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A kind of lady's health wine and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a lady health-care wine and a preparation method thereof. The health-care wine is prepared from angelica, hemlock parsley, radix paeoniae alba, prepared radix rehmanniae, raw radix rehmanniae, radix ophiopogonis, prepared fleece-flower root, lucid ganoderma, radix astragali, ginseng, rhizoma polygonati, poria with hostwood, polygala root, stir-fried spine date seed, deer fetus paste, antler, donkey-hide gelatin, glue of tortoise plastron, stir-fried eucommia, mistletoe, pawpaw, radix achyranthis bidentatae, broomrape, rhizoma drynariae, spatholobus stem, cassia bark, cornus officinalis, epimedium, Curculigo orchioides, saffron, Cordyceps, rhizoma cyperi, agilawood, Flos Caryophyllata, dalbergia wood, Turmeric Root-tuber, Rhizoma Zedoariae, cowherb seed, pseudo-ginseng, raw pollen typhae, pummelo pee, fingered citron, citron, raw rhubarb, fructus cannabis, bush-cherry seed, peach kernel, Chinese radish seed, semolina seed, cassia seed, Plantain seed, dodder, wolfberry fruit, raspberry, schisandra fruit, cherokee rose, Semen Euryales, gynostemma pentaphyllum, raw hawthorn, red rice, gastrodia tuber, kudzu root, chrysanthemum flower, calcined oyster and dragon bone, white spirit and yellow wine. The preparation method comprises the following steps: soaking the Chinese medicinal herbs in 50 vol% top-grade white spirit for 36 days (stirring every three days),and discarding the Chinese medicinal herbs after 36 days; and adding top-grade yellow wine (twice of white spirit), adding a right amount of honey (according to mouthfeel), sealing, and soaking for 36 days (stirring every three days) to obtain the lady health-care wine. When people drink 50ml of the health-care wine a day, the health-care wine can tonify the liver and kidney, recuperate yin and yang, invigorate qi, strengthen the bone, nourish the blood and refresh the brain.

Preparation method of active lactobacillus pickled vegetable

Belonging to the technical fields of biology and food, the invention relates to a preparation method of an active lactobacillus pickled vegetable. The method provided in the invention includes the technological steps of: A. loading a pickled vegetable liquor into a jar; B. filling the jar with vegetables; C. conducting fermentation at a constant temperature of 12-18DEG C; D. taking the fermented vegetables out of the jar, and carrying out blending and packaging. After a finished product is obtained by subjecting the pickled vegetable liquor to first round pickling, a direct vat set lactobacillus starter activating solution prepared from a direct vat set lactobacillus starter and glucose is added into the pickled vegetable liquor in the jar, and they are mixed uniformly for a second round of circulating pickled vegetable preparation. By adopting a reasonable vegetable proportion and a good flavor chilli vegetable fermented pickling liquor, the method provided in the invention well keeps the inherent flavor of the vegetable and the fermented flavor, and realizes standardized preparation of the active lactobacillus pickled vegetable, enhances the quality and homogeneity of the product, substantially improves the biosecurity of the product, and achieves a best flavor and a most suitable taste, thus further realizing upgrading and industrialized, large scale and standardized production of traditional active lactobacillus pickled vegetables.

Normal-temperature drinking type yoghourt and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses normal-temperature drinking type yoghourt, which is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by mass: 80 to 86 percent of fresh milk, 7 to 12 percent of white sugar, 0.5 to 2 percent of lactalbumin powder, 0.4 to 0.7 percent of pectin, 0.04 to 0.25 percent of agaragar, 0 to 0.03 percent of gellan gum, 0 to 0.05 percent of food flavoring and the balance water. The normal-temperature drinking type yoghourt provided by the invention has the advantages that more than 80 percent of pasture high-quality fresh milk is used as the main raw materials; the lactalbumin powder and the white sugar are added; food additives such as the pectin, the agaragar and the gellan gum are used as auxiliary materials; firstly, the milk is preheated, and is mixed with the raw materials such as the lactalbumin powder, the white sugar, the agaragar and the gellan gum; the materials are subjected to homogenizing, sterilization, cooling and fermentation for use. Through the secondary proportioning process, the pectin is singly dissolved and cooled and is then mixed with yoghourt; the 75-110 DEG C and 5-30s pasteurization heat treatment can be simultaneously performed. The normal-temperature drinking type yoghourt has the advantages that the requirement of a national standard of acidified milk that the flavor yoghourt needs to contain more than 80 percent of raw material milk is met; the stabilizing agent addition is reduced; the flowability of the produced yoghourt is good; the mouthfeel and the state thickness degree are proper.

