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Performance testing device for piston shoe in axial plunger pump

A performance testing device for a piston shoe in an axial plunger pump belongs to the technical field of hydraulic elements, and solves the problems that in the prior art a simulator is adopted to carry out the simulation test on the performance parameter of the piston shoe in the plunger pump, the test result has errors, and a piston shoe pair is difficult to be isolated from other friction component pairs when the performance parameter test is carried out in the piston shoe in a practical pump. The performance testing device for the piston shoe in the axial plunger pump comprises a piston shoe, and further comprises a variable frequency motor, a rotating speed and torque sensor, a variable device, a hydraulic cylinder body, a plunger, a flowmeter, a pressure gauge, an oil box and a temperature sensor, wherein the coupling plate of the variable device is fixedly connected with a bottom plate of a support tile of a swash plate through a bolt, the swash plate is supported by the support tile of the swash plate, three screwed holes on each fastening splint are connected with three corresponding screwed holes on one side of the swash plate through the bolts, a waist-shaped slot on each fastening splint corresponds to and is connected with the screwed hole on the side wall of the support tile of the swash plate through bolts, so the swash plate can swing in the support tile of the swash plate. The performance testing device for the piston shoe in the axial plunger pump is used for testing the performance of the piston shoe in the axial plunger pump.

Integrated testing system for aviation fuel accessories

The invention relates to an integrated testing system for aviation fuel accessories. The integrated testing system comprises an electric control cabinet, a mechanical operating platform, an integrated pump station, a flow proportion testing platform, a pneumatic testing system and a fuel testing system, wherein the mechanical operating platform is connected with a pressurizing oil delivery gas storage tank through the pneumatic testing system; the integrated pump station is connected with the fuel testing system through an oil delivery pipeline; the pneumatic testing system is connected with the fuel testing system through a pneumatic pipeline; the flow proportion testing platform is connected with a pressure refueling joint testing oil tank; and the electric control cabinet is electrically connected with the mechanical operating platform, the integrated pump station, the flow proportion testing platform, the pneumatic testing system, the fuel testing system, the pressurizing oil delivery gas storage tank and the pressure refueling joint testing oil tank. The integrated testing system can perform performance test on all accessories of an aircraft fuel system, is high in integrity,convenient to maintain, compact in structure, small in occupation area and low in cost and expenditure, and is in accordance with specific using environment and support conditions under the field condition of an aviation equipment support army.

Performance testing device and method for seawater hydraulic pump in deep sea high back pressure environment

The invention relates to a performance testing device and method for seawater hydraulic pump in deep sea high back pressure environment. The performance testing device mainly comprises a deep sea stimulation cabin, a pressurizing system, a circulating water cooling pipeline, and a monitoring and controlling system; the deep sea stimulation cabin provides back pressures to be borne in environments at different water depths for the performance test of the seawater hydraulic pump through the pressurizing system; stimulation load of the seawater hydraulic pump is freely adjusted by a high-pressure flow control valve which is mounted in the circulating water cooling pipeline; the circulating water cooling pipeline can prevent temperature rise of water in the cabin caused by transformation of the hydraulic energy generated by the working seawater hydraulic pump to the heat energy after the high-pressure flow control valve is uploaded; the monitoring and controlling system can control test working conditions of the seawater hydraulic pump and acquire test parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. The testing device can stimulate the back pressure environment at an appointed sea depth and realize performance test on the seawater hydraulic pump.

State analysis monitoring system and method of gas compressor

The invention discloses a state analysis monitoring system of a gas compressor. The state analysis monitoring system comprises a gas pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, a signal conditioner, an engine oil pressure sensor, a vibration sensor, a vibration meter, a data collection card, a display and a computer. The invention further discloses a state analysis monitoring method of the gas compressor. In the state analysis monitoring method, a gas pressure signal, a temperature signal, an engine oil pressure signal and a vibration signal are input into the computer and are processed through the following steps of: comparing the signals with the upper limits and the lower limits of preset safe values, if the upper limits or the lower limits are exceeded, alarming and starting a failure diagnosis module at the same time; querying a gas compressor state parameter exception and failure mapping table in a failure diagnosis module to determine a corresponding exceptional component type; querying the historical maintenance record of each component in the exceptional component type in a database; calculating service life values of different components corresponding to the exceptional stateparameters; and checking from the component with a minimum service life value to the component with a maximum service life value in sequence until the fault component is found out, thereby finishing the state analysis monitoring.

