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A refrigerator car (or "reefer") is a refrigerated boxcar (U.S.), a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures. Refrigerator cars differ from simple insulated boxcars and ventilated boxcars (commonly used for transporting fruit), neither of which are fitted with cooling apparatus. Reefers can be ice-cooled, come equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical refrigeration systems, or utilize carbon dioxide (either as dry ice, or in liquid form) as a cooling agent. Milk cars (and other types of "express" reefers) may or may not include a cooling system, but are equipped with high-speed trucks and other modifications that allow them to travel with passenger trains.

Air quantity-adjustable refrigerator ventiduct

The invention relates to a refrigerator air duct which can adjust air volume. The air duct is arranged between a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment, and fixed with an internal bladder of the refrigerator, a vertical section of the air duct is provided with an air volume adjusting device, wherein, the air volume adjusting device is a gear-rack transitional plate mechanism, the rack is arranged in a slideway which is fixed with the internal bladder and vertical to an axis of the air duct through a slider, a wind shield is fixed with the rack, a gear is meshed with the rack and pivoted on the wall of the internal bladder through a shaft, and a handwheel is fixed with the shaft. The invention uses adjusting mechanisms, such as the gear, the rack, the crank-slider, etc. to replace a stepped positioning adjustment of a plurality of positioning blocks, thereby achieving continuous temperature adjusting and fulfilling using requirements of users; meanwhile, the invention uses a planet gear with self lock function, a gear rack mechanism and a regulating handwheel, positioning can be reliable, a rotation of a regulating ring caused by unbalanced weight is prevented, and the well adjusted temperature can not be changed, under transportation or vibration conditions.

Controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping bag and sterilized controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping method

The invention provides an air-adjusting fresh keeping bag and a sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method. The air-adjusting fresh keeping bag takes tasteless, odourlessness, innocuous resin material as a substrate which is then added and mixed with functional materials and then blown into a homogenous humidity keeping air-adjusting fresh keeping bag enabling the ozone to pass. The sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method of the invention includes the procedures that: the air-adjusting fresh keeping bag is placed in an ordinary temperature adjustable plant according to the package weight after fruits and vegetables as well as flowers are pretreated; the air-adjusting fresh keeping bag is placed in a ventilated plastic circulating container after being sealed and packaged and then is sent into a sealing house for the ozonic sterilization; the fruits, the vegetables and freshly cut flowers are stored into a refrigerator after the sterilization according to the temperatures required by the storage of the fruits, the vegetables and the freshly cut flowers or is placed into a refrigerator car cabinet for the transportation. The sterile air-adjusting fresh keeping method of the invention is small in investment and convenient in operation and combines the ozonic sterilization and the air-adjusting fresh keeping, the sterilization is thorough and the fresh keeping effect is long-lasting.

Constant-temperature refrigerator and control method thereof

The invention discloses a constant-temperature refrigerator. The constant-temperature refrigerator comprises a refrigerator body, an evaporator, a second air flue and a fan, wherein at least one refrigeration chamber is limited in the refrigerator body; a first air flue in fluid communication with the at least one refrigeration chamber is arranged on one side of the at least one refrigeration chamber; the evaporator is arranged in an evaporator cavity of the refrigerator body; the evaporator cavity is positioned at the back part of the at least one refrigeration chamber; the second air flue is arranged at the back part of the first air flue, and is communicated with the evaporator cavity; the fan can lead air from the evaporator into the first air flue so as to refrigerate the at least one refrigeration chamber, and also can enable the air to circulate between the second air flue and the evaporator cavity; and a fan shielding device is arranged between the first air flue and the fan, and is opened or closed to allow or limit air currents from the fan to enter the first air flue. The invention further relates to a control method of the constant-temperature refrigerator. The constant-temperature refrigerator is high in defrosting efficiency and low in temperature fluctuation of the refrigeration chamber.

Intelligent recognition and management system of refrigerator

The invention relates to smart homes, the Internet of Things, cloud platforms and the voice recognition technology, and particularly discloses an intelligent recognition and management system of a refrigerator. The intelligent recognition and management system comprises a refrigerator body, a touch display screen, a camera, voice equipment and a control host, and the control host is connected witha cloud server and a mobile terminal through the Internet of Things. Intelligent recognition of food, shelf life monitoring and alarming, healthy diet information pushing and storage management are achieved through a refrigerator intelligent recognition and management method. According to the intelligent recognition and management system, by means of cloud services and cloud resources, the intelligent application operation speed of the intelligent refrigerator is increased, the recognition accuracy of the food is improved, and the hardware equipment condition needed by intellectualization isreduced; and the position and weight of the food placed in the refrigerator can be located more precisely, the shelf life is automatically monitored, reminding or alarming are carried out, proper foodlists, cooking recipes and dietetic life-nourishing tips are automatically pushed, and the functions of the refrigerator are controlled through voice instructions.

Door seal for refrigerator and refrigerator

The invention provides a door seal for a refrigerator and the refrigerator. The door seal comprises an adhesive tape body, an installation seat and a support column. A seal gasbag extending in the length direction of the adhesive tape body is limited in the adhesive tape body. The adhesive tape body is further provided with an expansion head extending out of one side face of the adhesive tape body. The inner space of the expansion head communicates with the seal gasbag. The seal gasbag can be inflated or can release gas so as to adjust the size of the expansion head. The door seal can be installed on a refrigerator door body, when the door body is closed by a user, due to supporting of the support column, the expansion head can enter a groove preset in a refrigerator body. The expansion size of the expansion head can be adjusted by controlling inflation and deflation of the seal gasbag. When the expansion head expands, the pressure of the gasbag wall of the expansion head and the pressure of the inner side wall of the groove are increased, meanwhile, friction force is increased, thus the door seal pulls the door body and the refrigerator body closely, the gap between the door body and the refrigerator body is eliminated, and the insulation effect of the refrigerator is improved.
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