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Antilock brake systems employing a sliding mode observer based estimation of differential wheel torque

Improved methods and systems for controlling hydraulically or electrically actuated anti-lock brake systems (ABS) on air and land vehicles requiring only measurement of wheel angular speed although brake torque measurements can also be employed if available. A sliding mode observer (SMO) based estimate of net or different wheel torque (road/tire torque minus applied brake torque) derived from the measured wheel speed is compared to a threshold differential wheel torque derived as a function of a “skid signal” also based on wheel speed only to generate a braking control signal. The braking control signal can be employed to rapidly and fully applying and releasing the brakes in a binary on-off manner and, as an additional option, possibly modulating the maximum available brake hydraulic pressure or electrical current when the brakes are in the “on” state in a continuous manner. In the case of the basic on-off component of braking, the brakes are released when the estimate of differential wheel torque is less than the threshold differential wheel torque (i.e. for relatively high values of brake torque), and the brakes are applied fully when the estimate of differential wheel torque is greater than or equal to the threshold differential wheel torque. For aircraft landing gear applications, a fore-aft accelerometer mounted on the landing gear can be used to suppress nonlinear gear displacement oscillations commonly called gear walk in the direction of wheel roll.

Airplane anti-skid brake control system and method

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The invention relates to an airplane anti-skid brake control system and an airplane anti-skid brake control method. In the airplane anti-skid brake control system, two airplane wheel speed sensors are respectively applied to a left airplane wheel and a right airplane wheel of the airplane and connected with the input end of an electronic anti-skid control box; an electro-hydraulic servo valve is connected with a brake valve, a brake device, the electro-hydraulic servo valve and the electronic anti-skid control box respectively; the input port of the electronic anti-skid control box is connected with the airplane wheel speed sensors; and the output port of the electronic anti-skid control box is connected with the electro-hydraulic servo valve. In the invention, the electronic anti-skid control box judges true and false of the received airplane speed signal by comparing the airplane speed signal to be judged with the speed of the airplane wheels at different time or comparing the speed signals of the two airplane wheels so as to perform anti-skid control according to the speed signals of the airplane wheels which are judged to be true; and the airplane wheel brake pressure is adjusted according to the received instruction through the electro-hydraulic servo valve, so safe and reliable brake of the airplane wheels is realized.
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