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Multifunctional composite vapor barrier textile

The present invention is directed to a multifunctional waterproof/vapor barrier fabric for use in industrial, medical, outdoor apparel (hunting, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, etc.) and military applications. The invention combines functional elements that are especially suited for the above applications. The fabric comprises a lining with wicking and antimicrobial properties, a vapor barrier film or coating with low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (M.V.T.R.), and a woven or knit face fabric enhanced with a hydrophobic face coating. The fabric performs admirably in various uses due in part to the use of hydrophobic adhesive, film and coatings, which renders the fabric subject to negligible moisture gain. The durability and water proof properties of the fabric are enhanced due to the impermeable low M.V.T.R design. The fabric of the present invention incorporates a unique combination of properties that addresses issues commonly associated with vapor barrier fabrics. The invention provides a waterproof/barrier fabric that is desirable to wear in direct contact with the skin to prevent evaporative heat loss in cool or cold conditions. The fabric is also effective when worn over one or more layers of other clothing. The fabric is particularly effective because it is capable of use as a base layer and waterproof shell, which helps to minimize the number of layers of clothing needed in cold weather.
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