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Outlet tube device for urinary drainage bag

An improved outlet tube device for a urinary drainage bag is disclosed wherein an outlet valve mechanism is contained with a rigid housing fixed securely to the drainage bag, rather than just being clamped to the outlet tubing, and thus cannot become separated from the bag. The outlet valve can be opened only by positive action on the part of the medical care personnel, thereby assuring that urine will be discharged only in a controlled manner. Further, because the valve mechanism does not require that a substantial length of tubing with a freely movable end be used in conjunction with the outlet port, there is no need to engage the free end of the tubing with a keeper. Thus the possibility of the tubing springing back to its straight configuration and flicking residual urine on the attending medical personnel is eliminated. In one embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a pinchcock-type valve which is fixedly mounted to the bag and which is normally operative to clamp off the outlet tube. In a second embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a syringetype fitting which is fixedly mounted to the bag. Depressing the syringe plunger closes the valve, and retracting the plunger opens the valve to permit fluid to be discharged through the outlet tube. In a third embodiment, a hose clamp is contained within a rigid housing and is selectively operative to clamp a hose to prevent fluid flow therethrough.

Fluid dispensing valve assembly

A dispenser for dispensing charges of fluid from a container and applicable to a mouth of the container with the container in an inverted position and the mouth down. The dispenser includes a body formed of resilient elastomeric material having a hollow annular upper part having a flexible, resilient annular wall and an upper and lower end and constituting a bellows which is downwardly expansible and upwardly contractible by flexing of the annular wall. The body has integral with the bellows a lower part having a discharge port. The dispenser includes a first check valve at an entry end of the bellows operable for flow of fluid into the bellows on expansion thereof and operable to block flow of fluid from the pump member out of its upper end on contraction thereof. A second valve is operable for dispensing the charge of fluid from the bellows down into the outlet nozzle on contraction of the bellows and to block flow out of the bellows outlet on expansion of the bellows. The second check valve has a valve seat member at the intake of the bellows and outlet nozzle, has at least one outlet port below the valve and a spring biased to keep the poppet valve seated against the valve seat such that the fluid is expelled through the poppet valve, outlet nozzle, and outlet port on contraction of the pump member.

Ophthalmic dispenser and associated method

An ophthalmic dispenser has a rigid housing defining a fluid-receiving chamber, a flexible bladder receivable within the fluid-receiving chamber, a pump coupled in fluid communication with the fluid-receiving chamber, and a nozzle having a valve defining an annular, axially-extending valve seat, an outlet aperture coupled in fluid communication between the valve seat and the pump, and a flexible valve cover extending about the valve seat and forming an annular, axially-extending interface therebetween. The valve interface is connectable in fluid communication with the outlet aperture, and at least part of the valve cover is movable between (i) a normally closed position with the valve cover engaging the valve seat to close the interface and form a fluid-tight seal therebetween, and (ii) an open position with at least part of the valve cover spaced away from the valve seat in response to pumped fluid flowing through the outlet aperture at a pressure greater than a valve opening pressure to allow the passage of pressurized fluid therebetween. A spring is drivingly connected to the housing and moves at least one of the pump and housing relative to the other to actuate the pump. The rigid housing is mountable within a cartridge which, in turn, is mountable within a dispenser housing including an eyelid depressor and a trigger for simultaneously actuating the eyelid depressor and pump.
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