Coconut-water beverage and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a method for preparing a coconut-water beverage. The method comprises the following steps: (1) breaking coconuts and then getting coconut water, adding an ascorbic acid the weight of which accounts for 0.1-0.15% of that of the coconut water into the coconut water, then stirring the obtained mixture so as to dissolve the ascorbic acid; (2) adding water into the solution obtained in the step (1), then stirring the obtained mixture, wherein the weight ratio of the water to the coconut water is (0.5-1.2): (4-5); (3) adding cane sugars into the aqueous solution obtained in the step (2), adjusting the sugar degree of the obtained mixture to 7.0-8.00 Brix, then adding a citric acid into the obtained product, and adjusting the pH value of the obtained mixture to 4.6-4.8; and (4) carrying out membrane filtration sterilization and ultrahigh-pressure low-temperature sterilization on the aqueous solution obtained in the step (3) so as to obtain the coconut-water beverage. The invention also discloses a coconut-water beverage. The coconut-water beverage and preparation method thereof disclosed by the invention have the advantages that because of changing the traditional heat treatment technology for sterilization and adopting the combination of low temperature membrane filtration sterilization and high pressure low temperature sterilization, the purposes of sterilization and refreshment are achieved, the unique flavor, nutrition and functional components of the coconut water are effectively kept, and the quality guarantee period of the prepared coconut-water beverage is long; and through filtering large particles in the coconut water through centrifugal filtration and membrane filtration, the prepared coconut-water beverage is clear, soft, delicate, pure and fresh.

Natural yeast bread and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to a manufacturing method of natural yeast bread. The method includes the steps that a, natural yeast liquid raw materials selected from fruits and cereals at least including glutinous barley are fermented to obtain natural yeast liquid; b, high-gluten flour and glutinous barley flour are mixed to obtain mixed flour, the mixed flour and the natural yeast liquid are mixed to obtain a mixture, and the mixture is fermented to obtain primary natural yeast; c, after the primary natural yeast is fermented, the primary natural yeast, warm water, high-gluten flour and glutinous barley flour are stirred into mixed dough, and the mixed dough is fermented at low temperature to obtain sponge dough; d, high-gluten flour, glutinous barley flour, malt flour, soya bean lecithin and a water solution are stirred and then added into the sponge dough to form bread dough through stirring; e, the bread dough is fermented; f, a conventional method is used for baking to obtain the bread. The invention further discloses natural yeast bread manufactured by adopting the method. The high water absorption rate and the high aerogenesis capacity of the glutinous barley flour, the capacity of promoting yeast aerogenesis of the malt flour and the emulsifying capacity of the soya bean lecithin are used, and low-temperature secondary fermentation is combined to obtain the soft and healthy bread moderate in mouthfeel and high in nutritive value.

Method for preparing shrimp soft can

The invention discloses a method for preparing a shrimp soft can, which comprises the following steps: soaking frozen shrimps into a citric acid the mass concentration of which is 0.05 to 0.1 percent so as to unfreeze the shrimps, then removing the heads of the shrimps and taking glands out; boiling the shrimps subjected to head and gland removing in boiling water for 1 to 10min at a temperature of 80 to 100 DEG C so as to removing part of water of the shrimps; removing the shells of the shrimps subjected to boiling, then soaking the obtained shrimps in pickling liquid for 10min to 8h at a temperature of 25 to 60 DEG C, wherein the pickling liquid comprises the following compositions in percentage by mass: 20 to 50 percent of granulated sugars, 5 to 20 percent of refined salts and 1 to 10percent of monosodium glutamates; and drying the shrimps subjected to pickling 5 to 30min at a temperature of 70 to 120 DEG C. The preparation method is simple and feasible, the prepared shrimp soft can is a subarid peeled-shrimp soft can, and the shrimp meat is moderate in tightness of organizational structure, and has certain chew resistance; and the method can effectively restrain the browningphenomena of the shrimp meat in the processes of hot-working, drying, dehydration or sterilization, thereby maintaining the original inviting orange red of the shrimp meat.

