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Negative ion generating device

An anion generator includes a base and a shell assembled on the base, needle stripes of homopolar spray points vertically lined with equal spacing fixed between a partition plate and a window grating, and a control circuit. The technical proposal is that the shell consists of a rear shell and a front shell; the window grating is moveably connected with the rear shell; the homopolar tungsten alloy spray points vertically lined with equal spacing are fixed between the needle stripes and press plates through the one-off sealing and packaging technique; the carbide fibre fixed on the needle stripes is communicated with the small high voltage blocks; a closed carbide fibre ring is arranged in a circular slot on the circumference of the needle stripes; the high voltage block assembly components fixed in the shell are sealed and packaged in a shield screen; the base and the shell are hinged together by a rotary positioning device. The invention has the advantages of reasonable structure design, convenience in adjustment and positioning, good transmission direction of the anion, high concentration and small grain size of the generated anion, large output quantity within unit time and obvious improvement of the air quality, thus obviously improving the curative effect of diseases and the air purification efficiency, and obviously extending the service life.

Formaldehyde purification diatom mud decoration material and preparation method thereof

The present invention discloses a formaldehyde purification diatom mud decoration material and a preparation method thereof. Specifically the formaldehyde purification diatom mud decoration material comprises, by mass, 10.0-30.0 parts of refined diatomite, 20.0-50.0 parts of a powdery filler, 2.0-5.0 parts of redispersible glue powder, 20.0-40.0 parts of a gel material, 0.5-1.0 part of a dispersion medium, 3.0-8.0 parts of nanometer titanium dioxide, 1.0-4.0 parts of a modifier, 3.0-5.0 parts of anti-cracking fibers, and 20-80 parts of water. According to the present invention, with the formaldehyde purification diatom mud decoration material, the formaldehyde purification efficiency can be effectively increased, the purification persistence can be significantly improved, the defects of physical adsorption effect losing caused by saturation, and the like are avoided, and the purification speed can be accelerated; and the formaldehyde purification diatom mud decoration material of the present invention further has characteristics of good thixotropy, appropriate modeling, water resistance, alkali resistance, no powdering, no cracking and other beneficial properties, and concurrently meets process requirements of mechanical spraying, brushing coating, roller coating and the like.
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