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Solar cell module and roof equipped with power generating function using the same

An object of the invention is to provide a solar cell module in which sufficient drainage and ventilation are ensured on the rear side, an output cable can be prevented from being caught during installation, and long term reliability is ensured by preventing bleed of the output cable, and another object of the invention is to provide a solar cell module integrated with building materials in which water leakage into the house and failure due to staying moisture can be avoided by imparting a waterproof function of a verge substrate water drip. A bottomed drain gutter opening to the abutting face of a heat insulating supporting material is provided to communicate with the side of the heat insulating supporting material, and a cable holding groove opening to the abutting face of a leg vertically provided on the heat insulating supporting material and deeper than the diameter of the laid cable is made to communicate with the side of the leg in order to hold the cable without projecting the cable from the opening. Furthermore, a plurality of geta members are arranged on the bottom of a supporting base and the thickness of each geta member is so set that the supporting base does not collapse the verge substrate water drip when the solar cell modules are laid on the verge substrate water drip.

Water leakage detector, water leakage detecting system and water leakage detecting method

The invention discloses a water leakage detector, a water leakage detecting system and a water leakage detecting method. The water leakage detector comprises an acquisition device and a processing device, wherein the acquisition device is used for acquiring sound signals for preprocessing; and the processing device is used for performing Fourier transformation of the sound signals, performing frequency analysis and calculation, extracting features of the sound signals, performing power spectrum estimation for the sound signals to analyze frequency components of the signals, and judging whether leakage exists or not according to peak values and bandwidths of a power spectrum. The water leakage detector and the water leakage detecting system are simple and accurate in detection, and a water leakage fault can be recognized according to a pattern recognition method and by means of Fourier functional transformation and power spectrum analysis, so that maintainers can remove the fault as soon as possible and replace water pipes, waste is avoided, water supply quality is guaranteed, and economic loss is reduced. Besides, the problem of waste due to difficulty in water supply leakage detection is avoided, and the detecting method is accurate and convenient in control.

Method for enhancing bituminous mixture by adopting chopped basalt fibers

The invention relates to a method for enhancing bituminous mixtures by adopting chopped basalt fibers, belonging to the technical field of novel compound materials. According to the invention, continuous basalt protofilaments or twistless rovings the surfaces of which are expanded into fibers in certain length, and then the fibers are used for enhancing the bituminous mixtures in a certain doping proportion and can be respectively used for maintaining the bituminous mixtures used for new construction and reconstruction and extension of highways and SMA and OGFC bituminous mixtures as well as fiber seals. In addition, the fibers can also be used for the enhancement of high-speed railway packing layer CA mortar and relevant hydraulic architectures. The chopped basalt fiber plays roles of enhancing, toughening and elasticizing the cracking prevention, crack resistance and reinforcement and 'bridging' in the enhanced bituminous mixtures, can obviously increase the anti-rutting ability of highways of the enhanced bituminous mixtures and reduces the whole life costs of the enhanced bituminous mixtures; if the fibers are used for high-speed railway plate-type ballastless tracks and CA mortar, the bending strength and the deformation resistance can be increased, i.e. the fibers play a role of crack prevention and crack resistance; in addition, the fibers have better anti-water leakage action if being used for Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering.

Reclamation method for sunk paddy field caused by mining in mountainous regions

The invention relates to a reclamation method for a sunk paddy field caused by mining in mountainous regions and belongs to the technical field of improvement and utilization of environment, ecology and damaged fields. The method includes: performing topsoil stripping to fissured positions where fissures are created by mining sinking and lead to water leakage of the paddy field; covering water holding materials on fissured areas after topsoil stripping; compacting the covered water holding materials, pouring slurry and standing; performing topsoil backfilling and grinding to the fissured areas after slurry pouring and standing, and flattening to enable the fissured areas to be a whole with pieces of the paddy field around the fissured areas; and irrigating, nourishing and improving the paddy field after backfilling and grinding. By the method, the cultivation land where the fissures are created by mining sinking and lead to water leakage of the paddy field can restore the paddy field utilization mode and reach production level of a normal paddy field as soon as possible, a stable self-maintaining farmland ecological system can be formed, a paddy field protecting system can be formed, soil microbial content can be increased, physicochemical property of soil can be improved, and benign farmland ecological system circulation can be formed.

