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Drought Resistance. (of plants), the ability of plants to tolerate substantial dehydration of their tissues and organs as well as overheating.

Organic matter decomposing inoculant, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an organic matter decomposing inoculant, and a preparation method and application thereof. The organic matter decomposing inoculant comprises the following ingredients in part by weight: 10 to 20 parts of aspergillus niger microbial inoculum, 10 to 20 parts of lactobacillus plantarum microbial inoculum, 20 to 30 parts of saccharomyces cerevisiae microbial inoculum and 40 to 60 parts of bacillus subtilis microbial inoculum. The organic matter decomposing inoculant mainly comprises various microbial floras with mutual promotion and mutual synergy effects. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can decompose various organic matters quickly, can effectively kill germs, ova and weed seeds in the decomposed raw materials, can reduce diseases, weed and insect pests, andcan remove water and odor. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can stimulate growth and development of crops, can improve disease resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance, can increasesoil nutrients, can improve the soil structure, and can increase the utilization ratio of chemical fertilizer. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can be used directly and can also be used for producing commercial organic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic complex fertilizer, biological organic and inorganic complex fertilizer and the like.

Technique for extracting active component of Enteromorpha prolifera and method for preparing Enteromorpha prolifera seaweed fertilizer

The invention provides effective technology for extracting active ingredients of Entermorpha and a method for preparing an Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The method is characterized by comprising: taking the Entermorpha as a raw material, effectively extracting the active ingredients of the Entermorpha through technical processes such as pretreatment of raw materials, leaching, neutralization, concentration and combination, taking an extracting solution as a base fluid, combining the extracting solution with at least one composition of humic acid, urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassiumsulfate, monoammonium phosphate and microelement, and preparing the high-activity Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The Entermorpha alga fertilizer is rich in active substances of algae, not only can strengthen photosynthesis of crops, increase the yield of the crops and improve the product quality but also can strengthen the cold resistance, the drought resistance, the stress resistance and the disease resistance of the crops, promote earliness of the crops and increase the fertile flower percentage and the fertile fruit percentage, has lower production cost, good solubility and safe use, is friendly and harmless to human beings, domestic animals and the natural environment, and is a novel environment-friendly fertilizer suitable for modern agriculture.

Color drought-resistance water-retention sustained-release compound fertilizer and method for producing same

The invention discloses a color drought-resistance water-retention sustained-release compound fertilizer and a method for producing the same, wherein the method comprises the followings steps of: measuring, crushing and uniformly mixing fertilizer raw materials, granulating by adopting an ammonia-acid method rotary drum granulating process, performing one-stage drying, semi-cooling and screening of grains, and sending the mixture to a coating machine; adopting a continuous melting rotary drum film-coating method coating process to perform compressed air atomization and uniform coating of color coating oil sprayed by a special nozzle; and adding a water-retaining agent and an anti-adhesive agent by a screw conveyor, and performing full stirring, cooling and packaging to obtain the finishedproducts. The color drought-resistance water-retention sustained-release compound fertilizer has the effects of drought resistance, water retention, nutrient preservation, soil condition improvement and environmental protection, and the appearance of the fertilizer has color marks; and when the fertilizer is applied to crops, the fertilizer has the advantages of increasing yield and incoming, along with simple production method, convenient operation, low cost and high benefits.

