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Device for monitoring temperature distribution on the basis of distributed fiber-optic sensing, and use of same

The invention relates to a method and a device for monitoring, also permanently and automatically, temperature distributions and/or temperature anomalies on the basis of distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing as well as to the use of such methods. According to the invention the detection of local temperature extremes, i.e. minimums or maximums, in view of the evaluation is performed by an evaluation without numeric derivations. With the device for monitoring ascending and supply pipes surrounded by an annular space it is possible to check the safety of pressurized installations, particularly in the field of low-pressure gas storage, in a cost-efficient manner. Moreover, the position of an underground watershed or respectively the direction and flow rate of the flows in flooded drift sections can be determined on the basis of fiber-optic temperature measurements. The defined arrangement of preferably vertical sensor cables inserted into the bores also makes it possible to examine the tightness of base sole and lateral walls in building excavations. Finally, the virtually horizontal, meander-shaped arrangement of fiber-optic cables situated in several levels makes it possible to evaluate and control the efficacy and homogeneity of leaching processes in leaching dumps and fills.

Water supply pipe leakage detection locating signal processing method

The invention discloses a water supply pipe leakage detection locating signal processing method. The method includes: firstly determining the burst interference exists to the acquired information, if the burst interference exists, performing burst interference removing process, if the burst interference does not exist or the burst interference has been removed, performing noise suppression process to the signal; as a whole de-noising pretreatment process is completed, determining whether the leakage exists according to the processed signal, and adding a function of identifying the difference from the true leakage to the fixed interference sound source during the determination, if the leakage does not exist, directly giving out the detecting result, if it passes the identification and the true leakage exists, further performing leak point positioning, and giving out the final test results and the leakage point position. The invention has beneficial technical effect of improving signal quality by removing burst interference in the acquired signal and noise restraining and the like de-noising processes when performing leakage detection to the water supply pipe, thereby enhancing the pipeline leak detection accuracy and leak-point positioning accuracy under complex noise environments; having practical value that it firstly determines whether true leakage acoustic singles are included in the acquired signal and then locates the leakage points.

Automatic hydrostatic test control system using air-bottle outer measuring method

The invention relates to an automatic hydrostatic test control system using an air-bottle outer measuring method, comprising a hydrostatic test system, a control platform and a matched auxiliary system. The hydrostatic test system is used for the hydrostatic test of a tested air bottle and comprises a booster pump, a water jacket, a measuring cup, an electronic scale and a recycle pump, the auxiliary system comprises an automatic feeding device, a lifting sealing device and an automatic discharging device, wherein the automatic feeding device feeds the tested air bottle into a test position, the lifting sealing device loads tested air bottle in the water jacket or pulls the tested air bottle out of the water jacket, and the automatic discharging device conveys the tested air bottle out of the test position. The invention realizes the automatic operation of a hydrostatic test process, realizes the real-time and automatic detection and control of the test process, further lightens the labor intensity of operators, improves the detection efficiency and the detection accuracy and can realize the automatic operation of all auxiliary processes of the hydrostatic test by using the air-bottle outer measuring method.

High temperature valve detecting and testing system

The invention discloses a high temperature valve detecting and testing system, comprising an oil feed pump, an oil storage tank, a pressure pump, a buffer tank, a detecting device and a condensing device, wherein an electric heater and a pressure transmitter are installed on the top part of the oil storage tank; the bottom part of the oil storage tank is connected with the buffer tank through a third trunk pipeline; another pressure transmitter and a temperature sensor are installed on the inner side wall of the buffer tank; the buffer tank is connected with an oil inlet of a to-be-detected valve through a fourth trunk pipeline; the detecting device comprises a detecting table and a torque testing device; the valve rod of the to-be-detected valve is connected with the torque testing device; and the oil outlet of the to-be-detected valve is connected with the oil storage tank through a fifth trunk pipeline, the condensing device and a second trunk pipeline in sequence. The high temperature valve detecting and testing system is simple in structure and convenient to operate; and by the adoption of the detecting and testing system, the resistance coefficient and the torque performance of a high temperature valve and the flow characteristic can be tested, and the leakage amount can be detected.

Large-diameter pipeline sealing property detection device and method

The invention discloses a large-diameter pipeline sealing property detection device which comprises a tubular body, two annular airbags, an air pump, a booster pump and a plurality of fan-shaped baffles, wherein the two annular airbags respectively surround the two ends of the tubular body, and when inflated, the two annular airbags are in contact with the inner wall of a pipeline to be detected and form a closed cavity together with the outer wall of the tubular body and the inner wall of the pipeline to be detected; the air pump is used for inflating the annular airbags through air holes formed in the annular airbags; the booster pump is used for filling and pressurizing the closed cavity with water through a first through hole formed in the tubular body; and the fan-shaped baffles are respectively arranged on the two end surfaces of the tubular body, and can prevent the annular gasbags from being disengaged from the tubular body after the closed cavity is pressurized by filling water. The invention also discloses a method for detecting the sealing property of the large-diameter pipeline by using the large-diameter pipeline sealing property detection device. By using the device and the method, the detection of the sealing property of the pipeline under high water pressure can be realized, and the device and the method are applicable to the detection of the sealing property of various large-diameter pipelines.

Chemical accident site poisonous gas monitoring system and emergency processing method thereof

The invention relates to a chemical accident site poisonous gas monitoring system and an emergency processing method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of dangerous chemical accident emergency rescue. The system comprises a mobile robot composed of a wheel-type driving mechanism, a support structure, a lead screw drive assembly, a poisonous gas monitoring assembly, an image collection assembly, a wireless sending module, a control command receiving module, a power module and a motion control module and a remote monitoring subsystem which is in wireless communication with the mobile robot. The method comprises the steps that the rotating speed of the mobile robot is controlled, and straight-line forward moving and turning of the mobile robot are achieved; the mobile robot is controlled to adjust the sampling height of a poisonous gas sensor; according to the poisonous gas concentration, GPS information and weather information, a gas diffusion model is selected, and leakage source intensity is obtained through calculation; according to the poisonous gas leakage accident module and the leakage source intensity, the maximum personal casualty influence range of a poisoning accident is obtained and displayed on a GIS map, and therefore the personnel evacuating range is determined.
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