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Low temperature methanol washing integrated Claus sulfur recovery system and process

ActiveCN101418246AFlexible processing capacityProductsReagentsSulfurHydrogenation reaction
The invention relates to a reclaiming system and a process for low-temperature methanol washing integrated Claus sulfur of coal gas and natural gas. The system is additionally provided with a Claus tail gas washing tower and uses sulfur-free methanol saturated by CO2 from a CO2 product tower as a washing agent, and the washed liquid returns to an H2S concentrating tower; through combination of heating, gas stripping and pressure adjustment, concentration of H2S in acid gas washed by methanol is adjusted flexibly; at the same time, the system is additionally provided with a tail gas pre-heater before hydrogenation reaction to compensate heat loss of a hydrogenation reaction system. The process mainly comprises the following steps: removing H2S-CO2 gas, condensing H2S, reclaiming Claus sulfur, hydrogenising and reducing the gas, selectively absorbing and desulfurizing saturated cold methanol. The process has the advantages that the process can efficiently, flexibly, safely and energy-conservatively treat carbonyl gas with different pressures, temperatures, water content and sulfur concentration; and total sulfur reclamation ratio can reach more than 99.9 percent. The concentration of the H2S in emptied tail gas is below 25 mg/Nm3, so the H2S gas can meet the requirement of environmental protection, and can be exhausted directly without being burnt.

Comprehensive recovery method of complex polymetal sulphide ore containing copper, lead and zinc

The invention discloses a comprehensive recovery method of complex polymetal sulphide ore containing copper, lead and zinc and adopts dressing-metallurgy combination method and hydrometallurgy-pyrometallurgy combination method to recover metals. The recovery method comprises the following steps: first performing bulk flotation to the complex polymetal sulphide ore, fine grinding the obtained concentrate, leaching by using two-step counter flow oxygen pressure leaching process, extracting and separating copper and zinc from the obtained leachate, electrodepositing the strip liquor of copper-loaded organic phase to obtain cathode copper, cleaning the obtained raffinate and electrodepositing to obtain cathode zinc; pressurizing leaching residue to perform flotation separation and obtain sulfur concentrate and lead silver residue, distilling sulfur concentrate to obtain sulfur; performing lead smelting process to lead silver residue to obtain electrolytic lead product and lead anodic slime; and comprehensively recovering noble metals such as gold, silver and the like from lead anodic slime. The method can greatly improve the metal recovery rate, resource utilization and the economic efficiency of mines and generate a lot of sulfur so as to obviously reduce the sulfur dioxide pollution to the atmosphere.

Low temperature Claus sulfur recovery process and device therefor

The invention discloses a low temperature Claus sulfur recovery process. The process mainly comprises a thermal reaction section, a catalytic reaction section and a tail gas incineration section, wherein in a combustion furnace of the thermal reaction section, partial hydrogen sulfide reacts with oxygen to be converted into sulfur dioxide, the hydrogen sulfide and the sulfur dioxide undergo a Claus reaction to generate sulfur, and process gas after sulfur separation enters the catalytic reaction section; in the reactor of each stage of the catalytic reaction section, the hydrogen sulfide and the sulfur dioxide under conventional Claus reaction, catalyst reactivation, sub-dewpoint and sub-solid point low temperature Claus reaction in sequence; after the catalyst reaction section, the tail gas which is subjected to sulfur separation enters the tail gas incineration section, and the tail gas is incinerated and exhausted in the tail gas incineration furnace. The process adopts a lower reaction temperature, contributes to performance of chemical equilibrium towards the direction of sulfur generation, so that conversion rate and recovery rate of sulfur are improved. Moreover, the process has the advantages of simple process flow, relative small equipment and investment, low operation cost and more contribution to environmental protection. The invention also discloses a device for the low temperature Claus sulfur recovery process.

Sulfur recovery process for reducing SO2 emission

The invention belongs to the technical field of sulfur recovery, and particularly relates to a sulfur recovery process for reducing SO2 emission. According to the sulfur recovery process, a thermal reaction unit, a catalytic reaction unit and a tail gas purification unit are utilized; based on the traditional Claus and SCOT tail gas treatment process, an ammonia water absorption tank is additionally arranged for removing H2S from purified tail gas, so as to ensure that the H2S content in the purified tail gas is lower than 5 mg/m<3>; waste ammonia water is sent to a sewage stripping unit for treating; through the adoption of the sewage stripping device, H2S and ammonia can be respectively extracted; the extracted H2S is returned to a sulfur recovery device for sulfur recovery, and the extracted ammonia is returned to the ammonia water absorption tank for cyclic utilization; finally, the flue-gas SO2 emission concentration for the sulfur recovery device can be reduced below 100 mg/m<3>, the new environmental protection standard to be executed is satisfied, and a novel method for building a new sulfur recovery device with a small investment and low operating cost is provided. The sulfur recovery process is excellent in absorption effect, simple to operate, low in expense, environment-friendly, and economical.

