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Seacucumber-blueberry instant particles and processing method thereof

ActiveCN101897458ARich in nutrientsSignificant nourishing and health effectsFood preparationNutrientNutritional composition
The invention relates to seacucumber-blueberry instant particles and a processing method thereof. Seacucumber, blueberry and barbary wolfberry fruit are taken as major raw materials, vitamin C, citric acid, xylitol, a sweetener and an excipient are taken as auxiliary raw materials and nutrient components such as zinc gluconate, taurine, vitamin E acetate, collagen, L-carnitine, calcium gluconate and the like are added as required by different people. The method comprises the following steps of: performing pretreatment, biological enzymolysis, extraction and drying on the raw materials; extracting active components in the raw materials; and mixing, pelletizing, drying and disinfecting the active components to obtain the instant particles. Protein in the seacucumber is hydrolyzed to exist in the form of small molecule peptides so that the protein is easy to be absorbed by human bodies, the activities of nutrient substances in a mixture are kept, the active components are stabilized in a product, the original juice, original taste and original colors of the raw materials are kept and the medicinal value, nutrient value and drinking value of the mixture of a plurality of raw materials are enhanced. The particles have the advantages of bright color, uniform form, stable property, rich nutrition, pleasant sweetness and sourness, convenient drinking and remarkable nourishing effect.

Method for preparing tea powder composed of denticulate Ixeis herbs and bellis perennis Linn. flowers

The invention discloses a method for preparing tea powder composed of denticulate ixeis herbs and bellis perennis Linn. flowers. According to the tea powder composed of the denticulate ixeis herbs and the bellis perennis Linn. flowers, the denticulate ixeis herbs and the bellis perennis Linn. flowers serve as the main raw materials, and the tea powder is prepared through the steps of raw material preparation, tea powder extracting solution preparation, enzymolysis, pulverization, mixing, homogenizing, freeze-drying, finishing, packaging and the like. According to the method, the denticulate ixeis herbs and the bellis perennis Linn. flowers are subjected to enzyme deactivation conducted through steam, acrid odor in raw materials can be removed, the raw materials are subjected to pulping through a tea powder extracting solution, nutrient substances are further enriched, treatment is conducted through compound enzyme, nutrient substances of the denticulate ixeis herbs and the bellis perennis Linn. flowers can be sufficiently reserved, the utilization rate of the raw materials is raised, through two-stage homogenizing, mouthfeel of finished fine tea powder is improved, quality of the finished tea powder is also improved, and the finished instant tea powder has the health care effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, removing necrotic tissues, dispersing abscess, stopping bleeding, promoting tissue regeneration and the like.

Bio-organic fertilizer and production process thereof

The invention provides a bio-organic fertilizer. The bio-organic fertilizer is prepared from raw materials in parts by weight as follows: 20-25 parts of animal manure, 15-20 parts of straw powder, 10-15 parts of dead leave powder, 5-10 parts of furfural residue powder, 5-10 parts of weathered coal powder, 5-8 parts of zymophyte, 3-5 parts of urea, 3-5 parts of cake meal, 2-3 parts of shrimp shell meal, 2-3 parts of fish bone meal, 1-2 parts of microelement fertilizer, 1-2 parts of boric acid, 1-2 parts of a slow-release agent, 0.5-1 part of a rooting agent, 0.5-1 part of a moisture-proof agent and 0.5-1 part of an antiviral agent. The raw materials such as animal manure, crop straw and the like are added to the bio-organic fertilizer, the production cost of the bio-organic fertilizer is reduced, nutritional ingredients of the bio-organic fertilizer can be enriched, necessary nutrients and microelements are provided for growth of crops and can be sufficiently absorbed by the crops, the utilization rate of the bio-organic fertilizer is increased, two times of fermentation are adopted in the production process of the bio-organic fertilizer, so that the raw materials of the bio-organic fertilizer can be sufficiently decomposed and utilized, the utilization efficiency of the raw materials is improved, and the fertilizer effect of the bio-organic fertilizer is enhanced.

Composite nutrition edible fungus powder

InactiveCN107212397AEnhance muscle powerRich in nutrientsFood dryingFood ingredient functionsColla corii asiniFood preparation
The invention discloses composite nutrition edible fungus powder, and belongs to the field of health-care food preparation. The composite nutrition edible fungus powder is characterized in that certain weight parts of edible fungi, full grain, bean powder, black sesame, Chinese yam, lotus root starch, poria cocos, bananas, red dates, Chinese wolfberry fruits, lily bulb colla corii asini, radix polygoni multiflori and lotus seeds are taken and are respectively subjected to drying, freeze drying and vacuum drying to prepare composite edible fungus basic powder, composite Chinese yam powder and functional additives; then, the three kinds of powder are sufficiently mixed. The edible fungi, the full grain and the bean powder are used as major raw materials; various medical and edible ingredients are added; the synergy is generated, so that the nutrition ingredients in the composite edible fungus powder are richer and can be easily absorbed and converted; by aiming at raw material property difference, different drying and powder preparation methods are used; the functional ingredients in the raw materials are remained to the maximum degree; on the premise of ensuring the functional nutrition, the palatability is considered; preservatives or other chemical ingredients are not added; higher market competitive strength is realized.
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