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System for restoring organic contaminated soil through in-situ electrical heating and treatment method

The invention provides a system for restoring organic contaminated soil through in-situ electrical heating. The system comprises an infrastructure technology, an electronic control system, a gas treatment system, a monitoring and data acquisition system and a repairing effect comprehensive assessment system. The infrastructure technology comprises heating well and extraction well construction, ground compaction and insulating layer construction technologies; heating wells are distributed on a contaminated site according to a triangle arrangement principle and a proximity principle, and the extraction well is arranged in the geometric center of the layout of the heating well; the gas treatment system is composed of a pre-cooling adsorption sledge, an extraction sledge and a treatment sledge, and is used for completing gas extraction and treatment and achieving the tail gas discharging requirement; and the repairing effect comprehensive assessment system evaluates the temperature risingeffect of the contaminated soil in the restoring process and the treatment effect of the contaminated soil. According to the system, the technological route is complete, the soil property applicability is wide, the heating temperature can reach 500 DEG C or above, and volatile and difficult-to-volatilize organic contaminant can be treated at the same time.

Bearing washer

The invention discloses a bearing washer, which comprises a main body workbench, a washing chamber arranged on the main body workbench, a spraying pump and a drive motor, wherein the main body workbench is provided with an inlet-outlet path of the washing chamber; the inlet-outlet path is provided with a feed-discharge trolley; the inlet-outlet path is connected with an inlet-outlet cylinder; an upper spraying pipe is arranged at the top position in the washing chamber, and a lower spraying pipe is arranged at the bottom position in the washing chamber; the feed-discharge trolley is provided with an inner stationary fixture, an outer stationary fixture and an upper drive carriage, and the inner and outer stationary fixtures can adjust and clamp a large-size bearing; a rotary spindle, which can be jointed with the centre of the inner stationary fixture, is arranged at the top position in the washing chamber; and the rotary spindle is connected with the drive motor. The bearing washer has the advantages of reducing intermediate links, automatically completing the whole process of product washing, effectively washing dead corners in the products, greatly improving the cleanness of the product, along with high automation, high washing efficiency, low operation and labor intensity, quick, convenient and flexible clamping and fixing operation and complete washing.

Medicinal material processing device for producing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) decoction pieces, with dust removal and drying functions

A device for processing medicinal materials for the production of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine with the function of dust removal and drying, comprising a shell, a through hole is opened in the middle of the top of the shell, and a lifting plate passes through the through hole, and the upper left side wall of the lifting plate is fixedly connected There is a rack, and the top of the housing on the left side of the lifting plate is fixedly connected with two support frames, and the top of the support frame is rotatably connected with a first rotating shaft, and one end of the first rotating shaft is fixedly connected with the output shaft of the first motor, and the first rotating shaft The upper part is fixedly connected with a half gear, and half of the gear teeth are arranged on the half gear, and the half gear is meshed with the rack. The invention has the beneficial effects of ensuring the uniformity of slice thickness, making the processing quality of medicinal materials better, meeting the requirements of production specifications, reducing the quality instability during manual slicing, and having certain application value; at the same time, it can also be processed The adsorption of dust ensures the life safety of the operators; the drying device is used to fully dry the sliced ​​medicinal materials.
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