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Information security management and control method under cloud manufacturing environment

The invention discloses an information security management and control method under a cloud manufacturing environment. On the basis of a network security protocol, a password technology and a public key infrastructure (PKI), comprehensive security guarantee is supplied to information interaction among cloud internal networks, between one cloud and another cloud, and between a user and each cloud by using implementation technologies and methods, such as a virtual private network (VPN) based on multiple layers of protocols, a digital envelope and a password algorithm; Intranet, Extranet and Internet of a cloud manufacturing system are covered; comprehensive management and control technical information files are stored and transmitted to each used loop; a session key (SK) which is randomly produced by using a key production protocol is used for symmetrically encrypting the technical information files; and a receiver public key obtained according to a PKI digital certificate asymmetrically encrypts the SK to form the digital envelope for protecting the technical information files and the SK. The information security management and control method has the characteristics of being high in confidentiality, high inefficiency, flexible in arrangement and the like and can be widely applied to the cloud manufacturing system and other network manufacturing systems.

Standing order database search system and method for internet and internet application

An internet and / or intranet based database search system and method for conducting searches of highly confidential records such as individual patient medical records and to automate the process of securing required approvals to make such records available to a properly authorized and authenticated requesting party. The system's central premise is that the patient has a fundamental right to the confidentiality of their personal medical records and should control that right through specific, informed consent each time that a party requests to receive them. It reinforces the widely held conception of privacy in general as well as of the sanctity of the doctor / patient relationship by granting the doctor the right, subject to the patient's express permission, to initiate a search request. At the same time, it provides an expedited and cost-efficient means for transfer of such records as demanded by many healthcare reform proposals and gives the repositories where these records are held the right to stipulate the specific terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before they will release documents entrusted to their care, thereby substantially reducing the risk of litigation alleging breaches of patient confidentiality. And it carries out all of these legitimate interests in a way that is fast, simple to use and easy to audit. The system optionally includes a billing mechanism to pay for any added cost associated with providing this additional protection; and in its preferred embodiment, is applicable to both digital as well as non-digital records.

Electronic information retention method/system, electronic information split retention method/system, electronic information split restoration processing method/system, and programs for the same

The invention aims to provide an electronic information split restoration processing method/system capable of processing massive electronic information at high speed while preventing leakage of the electronic information with reliability, and without causing deterioration in immediacy, centrally controlling electronic information to be processed by information processing units that are distributed geographically in a wide area, and connected via network. When electronic information is to be retained, a reversible split process and a reversible conversion process are applied to the electronic information (step S8), to thereby generate a plurality of split files (step S10), and store the split files together with dummy files (step S12). Split restoration information is generated (step S14) to be stored by relating processing information concerning the split and conversion process together with file names of the split files and information on storage destinations thereof, to data name of the original electronic information. When electronic information is to be read, split files are collected on the basis of the split restoration information (step S20) and the electronic information is restored by reversely applying the split and conversion process (step S22).

Cross-physical isolation data transparent transmission system and method between intranet and extranet

The invention relates to a cross-physical isolation data transparent transmission system between an intranet and an extranet. The system comprises a first enterprise service bus and a second enterprise service bus which are respectively arranged on the two sides of physical isolation, wherein a first safety data transmission adapter and a second safety data transmission adapter are respectively deployed on the first and second enterprise service buses, the physical isolation is arranged between gateways of the intranet and the extranet for performing network safety area isolation, the first and second enterprise service buses are used for respectively providing calling interfaces and simultaneously communicating with the physical isolation, and the first and second safety data transmission adapters are respectively responsible for safety certification and calibration of integrity and effectiveness of data of the intranet and the extranet. The invention further relates to a cross-physical isolation data transparent transmission method of the system. Improvement of data transmission can be performed under a physical isolation environment through the system and the method, the difficulty in transformation and the workload of the service system can be simplified, and the safety in data transmission can be further enhanced through the safety data transmission adapters.

Smart home remote security access control implementation method based on smart cloud television gateway

The invention relates to a smart home remote security access control implementation method based on a smart cloud television gateway. A smart home external network refers to a network environment which is also known as a smart home outer network and is formed by the way that a smart cloud television is used as a user smart home gateway, and in the household ADSL environment, the smart cloud television is in interaction with public network environment equipment (such as a mobile intelligent terminal and a smart home cloud synchronization server of the user). The smart cloud television has already obtained a terminal certificate based on a PKI digital certificate system and can provide a secure storage area for secure reading and writing, and the smart cloud television is also called the smart cloud television gateway. A portable UKey refers to the equipment which is provided with an equipment mutual communication module and a secure calculation module (like a secure chip). The smart home cloud synchronization server can regularly record the mapping binding relation between the smart cloud television gateway and the IP of a public network which is accessed by the smart cloud television gateway and synchronize the identification of controllable home equipment of the smart cloud television gateway. The smart home remote security access control implementation method based on the smart cloud television gateway has the advantages of being high in security, high in confidentiality and good in universality and user experience performance.

Method for realizing user identity digitalization based on block chain

The invention discloses a method for realizing user identity digitalization based on a block chain. The method comprises the following steps: S1, monitoring a state of an API registration port; S2, inputting identity information; S3, performing identity information authentication, i.e., checking user identities through a police real name authentication system and bankcard binding mode according to information input by users in a registrant name input window, a registrant identity card number input window and a bank card number input window; S4, registering a platform account, and distributing block chain identities to the users; S5, setting a payment password; and S6, performing platform transaction. The method is a digital transaction method under the support of a block chain technology. According to the invention, under the technical support of a third-party service platform, the block chain identities can be provided for the users, it is ensured that the users can carry out digital economic transaction under the block chain technology, the security and the confidentiality are quite high, the transaction content cannot be tampered, traceability can also be performed in case of a transaction problem, and the transaction reliability is improved.

Method and system for using phone to generate authentication pattern to perform POS payment as well as mobile phone

InactiveCN101299286AEliminate the inconvenience of carrying a cardImprove confidentialityCash registersPoint-of-sale network systemsGraphicsBank account
A method using the mobile phone generated authentication pattern to execute POS payment, writes one or a plurality of bank account information in the mobile phone chip, so that the mobile phone is associated with the corresponding bank account. The POS payment includes: recording the amount paid in the POS terminal; selecting the corresponding bank account on the mobile phone, executing verification arithmetic to the mobile phone chip and accidentally producing a set of enciphered data and generating authentication pattern on the mobile phone display screen to display; recording the authentication pattern in the POS terminal by the pattern recording apparatus; combining and ciphering the authentication pattern and the available information as the payment solicited message to transmit to the bank system; the bank system executing information verification, account process; and feeding back the process result onto the POS. The method can replace the card brushing, avoids the inconvenience of users for carrying a plurality of cards; the method can conveniently and safely use by slightly modifying the terminal reading data mode of the prior POS payment system terminals. At the same time, the present inventions provides a system and mobile phone for implementing the payment method.
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