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Mineral oil is used to treat constipation.

Method for breaking the viscosity of polymer-thickened aqueous systems for mineral oil and natural gas exploration

A novel method for breaking the viscosity of an aqueous phase thickened with preferably hydrophilic polymers in the exploration and production of mineral oil and/or natural gas is proposed. For this purpose, the breaking is carried out via the formation of a low-viscosity emulsion, with water as the continuous phase, this emulsion being formed by the addition of at least one surface-active component to a system which consists of the thickened drilling fluid and an oil phase which is crude oil present in the reservoir and/or oil introduced into the reservoir. Solubilizers between oil phase and water phase and in particular non-ionic surfactants, cationic surfactants and/or amphoteric surfactants are used as a preferred surface-active component. In addition to the surface-active component, it is possible to use further components, which are demulsifiers, non-emulsifiers, co-surfactants or surface tension modifiers. With the aid of this method, with the simultaneous presence of an oil phase, the aqueous phase can be displaced as a low-viscosity system and finally discharged at the surface, extremely effective cleaning of the well being associated therewith. With regard to the cost-efficiency and from an environmental point of view, the use of chemicals can be completely dispensed with.

Metal cutting solution of green semi-synthesis double-base oil and preparation method thereof

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The invention relates to a metal cutting solution of green semi-synthesis double-base oil, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 0 to 30 percent of mineral oil, 0 to 30 percent of synthetic ester, 5 to 10 percent of anionic surfactant, 5 to 10 percent of non-ionic surfactant, 5 to 15 percent of anti-rust agent, 0 to 15 percent of extreme pressure agent, 1 to 3 percent of de-foaming agent and 0 to 2 percent of bactericide, and the balance being water. A preparation method for the metal cutting solution comprises the following steps: firstly, heating the mineral oil to about 50 DEG C, adding the synthetic ester into the mineral oil, and stirring the mixture evenly to form a double-base oil system; and then adding the anti-rust agent, the extreme pressure agent, the de-foaming agent and the bactericide into the water respectively, and using the anionic surfactant and the non-ionic surfactant to regulate the system to balance so as to form the metal cutting solution of the green semi-synthesis double-base oil. Because the synthetic ester is added in the preparation process to form the double-base oil system, the biodegradability, oxidative stability and flash point are improved; and the method meets the requirement of environmental protection, and is applicable to cutting, grinding and processing various mechanical parts.
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