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Process of converting rendered triglyceride oil from marine sources into bland, stable oil

Triglyceride oil derived from marine sources, mammalian and fish, is treated with a silica at relatively low temperature under vacuum and is then further treated with a bleaching clay under vacuum and at higher temperature. The silica and the bleaching clay are then separated from the oil. The oil treated by this method is essentially free of proteinaceous materials, phosphatides and mucilage, pro-oxidant metals and very low in colored compounds, and is suitable for deodorizing. The deodorized oil is completely bland, unchanged in the concentration of the long-chain highly unsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DPA and DHA), very low in color, peroxides and secondary oxidation products, free of pesticides and has very good flavor stability. The method avoids the use of any chemicals, such as in the acid and base treatments required in conventional degumming and alkali refining of oils of marine origin. This avoids the formation of artifacts in the oil and trace contamination with chemicals. It also reduces the number of process steps required to produce deodorized food oil from marine sources, which is advantageous in respect to oil quality, process losses and processing costs. The method is especially environmentally advantageous, since it avoids the need for soapstock and waste water processing entirely. Refined oil produced by the method is useful as a nutritional supplement and in methods of therapy or medical treatment.

Means for making soybean milk

The present invention proposes an apparatus for making soybean milk, wherein a cover body is connected to the opening of a container, and a fixing tank is extended form the cover body toward the inside of the container. A motor is installed in the fixing tank. A reaming blade is extended from the motor. A through passage is installed downwards from a position away from the center of the cover through the fixing tank to a cup-shaped component. A fixedly-joining device is installed at the inner edge of the opening of the cup-shaped component to be correspondingly joined with a fixedly-joined device installed at the bottom end of the peripheral surface of the fixing tank. The reaming blade is placed in the cup-shaped component. The periphery of the cup-shaped component is formed to be a filtering net. An electro-thermal tube is connected from the bottom edge of the cover into the container. When soybeans are guided in via the through passage, a small sealing cap is used to cover on the opening of the through passage. After the apparatus is turned on, the soybeans are reamed by the reaming blade, and soybean juice flows into the container while soybean lees is left in the cup-shaped component. After water is added and boiled, the cover is removed and a sealing cap is covered on the container. The sealing cap has a filtering net at a position corresponding to that of the conduct mouth of the container such that soybean can be filtered and poured out.

Preparation method of soybean milk

The invention relates to a preparation method of soybean milk. The preparation method at least comprises the following stages: (a), flour preparation stage: providing a crushing container, a heating element for heating the crushing container and a crushing device, directly heating the crushing container through the heating element, so as to ensure that the temperature of the crushing container is increased to 70-90 DEG C, adding dried beans into the crushing container, crushing the dried beans into bean flour through the crushing device, and ensuring that lipase and beany flavor of the bean flour are removed in the crushing container at ambient temperature; (b), preparation and boiling stage: adding water to the bean flour, so as to prepare the bean flour into pulp, and heating and boiling the pulp till the pulp is well cooked. By adopting the air temperature inside the crushing device, crushing, lipase removal and beany flavor removal are performed at the same time, protein can keep invariant, beany flavor can be effectively removed, and crushing the beans into bean flour firstly can greatly enhance the crushing fineness, so that the soybean milk concentration can be effectively enhanced. In addition, water vapor can be evaporated during crushing of the beans in the high-temperature environment, the bean flour is not easy to agglomerate, and the crushing effect is good.

Pressure soymilk grinder and pressure soymilk boiling method

The invention relates to a pressure soymilk grinder which belongs to the technical field of processors for grinding and processing home food. The pressure soymilk grinder comprises a base, a base inner cover (4), a cover, a material cup (5), a motor (6), a cutter (9), a heating element (11), a sensor (7) attached on the material cup and a control circuit board (1), wherein the motor (6) and the control circuit board (1) are arranged in the base inner cover (4); and the cutter (9) fixed at the tail end of a drive shaft of the motor is extended into the material cup. The pressure soymilk grinderis characterized in that inwards or outwards turned pot teeth capable of buckling the material cup (5) and the cover are arranged between the material cup (5) and the cover; the material cup (5) is asealing cavity in a closed cover state, and in the process of heating, the pressure of the cavity is maintained for 20-100kPa; the grinder cover is provided with a pressure release valve and a safe open-stop valve; and when pressure in the material cup exceeds preset pressure P0, gas in the cup is released. The invention has high soymilk boiling efficiency, high quality of soymilk dairy products,fully boiled soymilk, concentrated and fragrant soymilk taste and simpler structure.
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