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Preparation method of self-supporting ferronickel layered double hydroxide sulfide electrocatalyst

The invention provides a preparation method of a self-supporting ferronickel layered double hydroxide sulfide electrocatalyst. The preparation method comprises the steps of pretreating original foamednickel to obtain purified foamed nickel; dissolving nickel nitrate hexahydrate, iron nitrate nonahydrate and urea into deionized water according to a preset proportion to obtain a mixed solution, wherein the concentration of cations in the mixed solution is 40-45 mmol/L, and the concentration of urea in the mixed solution is 130-150 mmol/L; carrying out primary hydrothermal reaction on the mixedsolution to obtain NiFe LDH/NF; putting the NiFe LDH/NF into a thioacetamide solution, and carrying out a secondary hydrothermal reaction to obtain NiFe LDH-Sx/NF, wherein x is any number from 1 to 8.According to the preparation method of the self-supporting ferronickel layered double hydroxide sulfide electrocatalyst provided by the invention, the electrocatalyst shows excellent oxygen evolutionreaction catalytic activity under an alkaline condition, a ferronickel double hydroxide nanosheet structure directly growing on foamed nickel is beneficial to electron transfer, the catalytic surfacearea is increased, and the catalytic active sites are improved, so that diffusion of oxygen evolution reaction is facilitated.

High-temperature resistant copper foil glue and preparation and application thereof

The invention relates to high-temperature resistant copper foil glue containing the following components: 5-15wt percent of trifluoromethyl-contained maleimide resin, 10-30wt percent of polyfunctional ethoxyline resin, 10-40wt percent of bisphenol A epoxy resin, 5-15wt percent of ethylene-contained polyetherimide, 5-10wt percent of curing agent and 25-45wt percent of organic solvent; the preparation comprises the following steps of: adding the trifluoromethyl-contained maleimide resin and the ethylene-contained polyetherimide to the mixture of the polyfunctional ethoxyline resin and the bisphenol A epoxy resin, stirring while heating for reacting, and then cooling to 30-50 DEG C; adding the organic solvent and the curing agent; evenly stirring to obtain the high-temperature resistant copper foil glue the homogeneous phase of which is transparent and clear. The high-temperature resistant copper foil glue has Tonset temperature reaching up to 415 DEG C and excellent comprehensive performance, can be applied to the high-tech fields of electronics and microelectronics, automobiles, electrical machines, aerospace and the like; moreover, the invention has simple preparation process, low cost, convenient operation and available reaction raw materials, thereby being beneficial to realizing industrial production.

Outdoor wood stove capable of generating electricity

The invention discloses an outdoor wood stove capable of generating electricity. The outdoor wood stove comprises a stove body and a temperature difference power generation device fixed to the outer side wall of the stove body, at least one primary air inlet, a secondary air inlet and a tertiary air inlet are formed in the lower portion, the middle and the upper portion of an inner container respectively, an air guiding opening is formed below the primary air inlet, and a heat conduction hole is formed between the secondary air inlet and the tertiary air inlet; the temperature difference power generation device comprises a heat conduction metal rod, at least one temperature different power generation piece, a radiating aluminum plate, an air blower, a storage battery module and a radiating air duct, the radiating air duct is communicated with the air guiding opening, the heat conduction metal rod is fixed in the heat conduction hole, one end of the heat conduction metal rod is attached to the heat collection surface of the temperature different power generation piece, and the radiating surface of the temperature difference power generation piece is attached to the radiating aluminum plate. The outdoor wood stove has the advantages of being simple in structure, convenient to carry, low in cost and capable of forcing air feeding and effectively carrying out power generation and power supply outdoors.

Health care medicinal liquor

The invention relates to health care medicinal liquor. A preparation method comprises the following steps of: mixing the following components according to the weight ratio: 5g of ginseng, 8g of hairy antler, 15g of common curculigo rhizome, 20g of Chinese magnoliavine fruit, 18g of barbary wolfberry fruit, 20g of black lotus seed, 30g of Chinese yam rhizome, 20g of eucommia bark, 15g of thinleaf milkwort root-bark, 25g of epimedium herb, 25g of common cnidium fruit, 13g of radix rehmanniae preparata, 15g of membranous milkvetch root, 13g of pilose Asiabell root, 9g of Chinese thorowax root, 16g of radix angelicae sinensis, 13g of paenoiae alba, 17g of cherokee rose fruit, 15g of songaria cynomorium herb, 9g of liquorice root, 20g of desertliving cistanche, 15g of prepared common monkshood daughter root, 10g of south dodder seed, 20g of malaytea scurfpea fruit, 15g of medicinal indianmulberry root, 15g of twotooth achyranthes root, 20g of sea clam powder, 17g of himalayan teasel root and 20g of jujube honey; placing the components after mixing into a ceramic jar, and then adding 5000g of 50-degree white spirit into the ceramic jar; and covering and sealing the liquor jar, burying the lower half part of the liquor jar underground, storing for 30 days, unsealing, filtering with a filter screen, and then filling the liquor into a glass bottle for storage, thereby preparing the health care medicinal liquor disclosed by the invention.
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