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Enhanced data converters using compression and decompression

An enhancement that reduces the digital interface rate of analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters through the use of compression and decompression is described. The present invention improves A/D converters by compressing the sampled version of the A/D converter's analog input signal in real time, thereby significantly decreasing the required bit rate of the A/D converter's digital interface. Similarly, the present invention improves D/A converters by decreasing the required bit rate of the D/A converter's digital interface. D/A converters enhanced by the present invention include a decompressor that decompresses the D/A converter's compressed digital input in real time, prior to conversion to an analog output signal. The present invention's simplicity and its ability to be implemented using multiple compression and decompression elements allow its use in A/D and D/A converters with arbitrarily high sampling rates. By selecting a desired compression ratio during lossy compression, users of the present invention can precisely control the bit rate of the A/D and D/A converter's digital interface. Users of the present invention can dynamically choose the desired balance between the quality and the bit rate of A/D and D/A converters by adjusting various compression and decompression control parameters.

System, method and computer program for an integrated digital workflow for processing a paper form

A method, system and computer program for creating a digital workflow associated with the completion of a paper form is provided. An electronic clipboard includes a panel for receiving a paper form, a computer including a clipboard computer application, and an input device that completes the paper form with handwritten input data and also created digital signals corresponding to the handwritten input data. The computer application interprets the digital signal data so as to define digital input data, which corresponds to the handwritten input data. The electronic clipboard also includes verification/correction facility that enables the display of the digital input data and verification and correction thereof using a series of input devices provided on the electronic clipboard. The electronic clipboard is linked to a remote computer. The remote computer includes a forms creation and management application for the creation of the electronic forms, and definition of rules for processing digital input data includes in the various fields of the electronic forms. In a server implementation of the invention, the remote computer is an application server that provides access to a plurality of software utilities for processing the digital input data included in the electronic forms. The application server enables processes such as financial transactions associated with electronic forms, transmission of selected digital input data to other computer systems, and field level encryption. Another aspect of the invention is a point of sale device that include the electronic clipboard.

Class-D amplifier having high order loop filtering

An amplifier having an active and passive gain stage connect to a load for driving a load according to a system analog input. A first embodiment of the amplifier in accordance with the present invention includes a logic network connected between a comparator network and a switching system, wherein the comparator network connects to the passive gain stage. Specifically, the active gain stage may include an active filter connected to receive an analog or digital input and provide a difference between the analog or digital input and the feedback signal relative to the gain factor of a gain unit connected to the active filter. The passive gain stage includes a passive filter. The logic network generates at least one switching signal which controls the switching system that includes at least one switching device to selectively provide power to the load. An output signal from the switching system provides output for the amplifier and is fed back to the active gain stage. In another embodiment, the output is a two-level signal and the passive and active filters are second order low pass filters, where the gain factor is about 25 or more. In yet another embodiment, the gain factor is approximately 250. Moreover, the amplifier may include a digital delta-sigma modulator connected to supply a two level input.
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