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Tracking and gesture recognition system particularly suited to vehicular control applications

A system and method tracks the movements of a driver or passenger in a vehicle (ground, water, air, or other) and controls devices in accordance with position, motion, and / or body or hand gestures or movements. According to one embodiment, an operator or passenger uses the invention to control comfort or entertainment features such the heater, air conditioner, lights, mirror positions or the radio / CD player using hand gestures. An alternative embodiment facilitates the automatic adjustment of car seating restraints based on head position. Yet another embodiment is used to determine when to fire an airbag (and at what velocity or orientation) based on the position of a person in a vehicle seat. The invention may also be used to control systems outside of the vehicle. The on-board sensor system would be used to track the driver or passenger, but when the algorithms produce a command for a desired response, that response (or just position and gesture information) could be transmitted via various methods (wireless, light, whatever) to other systems outside the vehicle to control devices located outside the vehicle. For example, this would allow a person to use gestures inside the car to interact with a kiosk located outside of the car.

Fracturing manifold quick connecting device

The invention discloses a fracturing manifold quick connecting device. A first movable elbow, a linear pipe, a second movable elbow, a plug valve and a check valve are connected in sequence. A supportis fixedly connected with the second movable elbow. One end of an oil cylinder is connected with the linear pipe. The other end of the oil cylinder is connected with the support. The oil cylinder candrive the linear pipe to rotate around the second movable elbow. A control unit controls the oil cylinder through a hydraulic system, and accordingly, rotation of the linear pipe is controlled. The fracturing manifold quick connecting device has the beneficial effects that a one-way valve enables one-way flowing of fracturing fluid from fracturing equipment to a manifold package to be achieved, the situation that reflux of the fracturing fluid damages the fracturing equipment is avoided, the one-way valve can further gather fluctuation caused by a pressure difference to the position where thequick connecting device is connected with the manifold package, vibration of the whole quick connecting device is reduced, and the service life is prolonged; the plug valve achieves on-off of drainage of the single fracturing equipment, and the maintenance cost is lowered; and the hydraulic system achieves automatic adjustment of the quick connecting device, no manual uplifting or pressing is needed, the control unit enables remote control to be achieved, time and labor are saved, and the manual operation difficulty is lowered.

Pose alignment system and method of aircraft part based on four locater

The invention discloses an aircraft component position and pose adjusting system based on four locators and a method thereof. The position and pose adjusting system comprises four three-coordinate locators, a spherical technical connector, an aircraft component to be adjusted, a laser tracker and a target reflecting sphere, the three-coordinate locator comprises a bottom plate, and an X-direction motion mechanism, a Y-direction motion mechanism, a Z-direction motion mechanism and a displacement sensor which are arranged from the lower part and the upper part in sequence. The position and pose adjusting method comprises the following steps: firstly, a global coordinate system OXYZ is established, and the current position and pose and the target position and pose of the aircraft component to be adjusted are calculated; secondly, the path of the aircraft component to be adjusted from the current position and pose to the target position and pose is planed; thirdly, the tracks of motion mechanisms in all the directions are formed according to the path; and fourthly, the three locators are synergetically moved, and the position adjusting is realized. The method has the following advantages: firstly, the supporting to the aircraft component to be adjusted can be realized; secondly, the automatic adjusting to position and pose of the aircraft component to be adjusted can be realized; and thirdly, the inch adjusting of position and pose of the aircraft component to be adjusted can be realized.
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