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Automatic flooding protection for underground ventilation ducts

Embodiments are described for preventing downward flow of substantial surface water into an underground ventilation duct communicating upwardly to a ground surface opening. The embodiments comprise a support having a top opening and an opening in a lower portion above a floor. The opening in the lower portion is for venting communication with a proximate portion of the ventilation duct. The support supports at least one seat and paired buoyant gate set. The seat is mounted perpendicularly relative to the gate and a portion of a passageway under the seat for fluidly communicating beyond such portion to the top opening of the support and to the proximate portion of the ventilation duct. The buoyant gate is positioned lower than the seat and the passageway, is of sufficient size to block the passageway, and is responsive to water rising in the support by floatingly pivoting upwardly until engaging the seat, thereby blocking the passageway. In an embodiment, the seat of at least one set is mounted under the top opening spaced from one of the opposing sides a horizontal distance nominally equal to a fraction applied to a length for the particular opening, the fraction having the numerator 1 and a denominator which is the sum of 1 plus the number of seat and gate sets, and the buoyant gate has a seat engagement height nominally equal to the same fraction applied to the same opening length.

Movable water retaining dam for water conservancy landscape

InactiveCN103306247AReasonable structureStrong ability to resist flood impactBarrages/weirsHydraulic cylinderHydraulic pump
The invention discloses a movable water retaining dam for a water conservancy landscape. The movable water retaining dam comprises a dam foundation, movable dam faces, bottom rotating shafts, foundation embedded fixing seats, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pump stations and water retaining height control devices, wherein the foundation embedded fixing seats are mounted on the dam foundation; the bottom rotating shafts are mounted on the foundation embedded fixing seats; the movable dam faces are fixedly connected to the bottom rotating shafts; the movable dam faces can rotate around the bottom rotating shafts; one end of each hydraulic cylinder is movably connected with the back side of one movable dam face, and the other end of each hydraulic cylinder is movably connected with one foundation embedded fixing seat; and the hydraulic cylinders are connected with the hydraulic pump stations which are connected with the water retaining height control devices. The movable water retaining dam is reasonable in structure, firm, reliable and high in flood impact resistance, is not influenced by floating impurities, is not limited by width of a river, is not prone to retain the floating impurities, can be controlled automatically and can be ascended and descended rapidly, the dam can be descended for draining off floodwater without a battery, and flood control safety is realized.
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