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Head/helmet mounted passive and active infrared imaging system with/without parallax

A passive/active infrared imaging system apparatus for mounting on a head/helmet includes a passive infrared camera Head Pack having a removable narrow band filter cover, an objective lens, a beam splitter, an uncooled focal plane array (UFPA) package, an interface board, and a display unit such a liquid crystal display (LCD), with forward/back, up/down, and tilt adjustment functions fitting any mask, mounted in the front of said head/helmet for converting infrared light images into electronic signals. An electronic unit coupled between the UFPA of the infrared camera and the display unit, includes a controller for processing video signals from the infrared camera and supplying them to the display unit. The electronic circuit includes a wireless video & audio transceiver, a piezoelectric microphone, a voice controller, and a neural network pattern recognition chip. The display unit (such as LCD)] is inside the head pack and mounted on the head/helmet for converting electronic signals into visible light images, so that it is in front of eyes of a user, so that the user can directly view an external scene without blocking his normal vision, if the optical axis of the display unit is aligned with the optical axis of the objective lens, the system parallax is eliminated. A Battery Pack having a video controller board and battery is mounted on the rear of the head/helmet so that it gives the video output and power to the infrared system. An eye-safe near infrared laser diode with corresponding optical and electronic attachments mounted on the head/helmet illuminates targets to get images through same passive infrared system.

Apparatus for obtaining information for a structure using spectrally-encoded endoscopy teachniques and methods for producing one or more optical arrangements

Exemplary apparatus for obtaining information for a structure can be provided. For example, the exemplary apparatus can include at least one first optical fiber arrangement which is configured to transceive at least one first electromagnetic radiation, and can include at least one fiber. The exemplary apparatus can also include at least one second focusing arrangement in optical communication with the optical fiber arrangement. The second arrangement can be configured to focus and provide there through the first electromagnetic radiation. Further, the exemplary apparatus can include at least one third dispersive arrangement which is configured to receive a particular radiation which is the first electromagnetic radiation and/or the focused electromagnetic radiation, and forward a dispersed radiation thereof to at least one section of the structure. At least one end of the fiber can be directly connected to the second focusing arrangement and/or the third dispersive arrangement. In addition, an exemplary embodiment of a method for producing an optical arrangement can be provided. For example, a first set of optical elements having a first size in a first configuration and a second set of optical elements in cooperation with the second set and having a second size in a second configuration can be provided. The first and second sets can be clamped into a third set of optical elements. The third set can be polished, and a further set of optical elements may be deposited on the polished set.
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