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Elastomerically impregnated ePTFE to enhance stretch and recovery properties for vascular grafts and coverings

This invention relates to an elastomerically recoverable PTFE material that includes a longitudinally compressed fibrils of ePTFE material penetrated by elastomeric material within the pores defining the elastomeric matrix. The elastomeric matrix and the compressed fibrils cooperatively expand and recover without plastic deformation of the ePTFE material. This invention was used for various prosthesis, such as a vascular prosthesis like a patch, a graft and an implantable tubular stents. Furthermore, this invention discloses a method of producing the elastomerically recoverable PTFE material which include the steps of: providing the specified ePTFE, defined by the nodes and fibrils, to meet the desired end use; longitudinally compressing the fibrils of the ePTFE, the pore size sufficiently enough to permit penetration of the elastomeric material; applying the elastomeric material within the pores to provide a structurally integral elastomerically recoverable PTFE material defining an elastomeric matrix. The elastomeric material is applied to the ePTFE by dip, brush or spray coating techniques. The compression step and the application steps are interchangeable to produce the desired properties for the end use material. Finally, the elastomeric material is dried within the pores of the longitudinally compressed ePTFE to solidify the elastomeric matrix.

Automatic spraying equipment

The invention discloses fully-automatic spray coating equipment, which comprises a ground track type conveying chain, a cooling and dedusting device, a spray coating system, an infrared curing furnace, a cooling furnace, an ultraviolet curing furnace, an automatic discharging mechanical arm, an air supply and exhaust system and a control system. The ground track type conveying chain winds along awaist-like line and conducts closed circulating conveying of workpieces; the cooling and dedusting equipment cools and dedusts the workpieces; the spray coating system performs spray coating on the workpieces; the infrared curing furnace performs the infrared curing of the spray-coated workpieces; the cooling furnace is used for cooling the workpieces; the ultraviolet curing furnace is used for ultraviolet curing of the workpieces; the automatic discharging mechanical arm catches and unloads the workpieces; the air supply and exhaust system is arranged above the ground track type conveying chain and is used for supplying air to and exhausting all equipment; and the control system is electrically connected with all components and controls the operation of the components. The high automation degree of the fully-automatic spray coating equipment is high, the spraying effect of the fully-automatic spray coating equipment is desirable, and when the fully-automatic spray coating equipment is used, production space can be saved greatly.

Nanometer fiber lithium ion battery diaphragm material with composite structure and preparation method of nanometer fiber lithium ion battery diaphragm material

The invention relates to a three-layer nanometer fiber composite lithium ion battery diaphragm and a preparation technology of the three-layer nanometer fiber composite lithium ion battery diaphragm. The battery diaphragm comprises a middle layer, a first outer layer and a second outer layer, wherein the first outer layer and the second outer layer are respectively positioned at the two sides of the middle layer, the first outer layer and the second outer layer are static spinning spray coating layers, and the middle layer is combined with the first outer layer and the second outer layer through hot pressing. The porosity of the battery diaphragm is between 40 percent and 70 percent, and the middle layer is used as a support body and has high mechanical intensity. The first outer layer and the second outer layer are made of different materials from the middle layer and are used as functional layers to ensure that the materials have specific chemical and physical characteristics. A great amount of materials can be efficiently prepared by adopting the high-flow-rate static spinning technology and equipment. The material is used as the high-performance lithium ion battery diaphragm, can be applied to miniature and power lithium-ion batteries, and realizes the effects of reducing the battery internal resistance, prolonging the service life of the batteries, improving the charging and discharging performance and the like.

Refractory spray coating with high steel fiber content and spraying method thereof

The invention discloses a refractory spray coating with high steel fiber content and a spraying method thereof, which belong to the technical field of refractory materials. The method comprises the following step of: 1, pneumatically conveying the refractory spray coating to a nozzle, adding water onto the nozzle, and spraying and bonding the coating on a wall; or 2, adding water or a liquid bonding agent into the refractory spray coating, stirring the mixture into mortar, conveying the mortar to the nozzle by a pumping method, spraying the mortar out of the nozzle by using high-pressure air,and bonding the mortar on the wall. The refractory spray coating comprises the following ingredients in part by weight: 30 to 80 parts of refractory aggregate, 30 to 50 parts of refractory powder, 5 to 20 parts of bonding agent, 0.5 to 15 parts of additive and 3 to 80 parts of steel fiber. The invention has the advantages that: by spraying the refractory spray coating on a blast furnace cooling wall, spraying on a blast furnace throat steel brick, spraying on various refractory linings with cold faces and hot faces and repairing, the service life of the refractory material for the inner wall of a blast furnace can be greatly prolonged, and the effects of protecting the environment, saving energy and reducing consumption are achieved.
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