Rice fertilizer capable of improving resistance, quality and yield of rice

The invention relates to rice fertilizer capable of improving the resistance, quality and yield of rice. The rice fertilizer consists of the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 20.0 to 27.0 percent of urea, 7.0 to 20.0 percent of ammonium sulfate, 5.0 to 13.0 percent of monoammonium phosphate, 9.8 to 17.5 percent of potassium chloride, 10.0 to 18.5 percent of calcium superphosphate, 3.0 to 6.0 percent of calcium-magnesium phosphate, 2.0 to 8.0 percent of soluble silicon, 0.1 to 0.9 percent of amino acid, 5.0 to 30.0 percent of humic acid, 0.5 to 6.0 percent of other trace elements (zinc, manganese, boron, ferrum, copper, molybdenum, selenium and the like), 0.2 to 0.5 percent of activating agent and less than or equal to 2.5 percent of water. The rice fertilizer has the advantages of comprehensively providing the nutrient required by growth of rice, improving the yield and the quality of rice, activating the nutrient of soil, enhancing the capacity of absorbing nutrient by crops, improving a soil structure, enhancing soil fertility, promoting development, and improving the resistance of the crops (disease resistance, pest resistance, drought resistance, flooding resistance, cold resistance, saline-alkaline resistance, lodging resistance and the like).

Method producing seaweed fertilizer by processing Entermorpha prolifera by microbial fermentation method

The invention provides a method for producing a seaweed fertilizer by processing Enteromorpha through microorganism fermentation method, which is characterized in that: fresh Enteromorpha is used as the material without being added with any chemical products, and treated by fermentation in large scale by preparing an Enteromorpha seed liquid, so as to dissolve out the effective components of Enteromorpha, thereby largely preserving the effective components with natural activity in the Enteromorpha, and then various Enteromorpha seaweed fertilizers are prepared by taking the fermentation liquid as a basic liquid. The method has simple extraction technique and low cost, and can process the Enteromorpha in large scale in a short time; the various Enteromorpha seaweed fertilizers produced by taking the fermentation liquid as the material can greatly increase the coldness resistance, drought resistance and stress resistance of crops, reduce plant diseases and insect pests, promote the growing of root system, make the soil to breathe freely and loosen, and greatly improve the crop output and quality, more importantly, the seaweed fertilizer does not produe any bad effect and pollution to crops, environments and human beings, which is a novel green environmental friendly fertilizer for modern agriculture.

Moisture-retention sustained and controlled release fertilizer and method of preparing the same

The invention discloses a water holding slow-controlled releasing fertilizer and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of agricultural fertilizers and preparation thereof. Macromolecule coating fertilizer is taken as an inner core and a water holding layer is taken as an outside layer to form a double-coating water holding slow-controlled releasing fertilizer; an inner coating is macromolecule protective layer coating material with nutrition controlling and releasing property; an outside coating is the water holding layer with excellent water holding property. Water retention agent suspension liquid is sprayed to the surface of macromolecule coating fertilizer grains for outside coating; wherein the water retention agent is prepared by taking cyclohexane, emulsifier, acrylic acid, acrylamide, sodium hydroxide, cross linker and evocating agent and adopting the method of opposite phase suspension polymerization. The fertilizer has the function of controlled releasing, drought resistance, water saving, water holding and soil improving and the advantages of high absorption percentage, wear resistance, difficult falling and the like; utilization ratio of liquid manure is improved and the fertilizer can be widely used to desert control, lawn plant, soil improvement, gardening, agriculture and forestry and the like.

Cultivation method of pear trees

The invention discloses a cultivation method of pear trees. The cultivation method of pear trees includes the first step of selection of a planting site; the second step of fertilizer application, wherein base fertilizer is the basis in combination with topdressing and leaf fertilizer; the third step of pruning, wherein the tree form of pear trees is of a trunk double-layer center opening shape or three-bough natural center opening shape; the fourth step of management of flowers and fruits, wherein the percentage of fertile fruits is improved, flowers and fruits are thinned, fruits are sleeved with bags, pests and diseases are controlled, and water drainage and drought resistance are taken into consideration; the fifth step of harvesting. According to the cultivation method of pear trees, the tree form of pear trees is of the trunk double-layer center opening shape or three-bough natural center opening shape, and artificial pollination is adopted in the flower and fruit management process, so that the percentage of fertile fruits and the effect of flower and fruit thinning are improved, newly planted young pear trees can early bear fruits, and the percentage of fertile fruits is improved, the farm manure is the main fertilizer and applied heavily and cleverly, and therefore the quality of fruits is improved, fruits are big, the yield is high, and economical benefits are good.

