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A frequency changer or frequency converter is an electronic or electromechanical device that converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. The device may also change the voltage, but if it does, that is incidental to its principal purpose, since voltage conversion of alternating current is much easier to achieve than frequency conversion.

High efficiency linearization power amplifier for wireless communication

An embodiment of the invention uses a predistortion correction signal to combination the modulated RF signal by an analog multiplier for linearization of power amplifiers having nonlinear characteristics such as those used in wireless RF transmitters. A predistortion controller comprises a plurality of down converters for retrieving both the ideal non-distorted information and the feedback distorted information, together with pre-stored digitally-indexed predistortion information stored, for example, in a look-up table. The digitally-indexed information models nonlinear characteristics of the high power amplifier, and is stored prior to processing of pre-compensation in the power amplifier. When the predistortion information is combined with the modulated RF signal in the analog multiplier, the result is a substantially linear information transmission from the power amplifier. In an embodiment of the system, the modulated RF input signal and the feedback signal from PA output are down-converted, respectively, by analog devices, such as mixers, after which the analog intermediate frequency (IF) signals are digitized by analog-to-digital converters for digital predistortion correction processing, followed by predistortion processing performed by, for example, a DSP or FPGA chip to generate a digital correction control signal, which is then converted to an analog signal by a digital-to-analog converter, followed by combining the analog correction signal with the RF modulated input signal to yield the input to the power amplifier.

Electrically-driven ultra-large-displacement well cementation equipment

The invention discloses electrically-driven ultra-large-displacement well cementation equipment. The electrically-driven ultra-large-displacement well cementation equipment comprises a first loading body and a second loading body; an auxiliary motor, a main motor, a clear water module, a pumping module, a control module, a hydraulic module and a mixing module are fixedly loaded on the first loading body; and a frequency converter module is fixedly loaded on the second loading body. The electrically-driven ultra-large-displacement well cementation equipment has the beneficial effects that the main motor is adopted to drive a plunger pump, torque converters are reduced, the layout space of the whole vehicle is increased, the auxiliary motor is adopted to drive a whole vehicle hydraulic system, and the number of driving motors is reduced; the frequency converter module and the well cementation equipment are loaded separately, the loading requirement is lowered, the structure is simpler, the occupied space is reduced, one frequency converter module can supply power to all the modules on the multiple first loading bodies at the same time, and use is flexible; and the main motor, the auxiliary motor and the hydraulic heat dissipation device are intensively distributed on the front portion of the first loading body, wiring is simple, connection is convenient, heat dissipation of equipment is intensively achieved, scalding accidents of workers in the operation process are avoided, and operation safety is improved.

Electric drive fracturing semi-trailer of frequency conversion integrated machine

The invention discloses an electric drive fracturing semi-trailer of a frequency conversion integrated machine. The optimization and integration of the traditional power supply semi-trailer and the fracturing semi-trailer realize the functions of power supply and fracturing of one semi-trailer without using the complete set of the power supply semi-trailer and the fracturing semi-trailer, the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer is more flexible in actual use, and the well field layout of oil and gas fields is greatly optimized; the transportation is convenient; only a set of high-voltage cables can be connected with the high-voltage power supply to reach a working state, and the wiring installation is faster; compared with diesel-driven fracturing, and the noise of the electric drive fracturing is low without exhaust emission pollution; the driving source is power, which has lower cost than the diesel; the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer adopts an integrated design of a motorand a frequency converter (namely, the frequency conversion integrated machine), the space occupied by the electric motor and the inverter in the prior art is reduced effectively, so the installing part of the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer has smaller volume and the transportation is more convenient, and can also provide space guarantee for installing other equipment on the semi-trailerbody.

Method for intelligently controlling frequency of variable-frequency air-conditioner

The invention relates to a method for intelligently controlling the frequency of a variable-frequency air-conditioner, comprising the following steps of: (1) reading the temperature difference delta T of the set temperature of the variable-frequency air-conditioner and indoor ambient temperature and calculating a frequency value Ft according to the temperature difference by a frequency converter;(2) reading each running parameter of the variable-frequency air-conditioner and controlling the air-conditioner to stop, or limit the frequency, or reduce the frequency or normally run according to the parameter value by using the frequency converter; (3) if each parameter displays that the frequency needs to be limited, ensuring the adjusted frequency Fobj to be equal to Ft, and if each parameter displays that the frequency needs to be reduced, ensuring the Fobj to be equal to Ft-delta T; (4) if each parameter displays the normal running, adjusting the frequency Ft according to the variation of the delta T in a certain time t1; and (5) outputting the Fobj to a driver of a variable-frequency compressor of the air-conditioner by using the frequency converter. The method can improve the comfort level, the using effect and the service life of the variable-frequency air-conditioner.
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