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Red sour soup base for hot pot and making method thereof

The invention discloses a red sour soup base for a hot pot and a making method thereof, relating to a hot pot condiment, and solving the problem that traditional soup base for the hot pot is greasy and too spicy and hot generally. The red sour soup base comprises the following raw materials: Tuo county red pepper and tomato specialties from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, fresh ginger, bamboo shoots, pungent litse fruit, green onion, garlic, glutinous rice flour, table salt, a flavor enhancer, medlar, spices, a yeast extract, an artificial lactic acid preparation and salad oil. The making method comprises the following steps: adding the salad oil into a pot, heating the oil up to sixty percent hot, sequentially putting the fresh ginger, the green onion and the spices into the pot, fry until fragrance is sent, then adding a portion of prepared primary red sour soup, then sequentially adding the medlar, the table salt, the yeast extract and the flavor enhancer after the materials are boiled, and uniformly stirring to obtain the red sour soup base. After the red sour soup base is eaten frequently, a beneficial change happens to the formation of intestinal flora, the intestinal flora of a human body is improved to form an antibacterial biological barrier, the breeding of putrefying bacteria is restrained, the toxins generated by the putrefying bacteria are dispelled, the intestinal wastes are cleared up and the cholesterol absorption can be effectively restrained.

Processing method for prefabricated fat beef

The invention discloses a processing method for prefabricated fat beef. The prefabricated fat beef is prepared by the following steps of taking boneless belly meat, sirloin and eye meat which are subjected to acid discharging treatment, and cutting into meat slices; putting the cut beef slices into an injector for injecting prefabricated liquid; putting the beef slices subjected to injection into a rolling machine for vacuum rolling; stacking the boneless belly meat subjected to rolling into a forming box in a manner that the ribs face the outside, and then stacking the sirloin and the eye meat which are subjected to rolling according to a fat and lean alternating rule; performing pre-cooling: putting the forming box with the meat into a quick freezing stock for pre-cooling; pressing the pre-cooled beef into cuboids; taking out the pressed beef from the forming box, putting the beef into a plastic packaging bag, and performing vacuumizing and sealing to obtain the prefabricated fat beef. According to the method, the sirloin, the belly beef and the eye meat which are not suitable for instant boiling are together made into prefabricated fat beef which is suitable for instant boiling; the prepared prefabricated fat beef smells mellow; the meat is tender, the textures are attractive, and the meat color is fresh and bright.

Preparation method of Tianma fermented bean curd

InactiveCN102450593AStrong fragranceSpicyFood preparationWater contentSoy cheese
Tianma fermented bean curd is a secondary fermented food of bean products. Tianma fermented bean curd is characterized in that water used in the preparation of bean curd billet and ingredients is Tianma spring water; curdling temperature of bean curd jelly, curdling PH value, concentration of coagulant, curdling time and water content of bean curd are reasonable; the early fermentation time is delayed by combination of artificial inoculation and natural inoculation; mycete bean curd billets are basked in airing cages to form salted bean curd billets with a cover membrane; the salted bean curd billets are covered with salt and placed in a jar layer by layer, and marinade made from tens of ingredients is poured into the jar for marinating the bean curd billets; cured fermented bean curd is placed in a disinfected open-mouthed bottle layer by layer; the marinade used during the salting procedure is poured into the bottle and specifically-made chili oil is placed at the mouth of bottle for sealing; and the mouth of bottle is sealed with a cover. Tianma fermented bean curd is prepared by procedures of specially making bean curd billets, mixed inoculating, basking, covering the bean curd billets with salt, preparing marinade and refining chili oil; and Tianma fermented bean curd is a popular bean curd with fresh flavor, strong fragrance, strong pungency, yellow color, delicate taste, long storage time, low chloride content, low alcoholic content and rich nutrition.
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Inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101664098ADelicate tasteStrong fragranceFrozen sweetsHoneysuckleMomordica grosvenori
The invention relates to an inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream which is prepared from a plant extract solution with the effects of reducing fever and removing inflammation and ice cream powder. The inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream comprises the following components, by weight percent: 1-99% of chrysanthemum, 1-99% of rhizoma phragmitis, 1-99% of momordica grosvenori, 1-99% oflophantherum gracile, 1-99% of honeysuckle and 1-99% of ice cream powder. The preparation method of the inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream comprises the following steps: selecting each rawmaterial, weighing according to the quantity of a formula respectively, adding water into the chrysanthemum, the rhizoma phragmitis, the momordica grosvenori, the lophantherum gracile and the honeysuckle and soaking, decocting twice, merging decoction, filtering, obtaining a plant extract solution, then adding the ice cream powder, stirring evenly, putting into an ice-cream machine, processing into ice cream and subpackaging so as to obtain a finished product. By preparing the plant extract solution with the effects of reducing fever and removing inflammation and the ice cream powder, the invention produces the inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream in a creative way. The inflammation-relieving health-care ice cream has the health-care effects of reducing fever and removing inflammation, can be used as a frozen food for preventing excessive internal heat and removing summer-heat and has delicate mouth feel, aromatic flavour, unique taste, extensive source of the raw materials andlow production cost.