Underground hole irrigation method for orchard

The invention discloses an orchard underground hole irrigation method which belongs to underground irrigation. The orchard underground hole irrigation method is characterized in that 'fertilizer water holes' are buried in a root system distribution layer of a fruit tree, the 'fertilizer water hole' consists of four parts, namely an underlay plastic film (10), a water absorption and fertilizer storage material (9) mixed with a fertilizer, broken brick bats (8) wrapped by the water absorption and fertilizer storage material, an irrigation tube (3) inserted into the center of the broken brick bats. Each fruit tree is provided with 4-8 'fertilizer water holes', water is injected into the 'fertilizer water holes' by the irrigation tube (3) via a funnel and 10-20 L of water is filled into each hole. During fertilizing, the fertilizer water can be injected into the 'fertilizer water holes', thus the nutrient is directly transported to the root system centralized distribution area and fertilizer efficiency is improved. The method has the advantages of easily available materials, low production cost, water saving and drought resistance, not only can reduce evaporation from land surface and surface runoff, but also can prevent irrigation water from seeping to the deep soil layer; meanwhile the orchard underground hole irrigation method takes advantage of the 'hydrotaxis' and 'fertilizer anemotaxis' of the root system to confine the root system in or around the 'fertilizer water holes', thus improving the utilization rate of nutrient and water.

Semiarid sand land vegetation ecology and grass production system rebuilding and keeping technique

InactiveCN101416587ADoes not affect infiltrationWill not cause white pollutionClimate change adaptationFertilising methodsEcological environmentHigh pressure water
A method for rebuilding and maintaining vegetation ecosystem and pasture production system in semiarid wind sand area relates to the technical fields, such as agricultural water and soil conversation, prevention and control of desertification, pasture cultivation and ecological environment etc, wherein perennial pasture with properties of drought resistance, nitrogen fixing, cold resistance and saline alkali resistance is adopted to combine with a multifunctional ecological film compound fertilizer functioned to bond and fix sand, absorb dampness and infiltrate water, conserve water and soil, fertilize sand and nourish sprout, preserve heat and promote growth. The technical scheme is that: selecting in April or May in spring, on the basis of flat sandy land, after seed soaking, planting the perennial pasture plants, such as varied lobular clover, Astragalus adsurgens pall, sainfoin, vetch, Agropyron desertorum etc; then adopting a method of a spraying can or an agricultural tractor mating with a high pressure water pump; or burying a plastic pipe in the ground, one end of the plastic pipe being connected with a water pump of a large-scaled fertilizer film mixing tank and the other end thereof being connected with a spraying nozzle; spraying the multifunctional ecological film compound fertilizer by adding water in 50 to 60 times such that an ecological ground film with thickness about 2 mm is naturally formed on the surface of the earth; three processes of spraying water, applying fertilizer and laying film can be completed at the same time so as to synchronously build up an ecological vegetation and pasture production system.

Field management method of high-end kiwi fruit during fruiting period

A field management method of high-end kiwi fruit during a fruiting period relates to a cultivation management method which is applied after a kiwi fruit plant can fruit. By systematic treatment of the method comprising application of fertilizer prior to flowering, bud picking, pollination, fruit thinning, application of fruit expanding fertilizer, application of leaf surface fertilizer, pest control, bagging, core picking, drought resistance, drainage of stagnant water, base fertilizer application, winter pruning, winter orchard-clearing disinfection and the like, the kiwi fruit can fully and efficiently utilize light, temperature, water, air and fertilizer, the relations of branch and leaf growth and fruiting are adjusted in real time, distribution of plant nutrient is adjusted, the fruiting capability of the kiwi fruit can be brought into play as far as possible, single-fruit grain weight and the number of contained seeds are increased, pest and disease damage can be eliminated simultaneously, and the disease-resistant capability of plants is enhanced. Besides, the trophic structure of the soil can be adjusted, soil fertility is not reduced all the year round, high quality, high yield and stable yield of the kiwi fruit are achieved, and the age limit of fruiting is prolonged.