A kind of health wine for men and its preparation method

The invention provides a man health-care wine and a preparation method thereof. The health-care wine is prepared from the following components: cartialgenous, boschniakia rossica, cistanche, cynomorium songaricum, herba epimedii, hippocampi, testiset penis phocae, gecko, raw rehmannia, fructus corni, semen cuscutae, mulberry seeds, raspberry, schisandra chinensis, fruit of Chinese wolfberry, fructus cnidii, plantain seeds, lucid ganoderma, Jilin Ginseng, poria, cordyceps sinensis, rhodiola rosea, saussurea involucrate, deer penis, bullwhack, dog penis, bombyx mori, chilopod, angelica, radix paeoniae alba, radix glycyrrhizae preparata,black ant, red ant, fried Chinese date, prepared polygonum multiflorum thumb, white wine and yellow wine. The method comprises the following steps: taking white wine over 50 degrees, and pouring the wine until covering the medicinal materials, sealing, soaking for 36 days, stirring one time every three days; discarding the drug packaged by the gauze; adding the best-quality yellow wine the weight of which is two times of the white wine; adding a proper amount of honey according to the taste, sealing and soaking for 36 days, and stirring one time everythree days. The man health-care wine has the effects of tonifying kidney and cultivating yuan, strengthening du and softening blood vessel, replenishing qi and invigorating spleen, and nourishing blood and regulating liver after 50ml of prepared wine is taken every day.

Milk flavored pumpkin seed preparation method

The present invention discloses a milk flavored pumpkin seed preparation method which comprises the following steps: boiling tea leaves for 5-15 min, filtering the boiled tea leaves, and adding sodium bicarbonate into the filtrate to obtain the tea liquid; adding star anises, fennel, cinnamomum cassia, angelica dahurica, cynanchum otophyllum, alpinia tonkinensis, amomum tsaoko, rhizoma kaempferiae, alpinia officinarum, alpinia hainanensis, bay leaves, angelica sinensis, astragalus membranaceus, dried tangerine peels, liquorice, eriobotrya japonica leaves, and mentha haplocalyx are added into water to conduct boiling, and filtering the boiled materials to obtain the material filtrate; screening pumpkin seeds and removing impurities of the pumpkin seeds, then putting the impurity removed pumpkin seeds into the tea liquid to conduct boiling, cooling and keeping the boiled pumpkin seeds still until the surface soft skins fall off, then put into a stripping machine for stripping to obtain material A; washing the material A, soaking in a citric acid solution, removing the material A out and washing the material A to be neutral, then placing the material A in milk to conduct boiling and cooling and keeping the boiled material A still for 22-26 h to obtain material B; adding edible salt, white granulated sugar, sucralose, acesulfame and whipping cream into the material filtrate to conduct boiling, then adding the material B to conduct boiling, and filtering the above materials to obtain material C; and air-drying the material C at cool place, and followed by conducting hot air-drying, and cold-air temperature lowering to obtain the flavored pumpkin seeds.

Wild blueberry compound juice and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a wild blueberry compound juice and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the steps of preparing wild blueberry juice and purple sweet potato juice, performing enzyme deactivation to the prepared purple sweet potato juice for 20-30s, mixing the following active ingredients in parts by weight: 10-30 parts of the prepared wild blueberry juice, 2-8 parts of the prepared purple sweet potato juice, 2-15 parts of decolorized deacidified apple concentrated juice, 0.01-0.03 part of xanthan gum, 0.01-0.03 part of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and 20-50 parts of water, and agitating for 5-8 minutes, thus obtaining the wild blueberry compound juice. By blending the wild blueberry juice, the decolorized deacidified apple concentrated juice and the purple sweet potato juice, the blended compound juice has no acor feeling, is proper in sugar-acid ratio, and appropriate for mouth feeling; without the addition of sweeteners, acidifying agents, coloring matters, essence and the like, the compound juice not only has the fresh aroma of the fresh blueberry fruit, but also has the mellowness of apples, has an unexpectable unique flavor, is natural and delicious, and palatable in acid and sweetness, and has harmonious complex aroma and taste of apples and wild blueberry, thus living up to the consumption conceptions on health and nutrition of the modern people, and meeting the taste of the wide public consumers.
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