Dehydrated needle mushrooms and preparation method thereof

The invention provides dehydrated needle mushrooms and a preparation method thereof. The dehydrated needle mushrooms are characterized by being prepared from following raw materials in parts by weight: 70-80 parts of needle mushrooms, 0.5-1 part of tea polyphenol, 2-3 parts of agrimonia pilosa, 1-2 parts of llex latifolia thunb, 3-4 parts of momordica grosvenori, 2-4 parts of stevia rebaudian, 2-3.5 parts of mesona chinensis benth, 4-6 parts of medlar, 3-4 parts of herba lycopi, 2-4 parts of poria cocos wolf, 5-7 parts of lily, 2-3 parts of grapes, 4-5 parts of tomatoes and 10-11 parts of seasoning oil. The dehydrated needle mushrooms are rich in fragrance and unique in flavor; in a processing process, the added tea polyphenol has the effects of beautifying and protecting the skin, lowering lipid and helping to digest, and protecting teeth and improving the eyesight; the agrimonia pilosa has the effects of clearing the heat and promoting the diuresis, and tonifying the deficiency and activating the blood; the mesona chinensis benth and the llex latifolia thunb has the effects of dispelling the wind and removing the heat; the stevia rebaudian has the effects of nourishing the liver; the herba lycopi has the effects of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and alleviating water retention and diminishing swelling; the poria cocos wolf has the effects of calming the nerves; the lily has the effects of nourishing yin and moistening the lung, and easing mental anxiety.

Preparation method for phellinus linteus healthcare wine

The invention relates to a preparation method for phellinus linteus healthcare wine and belongs to the field of healthcare food. The method comprises the following steps: inoculating phellinus linteus liquid culture onto a solid fermentation substrate, keeping constant temperature at 25-30 DEG C, keeping out of the sun, standing by and culturing; adding white spirit at more than or equal to 45 degrees, sealing with a cover without a ventilating filter membrane, extracting and acquiring a solid-liquid mixture; performing solid-liquid separation on the solid-liquid mixture, thereby acquiring the supernate, namely, the phellinus linteus healthcare wine, wherein the solid fermentation substrate contains 96-98% of cured cereals, 1-2% of calcium sulfate and 1-2% of saccharose, and the percentage is mass percentage. The phellinus linteus healthcare wine is formed by extracting the solid culture product of the phellinus linteus culture with white spirit; the extracting object is solid culture mycelium and residual solid culture medium rather than the liquid culture mycelium of the phellinus linteus culture; in the phellinus linteus healthcare wine prepared according to the method, the phellinus linteus mycelium is integrated with alcohol soluble component in the cereal after solid fermentation conversion; the phellinus linteus healthcare wine is in golden color, has aromatic flavor, is rich in nutrition and is high in flavone and triterpenes components content; the phellinus linteus healthcare wine has excellent effects of eliminating free radicals, promoting immunity, and the like.

