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Major Agricultural Products The country's major agricultural crops are rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane, banana, cassava, pineapple, and vegetables.

Robot mechanical picker system and method

Embodiments of the invention comprise a system and method that enable robotic harvesting of agricultural crops. One approach for automating the harvesting of fresh fruits and vegetables is to use a robot comprising a machine-vision system containing rugged solid-state digital cameras to identify and locate the fruit on each tree, coupled with a picking system to perform the picking. In one embodiment of the invention a robot moves through a field first to “map” the field to determine plant locations, the number and size of fruit on the plants and the approximate positions of the fruit on each plant. A robot employed in this embodiment may comprise a GPS sensor to simplify the mapping process. At least one camera on at least one arm of a robot may be mounted in appropriately shaped protective enclosure so that a camera can be physically moved into the canopy of the plant if necessary to map fruit locations from inside the canopy. Once the map of the fruit is complete for a field, the robot can plan and implement an efficient picking plan for itself or another robot. In one embodiment of the invention, a scout robot or harvest robot determines a picking plan in advance of picking a tree. This may be done if the map is finished hours, days or weeks before a robot is scheduled to harvest, or if the picking plan algorithm selected requires significant computational time and cannot be implemented in “real time” by the harvesting robot as it is picking the field. If the picking algorithm selected is less computationally intense, the harvester may calculate the plan as it is harvesting. The system harvests according to the selected picking plan. The picking plan may be generated in the scout robot, harvest robot or on a server. Each of the elements in the system may be configured to communicate with each other using wireless communications technologies.

Process of preparing pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by microbial fermentation method

The invention discloses a process of preparing a pig manure bio-organic fertilizer by a microbial fermentation method. The process comprises the following step: by taking the pig manure as a raw material and supplementing straws, earthworm cast, seaweeds, and the like, performing a two-step fermentation process of a biological fermenting agent to prepare the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer. The process is high in resource utilization degree, easy for large-scale industrial production, beneficial to realizing resource utilization of live pig breeding wastes and capable of a pig breeding environmental pollution problem at present. The pig manure bio-organic fertilizer has the effects of the bio-organic fertilizer and the seaweed fertilizer, is rich in functional active ingredients of seaweeds and a large number of probiotics, capable of effectively regulating equilibrium of microorganisms in soil, decomposing organic or inorganic components such as organic substances and mineral substances in the soil, eliminating soil hardening, desertification, salinization and the like caused by abuse of a chemical fertilizer throughout the year, increasing the yield of crops, and has the special effects of improving the quality of the crops and improving the stress resistance of the crops. Besides, the pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is long in acting period, and is an ideal fertilizer for developing green ecological agriculture.

Efficient biological organic fertilizer made from yellow mealworm fecula sand

The invention relates to a biological organic fertilizer, and particularly relates to an efficient biological organic fertilizer made from yellow mealworm fecula sand, aiming at solving the existing problems that noxious substances such as heavy metals, nitrate and nitrite in soil and crops are aggregated because of using chemical fertilizers in a large scale in agricultural production, thus being prejudicial to the body health of human, depleting soil and the like. The efficient biological organic fertilizer is made from yellow mealworm fecula sand, chicken manure and clay, wherein a mixture is made from 50-70 parts of yellow mealworm fecula sand and 30-50 parts of fermented chicken manure, then 60-65 parts of the mixture and 35-40 parts of clay are mixed to prepare the efficient biological organic fertilizer; the efficient biological organic fertilizer is stable, durable and long-acting in fertility, and capable of improving soil activity after being applied; the efficient biological organic fertilizer has a micro-ecological balance function and a good water-retention function; and soil fertility can be improved, crop yield can be increased, agricultural product quality can be improved, agricultural production cost can be reduced, soil structure can be improved, agricultural ecological environment can be improved, and the sustainable development of the planting industry can be promoted.
Owner:洪洞县万安彪炳有机肥料厂 +2