Water supply pipeline leakage detecting and positioning method

The invention provides a water supply pipeline leakage detecting and positioning method which is characterized in that a signal collected by a sensor is subjected to enhancement through spectral subtraction, the frequency spectrum variance of the signal after enhancement is calculated, a double-threshold method is adopted for judgment, that is, if the frequency spectrum variance is within the threshold range, which indicates that leakage occurs, the leakage point is positioned, a BP neural network is utilized to form a filter, a water leakage signal is separated from noise and subjected to generalized correlation analysis, time delay estimation is carried out according to the weight function with a good signal-to-noise ratio selectivity, three time delays of the sensor are acquired, and a water leakage positioning model is utilized for calculation to acquire water leakage point position information. According to the water supply pipeline leakage detecting and positioning method, the spectral subtraction method is adopted for signal enhancement, the double-threshold method is utilized for leakage judgment, if the frequency spectrum variance is within the threshold range, which indicates that leakage occurs, and therefore the accuracy is higher; besides, the non-leakage estimation method is adopted for estimation of the noise spectrum, the signal-to-noise ratio is increased more obviously, meanwhile the BP neural network is adopted for filtering, the generalized correlation time delay estimation accuracy is improved, and the water leakage point positioning accuracy is effectively improved.

Automatic floating device of underwater robot and method for controlling automatic floating device

The invention belongs to the field of marine technical equipment, and particularly relates to an automatic floating device of an underwater robot and a method for controlling the automatic floating device. The method includes that faults such as water leakage can possibly occur due to complexity of work environments of the underwater robot, the underwater robot urgently needs to float out of water surfaces, water leakage signals can be detected by a water leakage sensor inside the underwater robot at the moment, and can be transmitted to a central controller, signals can be transmitted to an igniter after the signals are processed and judged by the central controller, the igniter can be activated and carries out ignition to initiate chemical reaction, a large quantity of gas can be generated instantly, is filtered by a filter and then flows into a gas bag, a gas bag cover can be flicked after the gas bag is quickly expanded, the gas bag is immediately unfolded right above the underwater robot, the volume and buoyancy of the underwater robot are increased after the gas bag is unfolded, and the underwater robot can ultimately float out of the water surfaces under the effect of net buoyancy, can be timely found by staffs under the assisting effect of a GPS (global positioning system) positioner and can be recovered. The automatic floating device and the method have the advantages that the automatic floating device is simple in structure and can work reliably, and the response capacity of the underwater robot under special conditions can be greatly improved.

Construction method for full cover-excavation reverse method of underground engineering

The invention discloses a construction method for a full cover-excavation reverse method of underground engineering. The construction method comprises the following construction steps of A, underground diaphragm wall construction; B, top plate construction for an underground main structure; C, road face recovery construction or construction of a structure above ground; D, first layer underground excavating construction; E, repetition of the step D till underground excavating construction of the lowest layer is completed. The construction method is characterized in that drainage construction is conducted on underground water by adopting a collected water surface draining method in the process of the step B, and it is ensured that the water level is 50cm or so below a foundation pit. Construction of the structure above the ground in the step C can be conducted at the same time with the steps D-E. The steps D-E are constructed under the covering of the top plate completed in the step B. Underground engineering construction is conducted by adopting the construction method, not only can a construction period be shortened, but also the problems of differential settlement, water seepage and water leakage can be effectively solved.