Crucian-fishing-used bait with lasting fragrance

The invention discloses crucian-fishing-used bait with lasting fragrance. The bait is prepared from, by weight, 1000 g of ultramicro rice bran, 20 g of donkey blood, 20 g of carrot powder, 5 g of clove oil, 5 g of lysine, 5 g of protein zinc, 10 g of zein, 5 g of peptide sweetener, 100 g of lychee seeds soaked with liquor, 10 g of apple powder, 20 g of citric acid residues, 50 g of green gram leaves, 20 g of shrimp shells, 20 g of folium mori, 20 g of reed rhizome, 150 g of sticky rice, 15 g of honey, 30 g of earthworm powder and a defined amount of lychee seed soak solutions. According to the bait, due to the fact that the ultramicro rice bran is adopted for substituting traditional flour, so that after the bait for fishing crucian is placed into a water body, the sweet and fragrant scent emitted by the bait is spread rapidly, and the crucian is promoted to accelerate the hunger sense. According to physiological and life patterns, eating habits, the sound transmission principle and conditioned reflex of the crucian, after smelling the strong sweet and fragrant scent, the crucian is made to swim to the bait rapidly from all quarters, turn over up and down and fiercely rush to eat the bait, the great fragrance is effective in quick crucian gathering and good in crucian luring effect and fishing effect, and the fishing purpose is achieved.

Preparation method of scented tea of polished glutinous rice

InactiveCN101138375AGood qualityStrong fragranceTea substituesMicrowave frequencyEngineering
The present invention discloses a manufacture method of fragrant tea made of sticky rice; the method comprises cleansing, spreading and drying: the fragrant and fresh leaf picked is cleansed and spread on the bamboo winnow for drying; water removing: microwave water-removing and drying machine is used for removing water and the microwave frequency is 2450 plus/minus 50 MHz and the microwave power is 2 to 6 kW and time for water removing is 2 to 8 minutes; cooling: the sticky rice fragrant leaf after water is removed is cooled by a blower or fan to the temperature in the room; rolling: the cooled sticky rice fragrant leaves are poured into a tea rolling machine for rolling for 20 to 30 minutes with the method of light rolling to heavy rolling to light rolling; drying: the rolled sticky rice fragrant leaves are made into fragrant tea after being dried by microwave water-removing device; the microwave frequency is2450 plus/minus 50 MHz and the microwave power is 2 to 6 kW and time for water removing is 2 to 8 minutes. The sticky rice fragrant tea processed with the present invention has higher quality and the fragrance is stronger which meets the life requirements of people; in addition, the processing process is not impacted by weather and the processing efficiency is high.

Brewing method of red date wine

The invention relates to the technical field of wine brewing, and concretely relates to a brewing method of red date wine. The brewing method of the red date wine comprises the following steps of (1) mixing red dates and water according to the weight proportion of 1 to (3 to 4), and smashing to obtain red date juice; (2) according to the weight percentage, adding 0.13 to 0.15 per thousand of the weight of the red date juice of a yeast into the red date juice, and fermenting to obtain a material 1, wherein the fermentation temperature is ranged from 20 to 25 DEG C, and the fermentation time is ranged from 12 to 16 days; (3) extracting and separating a supernate from the material 1 to obtain red date fermented raw wine; (4) blending the obtained raw wine, filtering for a first time, filtering for a second time, and obtaining the red date wine. According to the brewing method provided by the invention, nutritional ingredients in the red dates are extracted into the red date wine to a greater extent, and the obtained red date wine is more fragrant in flavor, and higher in nutritional ingredient content. Meanwhile, high-temperature extraction or repeating high-temperature concentration are not adopted in the whole preparation process, and the preparation method is simpler, convenient, and more energy-saving and environment-friendly without using heat energy.
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