Biological pesticidal organic fertilizer and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103724139ASimple structureAddress organic matter declineFertilizer mixturesPaulownia coreanaNematode
The invention discloses a biological pesticidal organic fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. The biological pesticidal organic fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-50 parts of pig manure, 20-30 parts of tea seed pulp, 10-15 parts of coffee grounds, 8-12 parts of paulownia sawdust, 5-10 parts of phosphogypsum, 4-8 parts of corn cob, 5-10 parts of pepper seed cake, 10-15 parts of mushroom dreg, 8-12 parts of wheat bran, 15-20 parts of bentonite, 10-15 parts of opoka, 2-3 parts of ferrous sulfate, 1-2 parts of manganese sulfate, 3-5 parts of humic acid, 1-2 parts of chinese tallow tree root and bark, 2-3 parts of sophora alopecuroides, 1-2 parts of stemona, 1-3 parts of Artemisia annua, 1.5-2.5 parts of ailanthus leaf, 2-3 parts of derris and 1-2 parts of Radix Euphorbiae Ebractealatae. The organic fertilizer disclosed by the invention has multiple effects of providing nutrients, improving the soil structure, preventing and treating pests and diseases and the like, can promote the crops to quickly grow, enhances the stress tolerance of the crops, can have favorable preventing and treating effects on nematodes and soil insects, reduces or avoids use of chemical pesticides, enhances the soil fertility, regulates the ecological equilibrium of soil, improves the quality of agricultural products, has no chemical residues, and implements yield increase and income increase of agricultural products.

Sustained-release compound fertilizer and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103641637AGood slow releaseControl fertilizer release rateFertilizer mixturesPhosphateNutrition
The invention discloses a sustained-release compound fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. The sustained-release compound fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 20 to 30 parts of urea, 30 to 40 parts of monoammonium phosphate, 5 to 10 parts of calcium superphosphate, 10 to 15 parts of potassium chloride, 1 to 2 parts of zinc sulfate, 1 to 2 parts of manganese sulfate, 2 to 3 parts of ferrous sulfate, 0.5 to 1.5 parts of borax, 3 to 5 parts of humic acid, 8 to 12 parts of modified clay and 4 to 6 parts of chitosan coating agent. The fertilizer has high sustained-release performance, double good functions of pest killing and water retention, high and long-lasting fertilizer efficiency and high nutrition utilization rate, a coating material is easy to degrade, pollution is completely avoided, the rapid growth of crops can be promoted, the stress resistance of the crops can be improved, the ecological balance of soil can be adjusted, the quality of agricultural products can be improved, and both production and income of the agricultural products are increased. Sources of the raw materials are extensive, and a production process is simple, convenient to operate, low in equipment investment, low in cost and applicable to industrial production, and has a broad market prospect.

Remote monitoring-based device, system and method for measuring crop yield in real time

The invention discloses a remote monitoring-based device, a remote monitoring-based system and a remote monitoring-based method for measuring crop yield in real time. In the device, a cradle head moves up and down to drive a video sensor, a range finder and a compass to move up and down; the direction of the video sensor is adjusted by rotating; the video sensor moves up and down until the video sensor is aligned with the top of a crop measuring object; the video sensor is rotated to be aligned with a measuring object in crops, and is then rotated to be aligned with another measuring object in the crops; the range finder measures the heights of the measuring objects as well as the horizontal distance between the range finder and the measuring objects; the compass measures the included angle of the horizontal distance between the range finder and two measuring objects; a control module controls the cradle head to move up and down or rotate according to a video image; and real-time measured parameters of the range finder and the compass are acquired and saved, and acquired parameters are packed for remote transmission. Manpower and material resources are reduced effectively, measuring accuracy is enhanced and effective sharing of farmland information is realized.