Overall regulation system and method of machine room

InactiveCN103926961AMaintain overall conditionMaintenance statusSimultaneous control of multiple variablesWater leakageElectric power system
The invention discloses an overall regulation system and method of a machine room. The overall regulation system comprises a monitoring module, an analysis module and a statistics management module, wherein the monitoring module is used for monitoring an environment and power module in the machine room to obtain monitoring parameters, the monitoring parameters included the temperature monitoring parameter, the humidity monitoring parameter, the channel lightning-protection monitoring parameter, the firefighting monitoring parameter, the door control monitoring parameter, the water leakage monitoring parameter, the static electricity monitoring parameter, the power supply monitoring parameter, the power distribution monitoring parameter, the power source monitoring parameter and/or the air conditioner unit monitoring parameter, the analysis module is used for generating regulation parameters according to the monitoring parameters, and generating regulation instructions according to the regulation parameters, the statistics management module is used for issuing the regulation instructions to the monitoring module, and the monitoring module is further used for executing the regulation instructions. The overall regulation system and method of the machine room have the advantages that overall regulation is carried out on the machine room according to the monitoring parameters of the interior of the machine room, and therefore the overall condition of the machine room is maintained, and the powerful and reliable guarantee is provided for safe and stable operation of a power system.

Antifreeze method and system for indoor unit of air conditioner

InactiveCN101464033ASolve the problem of freezing and water leakageAvoid affecting the cooling effectSpace heating and ventilation safety systemsLighting and heating apparatusAnti freezingWater leakage
The invention relates to an anti-freezing method of an indoor unit of an air conditioner. The method comprises the following steps: the temperature at an inlet of an evaporator of the indoor unit is detected, if the detected temperature is lower than a first set temperature and the duration exceeds a first set time, the air conditioner is commanded to enter anti-freezing protection mode till the detected temperature is higher than asecond set temperature and the duration achieves a second set time, and then the air conditioner is commanded to exit the anti-freezing mode. The method further comprises: if the detected temperature is lower than the third temperature and the duration exceeds the third set time, the air conditioner is commanded to enter the anti-freezing protection mode. If an air-conditioning system comprises an outdoor unit and the indoor unit for the invention, the anti-freezing protection mode is to close the outdoor unit; if the air-conditioning system comprises one outdoor unit and at least two indoor units, wherein, part of the indoor units needs the anti-freezing protection, and then the anti-freezing protection mode is a close electronic expansion valve for closing part of the indoor units. The invention can effectively solve the problems of icing and water leakage of the indoor unit of the air conditioner under the refrigeration mode.

Water leakage monitoring method based on multi-channel feature fusion and machine learning

The invention discloses a water leakage monitoring method based on multi-channel feature fusion and machine learning. The method comprises: a water leakage detection region is selected and a to-be-detected video image sequence is obtained; dynamic changing regional image block extraction and segmentation are carried out on the selected to-be-detected video image sequence to obtain a to-be-classified image block set; feature extraction is carried out on the to-be-classified image block set, wherein extracted features include gradient channel features, HOG channel features, and L-channel features of the LUV color space; normalization and fusion are carried out on the extracted features in the sample set and SVM training is performed to obtain a classifier; a feature set extracted from the to-be-classified image blocks is inputted into the classifier to obtain a classification result of a to-be-predicted water leakage picture; and then with a non-maximum value suppression method, simple statistics and threshold controlling are carried out to obtain a final water leakage monitoring result. The water leakage monitoring method has non-contact and low cost advantages and is capable of providing certain information for the water leakage degree; and thus high-precision water leakage monitoring is completed on the certain condition.

Foundation pit deep well rainfall and plugging construction method

The invention provides a foundation pit deep well rainfall and plugging construction method, and relates to the technical field of building construction. A graded broken stone layer is laid at the bottom of prefabricated reinforced concrete sunken pipes, a steel plate is arranged on the upper end faces of the prefabricated reinforced concrete sunken pipes in a sealed mode, a through hole is preformed in the center of the steel plate, a galvanized steel pipe with the lower end stretching into the graded broken stone layer is inserted into the through hole of the steel plate in a penetrating mode, and the galvanized steel pipe on the steel plate is connected with a water suction pump for water suction. After waterproof construction is conducted at the bottom of the upper section of a deep well, bottom plate reinforced concrete pouring is conducted on the waterproof construction face. After the water suction pump is located at low water pressure, a valve is closed, the galvanized steel pipe located above the valve is cut off, and a building backfill layer is constructed to the upper end face of the galvanized steel pipe. The construction period is saved, investment of labor and material resources is reduced, the water leakage phenomenon generated after basement bottom plate structure construction is avoided, and cost consumed by plugging through various measures due to water leakage of a basement bottom plate is reduced.