Ecological organic fertilizer for restoring soil balance

The invention discloses an ecological organic fertilizer for restoring soil balance. The fertilizer is an organic, inorganic, carbon-based and microbial integrated fertilizer capable of restoring ecological balance of soil, and increasing yield of crops. The fertilizer is prepared from the following components: 20%-32% of urea, 15%-25% of monoammonium phosphate, 15%-22% of a carbon-based fertilizer, 20%-30% of potassium chloride or potassium sulfate, 3%-5% of vegetable organic matters, 3%-8% of biological humic acid, 2%-5% of biological amino acid, 1%-3% of medium and trace nutrients and 1%-2% of beneficial biological bacterium. The physical characteristics of soil can be improved after the ecological organic fertilizer is continuously used; the ecological organic fertilizer especially has a good effect on soil adopting straw manure for many years, the surface area of the soil is increased, the soil structure is loose, lots of silk fossa-shaped structures are formed and the soil hardening is alleviated; a food chain of earthworm is restored by humus generated by combination of a lot of beneficial microorganisms and organic matters (including straws) in soil; and the ripping expert (earthworm) turns back to the farm, so that the ability of soil in regulating and controlling water is increased; and the drought resistance and the flood resistance of the crops are significantly improved.

Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer special for tobaccos

The invention discloses an organic and inorganic compound fertilizer. By weight percentage content, the organic and inorganic compound fertilizer is prepared by rotten straws, rotten tobaccos, cake fertilizers, amino acid, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, ammonium bicarbonate, urea, phosphatic fertilizers, ammonium molybdate, sodium borate or boracic acid, zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate. The prepared organic and inorganic compound fertilizer contains components of organic matters, humus, amino acid, phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), potassium oxide, nicotine, soluble total sugar and the like, and therefore the organic and inorganic compound fertilizer is led to have the advantages of promoting tobacco seedlings to survive, improving soil physical and chemical characteristics, improving nutrient balanced absorption ability, improving fertilizer use ratio, promoting tobacco plant root systems to grow, improving disease resistance and drought resistance of tobacco plants, improving tobacco leaf quality and the like. The raw materials of the organic and inorganic compound fertilizer adopt a large number of waste straws and tobacco waste materials, so that the waste straws and the tobacco waste materials are reused, and waste is changed to wealth. Therefore, the organic and inorganic compound fertilizer has remarkable economic benefit and social benefit.

Suspended liquid fertilizer for promoting plant root system growth and preparation process thereof

InactiveCN106045678AImprove drought resistance and cold resistancePromote growth and developmentOrganic fertilisersLiquid fertilisersPlant rootsDefoaming Agents
The invention discloses a suspended liquid fertilizer for promoting plant root system growth and a preparation process thereof. The suspended liquid fertilizer is composed of fulvic acid, macroelement raw materials, medium-element raw materials, microelement raw materials, functional matter, a suspension auxiliary, a compound chelator, an antifoaming agent and a solution stabilizer. The preparation process comprises the following preparation steps that 1, water, potassium humate, nitrogenous fertilizer and potash fertilizer are stirred at a high speed to be prepared into a saturated mother solution; 2, water, phosphate fertilizer, the microelement raw materials, a dispersing agent, filler and a part of the antifoaming agent are stirred continuously and ground through an ultramicro grinder to form a solid-liquid mixture; 3, the saturated mother solution and the solid-liquid mixture are sufficiently mixed to be uniform in proportion in a high-speed disperser, a thickening agent, the remaining antifoaming agent and an antifreezing agent are added, and the suspended liquid fertilizer is prepared after emulsification is conducted through a high-speed emulsification pump. The suspended liquid fertilizer has the advantages that drought resistance, cold resistance and other stress resistance of crops are improved, development of crop root systems and formation of blossom buds can be promoted, and the yield and income are increased; the suspended liquid fertilizer is instantly soluble, uniform and suitable for automatic application; a suspended liquid system is good in uniformity.
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