Rabbit dung-Chinese herbal medicine organic fertilizer and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102951970AImprove pollution-free productionSustainable pollution-free productionBio-organic fraction processingOrganic fertiliser preparationInsect pestOrganic fertilizer
The invention discloses a rabbit dung-Chinese herbal medicine organic fertilizer which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 60-80 parts of rabbit dung, 5-8 parts of Chinese herbal medicine, 10-20 parts of crop straw powder, 10-20 parts of plant ash, 10-20 parts of bagasse, 30-40 parts of sodium humate, 10-20 parts of nano-carbon and 10-15 parts of palygorskite. The rabbit dung-Chinese herbal medicine organic fertilizer is prepared by the steps of: with rabbit dung as a main organic component, fermenting, drying and crushing; and then mixing the treated rabbit dung with Chinese herbal medicine extracts, sodium humate, nano-carbon and palygorskite, pelleting and finally drying. After the rabbit dung-Chinese herbal medicine organic fertilizer disclosed by the invention is applied, the physical and chemical properties of soil can be improved, the nutrient absorption of crops can be promoted, crop plants can thrive, the yield of the crops can be improved, the product quality can be improved, the loss of the fertilizer in the soil can be reduced, the release of the nutrients in the fertilizer can be controlled, the utilization rate of the fertilizer can be improved, the purposes of high yield and high quality can be reached, and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of the crops can be further reduced.

Fertilizer for fruit trees and production method of fertilizer

The invention discloses a fertilizer for fruit trees and a production method of the fertilizer. The fertilizer is prepared from raw materials in parts by weight: 35 to 45 parts of chicken manure, 30 to 40 parts of filter mud in sugar factory, 20 to 30 parts of agricultural residues powder, 20 to 25 parts of tea seed cake, 10 to 15 parts of rice husk powder, 10 to 20 parts of vinegar residue, 5 to 8 parts of fulvic acid potassium, 155 to 175 parts of urea, 125 to 135 parts of potassium sulfate, 55 to 65 parts of potassic-magnesian fertilizer, 85 to 90 parts of calcium superphosphate, 2 to 3 parts of ammonium molybdate, 10 to 15 parts of lignin, 6 to 8 parts of animo acid chelated copper and boron, 7 to 9 parts of sucrose complexed manganese and calcium, 3 to 5 parts of diaminoferric xanthohumate and 4 to 6 parts of zinc lignosulfonate. The fertilizer prepared by the production method disclosed by the invention is abundant in nutrition, can be used for meeting nutrient requirement of the fruit trees, improving growth speed of the fruit trees and improving the yield and the quality of the fruit trees, and is beneficial for promoting the growth of the fruit trees; in addition, by using the fertilizer, the properties of soil can be improved, and soil loosening is promoted; after the fertilizer is applied, a good control effect for diseases and insect pests of the fruit trees can be realized.

Water-soluble mineral fertilizer and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a water-soluble mineral fertilizer, belongs to the field of crop fertilizers, and particularly relates to a water-soluble inorganic mineral fertilizer. The water-soluble mineral fertilizer is composed of an A component, a B component and a C component, wherein the A component is composed of potash feldspar, powdered rock phosphate, medical stones, kieselguhr, bentonite and a water-soluble hydrophilic grafting agent; the B component is composed of urea, biological nitrogen-fixing bacteria, a urease inhibitor, a nitrification inhibitor and carboxymethyl starch, and the C component is composed of polyaspartic acid, polyyvinylpyrrolidone and casein. A preparation method of the water-soluble mineral fertilizer takes an inorganic mineral powder body as a main raw material, the water-soluble hydrophilic grafting agent is utilized, and the inorganic mineral powder body is dissolved in the water to form a stability colloid. The water-soluble mineral fertilizer provided by the invention contains a large number of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium elements and also contains different medium/trace elements and rare earth elements required by the growth of a plant, a soil structure is improved, the growth of the plant is improved, the product quality of a crop is improved, a raw material is easily available, the price is low, the raw material is non-pollution, the production technology is simple, and a market prospect is wide.
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