Foam concrete with large-dosage polystyrene particles and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a foam concrete with large-dosage polystyrene particles and a preparation method thereof, which solve problems of water leakage and frost resistance of the foam concrete. The foam concrete comprises components in part as follows: 63-81 parts of ordinary portland cement, 63-81 parts of quick-hardening sulphoaluminate cement, 10-30 parts of coal ash, 0.5-1.3 parts of water reducing agent, 1-2 parts of accelerating agent, 0.6-1.2 parts of early strength agent, 1-2 parts of fiber, 2-4 parts of silica sol, and 50-70 parts of water. The percentage in volume (liter) of the polystyrene particles in added water is 200-400percent, and the percentage in volume (liter) of foam in the added water is 100-600percent. In the preparation process, the treated polystyrene particles stand for 10 min, and the foam can be added after standing uniformly-stirred cement slurry for 20 min. On the premise of ensuring the intensity, the foam cement disclosed by the invention has the advantages of higher heat preservation and heat-shielding performance, higher electric insulating performance, lower volume weight and lower water absorption. The problems of the water leakage and the frostresistance of the foam cement can be solved.

Construction structure and construction method for strengthening stratum at end of shield tunnel

The invention provides a construction structure and a construction method for strengthening the stratum at an end of a shield tunnel. The construction structure comprises a working well face which comprises a to-be-shielded working well portal having the same radius with a shield machine, a plurality of pre-grouting long pipe-sheds arranged above the to-be-shielded working well portal perpendicularly to the to-be-shielded working well portal, and a plurality of horizontal grouting pipes arranged in the to-be-shielded working well portal perpendicularly to the to-be-shielded working well portal; a PVC sleeve valve pipe with a grouting hole is arranged in each horizontal grouting pipe. The plurality of pre-grouting long pipe-sheds and the plurality of horizontal grouting pipes are arranged above and inside the working well portal to form a cup shape together to strength and protect the soil above and inside the working area of the stratum at the end of the shield tunnel, and therefore, the case that the construction quality is affected by water leakage and sand leakage due to insecure soil above and inside the working area in the working process is prevented, and therefore, the shield is capable of going in and out the portal safely.

Surrounding rock mining damage range segmented testing system

ActiveCN105403930ARealize the integration of plugging and leak detectionSolve the intertwining problemGeological measurementsWater leakageWater source
The invention discloses a surrounding rock mining damage range segmented testing system belonging to the mine top bottom plate rock damage range measuring technology field. The problems of the mine top bottom plate rock observation device such as one-time plugging multi-segment measurement, plugging leakage measurement integration, and water pressure conversion measurement can be solved. The above mentioned testing system comprises a plugging system, a guide system, a supply propulsion system, and a pressure conversion system. The plugging system comprises a first plugging unit, a second plugging unit, and a third plugging unit. Each of the plugging units comprises a water leakage pipe and pipe-shaped joints connected with the two ends of the water leakage pipe. A communicating pipe is connected between the adjacent plugging units, and the two ends of the communicating pipe are respectively connected with the pipe-shaped joints of the adjacent plugging units. A plugging capsule is disposed on the outer periphery of the water leakage pipe between the two pipe-shaped joints, and a certain plugging space can be formed between the plugging capsule and the water leakage pipe. The one-time plugging multi-segment measurement, the plugging leakage measurement integration, and the plugging of the water pressure conversion from the high pressure water source to the low pressure water source can be realized by using the testing system.
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