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Transplanting method of big camphor trees

A transplanting method of big camphor trees comprises selection of the big camphor trees, transplanting, transplanting transportation of trees, planting and planting management. Particularly, the angle of a planting sunny side cannot be deviated by over 10 degrees, root irrigation is performed by using ABT rooting powder, microorganism fertilizer, bactericide liquid chemical and the like which are used in backfill soil according to a fixed proportion, and 1-naphthylacetic acid alcohol water solution of 100-200ppm is used for irrigation after planting of the big camphor trees. The special technical processing of camphor transplanting is that 1-naphthylacetic acid auxin of 0.01-0.03% is added to used mud, the theory of a big wiping head and a big soil ball is adopted, 1-naphthylacetic acid rooting powder is added to the root portions during transplanting, leaves are picked instantly after planting, a blade surface agent is sprayed to new leaves, and originality is provided in the overwintering and antifreezing aspects. By means of the transplanting method, transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age below 20 years is over 99%, and transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age over 20 years is over 95%. The transplanting method of the big camphor trees can be suitable for transplanting of big trees and old trees under the conditions of other different altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, climate and the like.
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Planting method of Chinese trichosanthes

The invention relates to a planting method of Chinese trichosanthes, belonging to the technical field of plantation and comprising the steps of: variety breeding, seedling reproduction, transplanting, field management, disease and pest control, harvesting and processing, wherein the variety breeding step includes the sub-steps of the tests in different production places, amplification and verification tests, resistance test, field pest investigation and trichosanthes nematode control; the seedling reproduction step includes the sub-steps of seed reproduction and root reproduction; the transplanting step includes the sub-steps of land selection and preparation, ridging, reproduction and planting, planting method implementation and field management; the land selection and preparation step includes the sub-steps of detection on chemical characteristic of soil, basic fertilizer application and disinfection; the reproduction and planting step includes the sub-steps of seed bud selection, rood cutting and breeding, planting and shed putting up; the planting method implementation step includes the sub-steps of planning density control and staminiferous plant matching; the filed management step includes the sub-steps of intertillagement and weeding, top application, shed putting up, pruning and cold prevention, in particular to intertillagement and weeding, root airing, intercrop, earthing, vine supporting and racking, top application, pruning, flower and fruit protection, chemical control and foliage application; and the disease and pest control step includes the sub-steps of control of diseases and pest and control method implementation.

Organic tobacco field planting and field managing method

The invention discloses an organic tobacco field planting and field managing method, which comprises the following steps: preparing land and ridging, transplanting tobacco seedlings, applying fertilizer in fields, performing field management and pest control, and harvesting manually, wherein the section of a ridge is ladder-shaped, the ridge spacing is 100-120cm, the ridge height is 20-25cm, drainage ditches are formed according to the height of terrain, the tobacco seedlings are transplanted with the plant spacing of 45-55cm, watered with enough water, covered with soil, and covered with a mulching film, and the mulching film is broken to expose the seedlings, base fertilizer is applied before ridging and during the transplanting and topdressing is applied after the transplanting, the field management comprises seedling deficiency check and seedling supplementation, film removal, earthing up, water replenishing, topping, leaf retention and sprout removal, and the pest control comprises comprehensive control and chemical control. According to the organic tobacco plantation and management requirements, organic fertilizer is adopted, and a harmless medicament or biological agent is used for the pest control, so that the organic production of the tobacco is realized. Compared with the regular tobacco production method, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, chromium and other harmful elements as well as the residual quantities of imidacloprid, emamectin benzoate, permethrin, fenvalerate, thiamethoxam and other main pesticides can be obviously reduced.
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