inner wall of the shell and the second electrode board and the inner wall of the shell and on the lower side of the first electrode board and the upper side of the second electrode board, and the unfrozen food is placed on the insulating materials of the upper side of the second electrode board. The unfreezing device is simple in structure, the high-frequency electromagnetic waves are rapidness and uniformity in unfreezing, and nutrient loss is low.

Method of preparing a multi-flavored shake

InactiveUS6126983AEfficiently and effectively preparingMinimize storageRotary stirring mixersFrozen sweetsEngineeringFood flavor
A flavored shake drink is prepared from a prepackaged neutral flavored mix stored within a serving cup. A flavored syrup is selected and dispensed through a dedicated nozzle carried by a housing. Each of a plurality of nozzles is in fluid communication with a corresponding solenoid control valve which controls the flow of the selected syrup pumped from a bag-in-the-box styled reservoir. One reservoir is provided for each of the selected flavors. A manually activated programmable timer controls the length of time that the solenoid activated valve remains opened thus providing a preselected amount of syrup into the cup. Switches are provided for doubling and halving the amount of the preselected quantity of syrup when creating varying single flavored and combination flavored shakes. In addition to shielding provided around the blender spindle carried by the housing for maintaining the surrounding area in a clean condition, a protective sleeve is placed within the cup for limiting the amount of mix splashed from the cup during blending of the selected syrup and neutral flavored mix. Prior to adding a selected syrup, the cup of unflavored mix is stored in a tempering freezer where it is maintained at a pre-selected temperature suitable for providing desirable blending of the syrups with the mix.

Heatable package with frangible seal and method of manufacture

A flexible pouch having an integral valve for both packaging a product and serving the product and a method of making the same is provided. The flexible pouch includes a panel having an upper edge, an opposed lower edge, and a side edge extending therebetween the upper and lower edges. The flexible pouch further includes a valve disposed in the panel, wherein the valve is a one-way valve for releasing a gas from the pouch at a predetermined gas release pressure. A frangible seal encloses the valve to isolate the valve from the product contained in the flexible pouch, such that the frangible seal is intact when the pressure within the flexible pouch is less than a predetermined frangible seal pressure, and the frangible seal is broken when the pressure within the flexible pouch is greater than the predetermined frangible seal bursting pressure. The method includes the steps of forming the pouch, and inserting a valve in the panel. The method also includes the steps of enclosing the valve with a frangible seal and sealing the edges of the pouch, leaving an upper edge open. The method still also includes the steps of opening, filling and sealing the filled pouch. The method further includes the steps of increasing the pressure in the pouch until the pressure exceeds the predetermined frangible seal bursting pressure and the frangible seal breaks, to release the gas from the pouch.

Method for processing frozen minced fillets of java tilapia

The invention relates to the technical field of foods, in particular to a method for processing the frozen minced fillets of java tilapia. The method comprises the following steps: the fish head, the fish scales and the viscera of java tilapia are removed by preprocessing, the java tilapia is washed cleanly and made into minced fish, then the minced fish is dewatered and finely filtered after ice water with the weight of 2-3 times of the weight of the minced fish and 0.15-0.2% of NaCl solution are sequentially used for rinsing the minced fish fully, a compound antifreeze with the weight of 7-9% of the weight of the minced fish is added, and minced fillets are obtained by fully mixing evenly, subpackaged at the temperature of -40 DEG C to -80 DEG C for quick freezing and put for freezing preservation at -18 DEG C; the moisture content of the minced fillets is smaller than 79%, and the gel strength and the folding resistance degree are used as indexes for judging the quality of the minced fillets. In the frozen minced fillets made and obtained according to the method, the gel strength of the minced fillets before freezing storage exceeds 800 ( by the detection of the gel strength and the folding resistance degree, the gel strength of the minced fillets after the freezing storage for 2 months still reaches more than 600 (, and the folding resistance degree reaches an AA level. The quality of the frozen minced fillets is equivalent to that of the SA level minced fillets of marine products, such as nemipterus virgatus, red sea bream and the like.

Marinating material of sauced beef and preparation method of sauced beef

The invention discloses a marinating material of sauced beef and a preparation method of the sauced beef. The preparation method comprises the following steps of using 100 parts of to-be-sauced beef as a base material, and using the following auxiliary materials, wherein pickling materials comprise salt, pepper, star anise and fennel; spicy materials comprise clove, fructus amomi, amomum cardamomum, netmeg, fructus galangae, cinnamon, pepper, star anise, licorice root, bay leaves, root of hairy asiabell, angelica root, amomum tsao-ko, hawthorn, monosidum glutanate and orange peel; seasoners comprise salt, yellow wine, hoisin sauce, soybean source, garlic, ginger, scallion and rock candy; pretreating the raw materials, pickling, pre-cooking, preparing marinating water, soaking into the marinating water, preparing in the marinating water, cooling, and packaging the finished product, so as to obtain the sauced beef product. The sauced beef has the advantages that by adopting a formula, the flavor of the prepared sauced beef is particular, and the mouth feel is good; the flavor of the sauced beef is furthest maintained by the method of controlling the flavor deteriorating of the sauced beef, and the shelf life of the product is obviously prolonged.
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