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Officinal drugs, plants and herbs are those which are sold in a chemist or druggist shop. Officinal medical preparations of such drugs are made in accordance with the prescriptions authorized by a pharmacopoeia. Officinal is not related to the word official. The classical Latin officina meant a workshop, manufactory, laboratory, and in medieval Latin was applied to a general storeroom. It thus became applied to a shop where goods were sold rather than a place where things were made. Whereas official descends from officium, meaning office, as in duty or position.

Functional traditional Chinese medicine sachet and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a functional traditional Chinese medicine sachet and a preparation method thereof, and relates to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicine sachets. The functional traditional Chinese medicine sachet comprises the following traditional Chinese medicines in parts by weight: rhizoma atractylodis, agastache rugosus, fructus evodiae, folium artemisiae argyi, cinnamon,fructus amomi, acorus calamus, radix angelicae, eupatorium, mint, clove, white chrysanthemum, tuber fleeceflower stem, albizia flower, juncus effuses, white sandalwood, borneol, flos magnoliae, ligusticum wallichii, schizonepeta, cassia twig, eupatorium, purple perilla and asarum. The traditional Chinese medicine sachet provided by the invention has the following advantages: volatile components of the traditional Chinese medicines are emitted in air and absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract and the skin to generate medicine effects; screened medicine powder is subpackaged and uniformly mixed according to different proportions to be divided into a small sachet A, a small sachet B and a small sachet C; the small sachet A, the small sachet B and the small sachet C are then loaded into a sachet together; and the effects of exorcising evil spirits, repelling mosquitoes, concentrating mind, calming qi, clearing heat and removing toxicity are achieved.

Preparation device for traditional Chinese medicine based on treatment of diabetes

The invention discloses a preparation device for traditional Chinese medicine based on treatment of diabetes, and relates to the technical filed of traditional Chinese medicine preparation. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the preparation of the traditional Chinese medicine, the preparation device specifically comprises a support platform, a screening mechanism, a drying mechanism, a materialguiding mechanism and a processing mechanism, a support frame is fixed to the outer wall of the top surface of the support platform through bolts, cleaning rooms are fixed to the inner walls of the two sides of the support frame through bolts, a motor is fixed to the outer wall of one side of the support frame through a motor seat, hollow rollers are fixed to the inner walls of the two sides of the cleaning rooms through shafts and bearing seats, and the outer walls of one sides of the hollow rollers are rotatably connected to the output end of the motor through shafts and synchronous wheels.According to the preparation device, the motor, the hollow rollers, an installation seat, a rubber head and a brush head are arranged, raw materials of the traditional Chinese medicine can be cleaned, and the quality of the prepared traditional Chinese medicine is improved; and a diversion groove is formed, the raw materials of the traditional Chinese medicine can be effectively cleaned without continuous washing, and the quality of the traditional Chinese medicine is ensured.

Novel medicinal plastic bottle material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN104177682AImprove performanceIncrease the surface energy of plasticsHigh densityOfficinal
The invention relates to a novel medicinal plastic bottle material and a preparation method thereof. The material comprises the following components of high density polyethylene, titanium dioxide, modified nanometer magnesium hydroxide and zinc stearate in the weight part ratio of 100: (0.5-1): (0.5-10): (0.3-1) at the environment temperature of 15-25 DEG C. The material disclosed by the invention has the beneficial effects that the material has excellent performances; the plastic surface energy is increased; bottle body decorating, printing, spraying or labelling and the like are benefited; the material can accord with service conditions of medicines and is used for holding the medicines, foods and the like. The preparation method is simple in process, can be used for producing high density polyethylene bottle bodies and has the advantages that on the premise that good adhesive property of the bottle bodies is guaranteed, the adding amount of the modified nanometer magnesium hydroxide and various auxiliaries is reduced, so that the raw material cost can be reduced, the residue index amount is reduced and the material accords with the medicinal grade; good effects are obtained in the aspects of appearance and product performances; and the raw materials are easy to buy and market promotion is benefitted.

Health-care Astragalus mongholicus porridge and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the field of health-care food processing technologies and provides health-care Astragalus mongholicus porridge and a preparation method of the health-care Astragalus mongholicus porridge for improving body immune function, enhancing hematopoietic function and improving substance metabolism. The health-care Astragalus mongholicus porridge is prepared by Astragalus mongholicus, glossy privet fruit, Semen Cuscutaem, Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata, dogwood, rhizoma polygonati, Chinese yam and polished round-grained rice through stewing, wherein the Astragalus mongholicus is sweet and warm, can invigorate spleen and lung channel, has effects of tonifying Qi and lifting yang, strengthening exterior and reducing sweat, inducing diuresis for removing edema, enhancing body immunity function, protecting liver, promoting urination, reducing blood pressure and having wide antibacterial action, and is anti-ageing and anti-stress. Under the theory of traditional Chinese medicine of homology of medicine and food, the method uses Astragalus mongholicus and other traditional Chinese medicines and the polished round-grained rice as raw materials to produce food with therapeutic effect through scientific processing, the medicines are used as food, the food is used for medicines, and therefore, the health-care Astragalus mongholicus porridge has high nutritive value, can prevent and control diseases, strengthen the body and lengthen the life.

Ribavirin injection and preparation process thereof

The invention provides ribavirin injection and a preparation process thereof, belonging to the field of pharmaceutical preparations. The ribavirin injection provided in the invention comprises ribavirin, sodium chloride, medicinal carbon and fresh injection water; each 1000 ml of the ribavirin injection comprises 100 g of ribavirin, 9 g of sodium chloride and 0.5 g of medicinal carbon, with the balance being fresh injection water. The preparation process for the ribavirin injection in the invention is characterized by comprising the following steps: a, adding sodium chloride into injection water to dissolve sodium chloride, then adding ribavirin and dissolving ribavirin with stirring; b, adjusting the pH value of a solution obtained in step a to 5.0 to 5.3, adding medicinal carbon, homogenizing an obtained mixture with stirring and standing the mixture for 15 min; c, carrying out filtration on a medicinal soup obtained in step b by sequential using a titanium rod filter, a 0.45 mu m cylindrical filter and a 0.22 mu m cylindrical filter. According to the invention, the ribavirin injection has a high content; inspection items of the ribavirin injection like related substances and pyrogen accord with standard requirements for ribavirin injections in Chinese Pharmacopeia, the edition of year 2010, the second part.
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