Vacuum pump self-diagnosis method, vacuum pump self-diagnosis system, and vacuum pump central monitoring system

InactiveUS20090035151A1Simply and accurately make self-diagnosisGuaranteed true stateRotary/oscillating piston combinations for elastic fluidsPump testingDiagnosis methodsMonitoring system
There are provided a vacuum pump self-diagnosis method, a vacuum pump self-diagnosis system, a vacuum pump central monitoring system capable of making self-diagnosis of a dry vacuum pump. A vacuum pump self-diagnosis method decides the occurrence of failure and generates an alarm when a predetermined alarm set value is exceeded by an integrated value or an average value of a current of a motor for rotating a rotor of said vacuum pump. In a vacuum pump self-diagnosis system for making self-diagnosis of a vacuum pump which comprises a casing and a rotor rotatably arranged in the casing for sucking and discharging a gas through rotations of the rotor, the rotor comprises a plurality of stages and a pressure sensor is provided between the rotor stages. A self-diagnosis unit is provided for calculating an integrated value or an average value of a current of a motor for rotating said rotor, and making self-diagnosis of the vacuum pump when the integrated value or average value exceeds a predetermined alarm set value. The self-diagnosis unit switches from one self-diagnosis calculation method to another or interrupts the self-diagnosis calculation based on a pressure value detected by said pressure sensor.

Emulsion pump testing system

The invention relates to an emulsion pump testing system, comprising an electrical apparatus control system which is used for driving a motor to start or stop, a transmission box connected with a tested pump, an emulsion pump circulating system and a hydraulic oil circulating system for driving the transmission box; the working load of the tested pump is changed by adjusting the discharging amount of an oil hydraulic motor, hydraulic pressure output by the tested pump is compensated to the oil hydraulic motor mostly by a loading cylinder, namely, the oil hydraulic motor is not only a driving force source of the tested pump, but also is a load of the tested pump; the system can carry out reliability detecting test to the emulsion pump with different type and different power, and the comprehensive performance and manufacturing quality of the emulsion pump are detected in an on-line way, therefore, the occupying area of the equipment is not only reduced, but also the operating power can not be converted into heat energy, so as to reduce the operating cost; the most important point is that the power can be recycled, the energy consumption is greatly reduced; compared with the prior art, the energy saving can reach about 70 percent, the structure is simple and energy-saving, and has good using effect.

Operation characteristics and operation energy efficiency analyzing device of industrial circulating water pump set

The invention provides an operation characteristics and operation energy efficiency analyzing device of an industrial circulating water pump set, in order to solve the problem that the operation characteristics and the operation energy efficiency of the water pump during operation can not be monitored and analyzed continuously by the existing industrial circulating water system. The device comprises a water pump characteristic analyzing and water pump characteristic server (a computer), a basic data collecting system (a sensor, an A/D (analog to digital) converter), a communication system (remote service), an auxiliary appliance (a cable, a data line connector and the like), a water pump operation characteristic database, a data interactive system and a data interface. On the basis of the data access, the device can completely operate independently; according to the status of the actual flow, the device also can act as an independent functional module derived on the basis of the original monitor system; and the method provided by the invention not only guarantees the smooth operation of the technological process, but also enables the water pump operation point to be close to the actual operation working condition maximally, and is a method for rapidly constructing an efficient operating mechanism of the water pump.

Fault diagnosis method of compressor shafting based on three-dimensional space axle center orbit

The invention discloses a fault diagnosis method of a compressor shafting based on a three-dimensional space axle center orbit, comprising the following steps: (1) detecting radial vibration signals x(t) and y(t) of a compressor rotor; (2) detecting an axial vibration signal z(t) of the compressor rotor; (3) carrying out low-pass filtering on the vibration signals to eliminate a high-frequency interference signal; (4) acquiring the three-dimensional axle center orbit w(t); (5) forming the three-dimensional axle center orbit; (6) respectively filtering the vibration signals x(t), y(t) and z(t) in three directions and then reconfiguring the vibration signals in a time domain to obtain the three-dimensional filter axle center orbit; and (7) synthesizing the vibration signals using a spectrum analysis principle to obtain the synthesized axle center orbit. The invention provides a three-dimensional vibration analysis method on the basis of a holo-spectrum technology, and the method comprises synthesized three-dimensional vibration analysis and filter three-dimensional vibration analysis, which can more clearly and vividly reflect running status and fault characteristics of equipment. Rotor vibration comprises horizontal, vertical and axial vibration, and the vibration signals in the three directions are synthesized to form the three-dimensional axle center orbit which comprises the three-dimensional filter axle center orbit and the three-dimensional synthesized axle center orbit. The method can really reflect motion situation of the axle center of the rotor and provide more complete information for the fault diagnosis.
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