Purified gas treatment process of sulfur recovery device

The invention relates to a purified gas treatment process of a sulfur recovery device. The purified gas treatment process comprises a thermal reaction phase, a catalytic reaction phase and a tail gas purifying treatment phase, wherein in the tail gas purifying treatment phase, the Claus tail gas generated in the catalytic reaction phase is sequentially subjected to a hydrogenation reaction, cooling in a rapid quenching tower and amine liquid absorption, then the purified tail gas is fed to alkali liquor to be subjected to H2S removal treatment, and the tail gas removed from H2S is combusted and then discharged; the amine liquid amine-rich liquid absorbing H2S is fed to a regeneration tower to be regenerated, the regenerated acid gas is mixed with the acid gas, and then returned to the thermal reaction phase to further recover elemental sulfur; the exhausted lye removed from H2S is subjected to caustic dross biological treatment or acidic water stripping treatment. With adoption of the purified gas treatment process disclosed by the invention, H2S in the purified gas can be removed to 5 mg/m<3> below, the SO2 content in the smoke is obviously reduced within the reduction range of 100-1000 mg/m<3>; the exhausted lye treatment method is further provided, and the exhausted lye is subjected to the caustic dross biological treatment or the acidic water stripping treatment, so that pollution can be reduced.

SWSR (SunWay Sulfur recovery)-1 device and technique

ActiveCN103482583AReduce sulfur dioxide contentThe effect achieved is excellentDispersed particle separationSulfur preparation/purificationAntioxidantIonic liquid
The invention relates to an SWSR (SunWay Sulfur recovery)-1 device and technique. The invention relates to a tail gas treatment combination device and technique by adopting Claus sulfur recovery and ionic liquid cycle absorption process. The device comprises a sulfur production burning furnace, a Claus reaction system, a sulfur production tail gas incinerator, a rich SO2 process gas heat exchanger, an SO2 absorption tower, a rich liquid pump, a lean and rich liquid heat exchanger, an SO2 regeneration tower and a lean liquid feed pump. The technique comprises the steps: (1) enabling hydrogen sulfide-containing acid gas to generate a Claus reaction, and recovering sulfur and heat energy in the reaction process; (2) burning sulfur production tail gas to generate SO2; (3) removing SO2 from rich SO2 process gas through an ionic liquid absorption tower; and (4) feeding rich SO2 ionic liquid into a regeneration tower for separating and regenerating sulfur. The ionic liquid is an aqueous solution which takes organic positive ions and inorganic anions as main components and a little amount of activating agent and antioxidant as additives. The SWSR-1 device and technique are low in equipment investment, high in material safety, short in technique flow, safe and reliable in technique processes, high in SO2 recovery rate, and the content of SO2 in effluent gas can be reduced by 50ppm below which can meet the national regulation requirement.

Degassing technique for liquid sulfur

The invention provides a degassing technique for liquid sulfur. The degassing technique can be used for solving the technical problems of the prior art that local condensation easily occurs in a bubbler, the bubbler is easily blocked and a degassing effect is unstable. The degassing technique comprises the following steps: A) entering into a degassing section after sealing the liquid sulfur, utilizing a liquid sulfur degassing pump to pressurize and send the liquid sulfur into a gas-stripping degassing column arranged in the degassing section, and circulating the liquid sulfur inside and outside the gas-stripping degassing column; B) heating compressed air and then introducing the compressed air into a bubbling device on the lower part of the gas-stripping degassing column, contacting the compressed air with the liquid sulfur in the gas-stripping degassing column, removing H2S dissolved in the liquid sulfur and burning the removed H2S after sending the removed H2S to a tail gas incinerator or an acid gas combustion furnace; and C) after overflowing the degassed liquid sulfur from the degassing section to a storage section, sending the liquid sulfur by a liquid sulfur end product pump. The degassing technique can be used for reducing the content of H2S in the liquid sulfur, preventing the bubbling device from being blocked, promoting the liquid sulfur degassing effect and achieving the content of the H2S in the liquid sulfur being less than 10ppm.

Method for desulfurizing acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide and recycling sulfur

The invention discloses a method for desulfurizing acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide and recycling sulfur. The method for desulfurizing acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide and recycling sulfur sequentially comprises the following steps: introducing the acid gas into a combustion furnace to be mixed with air introduced by the other pipeline so as to carry out a combustion reaction; introducing the gas reacted in the combustion furnace into a cooler to be cooled to 230-250 DEG C, after cooling, separating the cooled liquid sulfur at a liquid outlet, introducing mixed gas in the combustion furnace into a catalyst reactor, enabling hydrogen sulfide to react with sulfur dioxide in the catalyst reactor so as to generate sulfur and water, and separating the generated liquid sulfur at the liquid outlet of the catalyst reactor; introducing the mixed gas in the catalyst reactor into a hydrogenation reactor and enabling the sulfur dioxide to react with hydrogen in the hydrogenation reactor; introducing the gas in the hydrogenation reactor into a hydrogen sulfide absorption device and preparing the hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur under the action of an alkaline solution, a complex catalyst and the introduced air. The method for desulfurizing acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide and recycling sulfur has the advantages of short process route, high quality of produced sulfur and low energy consumption, is capable of fully removing SO2 gas and is green and environmentally friendly.
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