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Composite carbon cathode material for lithium ion battery and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a composite carbon cathode material for a lithium ion battery and a preparation method thereof, and relates to a cathode material for a lithium ion battery. The invention provides the composite carbon cathode material for the lithium ion battery and the preparation method thereof, wherein the composite carbon cathode material can reduce the influence of a solid electrolyte interface (SEI) film on the cyclical stability of the cathode material, partially prevent anode dissolved metal ions from being deposited on the surface of the cathode material to affect the cyclical performance of the cathode material and still provide high specific energy under the condition of high charging current. The composite carbon cathode material is provided with a nuclear shell layer structure of at least three layers, wherein the outer layer is a metal layer, an alloy layer or a carbon layer; the middle layer is a lithiated metal oxide layer or a metal oxide layer; and the inner layer is a carbon material layer. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: mixing and then drying a raw material for preparing a metal oxide and a carbon material; heating and sintering the dried raw materials under the protection of atmosphere to obtain a composite material of the lithiated metal oxide or metal oxide layer with nuclear shell structure and the carbon material; and plating a metal, alloy or carbon conductive layer with reversible mechanical ductility on the surface of the composite material to obtain a product.

Tissue targeted antigenic activation of the immune response to treat cancers

The invention provides in part methods of treating cancers of a specific organ or tissue by administering a composition that is antigenically specific for one or more microbes that are pathogenic in the specific organ or tissue in which the cancer is situated. The formulations of the invention thereby facilitate activation of an immune response to a cancer in a particular tissue or organ. The compositions may for example include killed or attenuated microbial pathogens, such as whole killed bacterial cells, and may be administered at sites distant from the cancer, for example the skin. In some embodiments, microbial species of endogenous flora that are known to cause infection in the relevant organ or tissue may be used in the formulation of the antigenic compositions. In alternative embodiments, exogenous microbial pathogens that are known to cause infection in the relevant organ or tissue may be used in the formulation of the antigenic compositions. The administration of the immunogenic compositions may be repeated relatively frequently over a relatively long period of time. In embodiments for intradermal or subcutaneous injection, dosages may be adjusted so that injections reproduce a consistent, visible, delayed inflammatory immune reaction at the successive site or sites of administration.
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