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Preparation method for seafood soy sauce

InactiveCN104982895AHigh aspartic acidHigh in glutamateFood ingredientsFood preparationMaillard reactionFood flavorings
The invention belongs to the field of flavoring agents, and particularly relates to a preparation method for seafood soy sauce. The method includes the steps that meat of seafood products is taken through dissection, water is added, and homogenization treatment is performed, so that seafood homogenate is obtained; enzyme is added into the seafood homogenate to perform enzymolysis treatment, so that seafood enzymatic hydrolysate is obtained; inactivation treatment is performed on the seafood enzymatic hydrolysate, so that inactivated enzymatic hydrolysate is obtained; centrifugal treatment is performed on the inactivated enzymatic hydrolysate, so that a seafood stock solution is obtained; reducing sugar is added into the seafood stock solution to complete the Maillard reaction, so that a Maillard reaction product is obtained; food flavoring agents and a natural microbial growth inhibitor are added into the Maillard reaction product, so that the seafood soy sauce is obtained. The natural seafood products are adopted as the main raw materials which are reasonably proportioned and synergistically act, so that the seafood soy sauce has the peculiar flavor of the seafood and has moderate freshness, sweetness and saltiness, and the seafood soy sauce has a high aspartic acid content and a high glutamic acid content and contains rich mineral elements and vitamins.

Honeysuckle and roxburgh rose compounded instant green tea powder and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a honeysuckle and roxburgh rose compounded instant green tea powder and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: regarding green tea dust, honeysuckle and roxburgh rose juice as main raw materials, extracting the green tea dust and the honeysuckle for three times respectively to obtain corresponding extract liquids, selecting fresh roxburgh rose to be squeezed to form juice, mixing the juice with the extract liquids, then conducting vacuum concentration to the mixture to obtain a mixed and concentrated solution, adding maltitol which is 3-4% of the total volume to the solution to be blended, when the concentration of the mixed solution is up to 30-40%, and conducting spray drying to obtain the honeysuckle and roxburgh rose compounded instant green tea powder. The honeysuckle and roxburgh rose compounded instant green tea powder disclosed by the invention is simple to process, and free of any artificially synthesized additive and preservative, and can fully utilize the advantage that the nutritional ingredients in the raw materials are complementary; the prepared instant green tea powder can be filled with water to be dissolved quickly, is pure in flavor, mellow, fresh, and unique in taste, has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, refreshing, restoring consciousness, invigorating stomach to help digestion, and resisting against ageing and fatigue, is suitable for consumer groups at all ages, and can achieve high economic benefits.

Matcha beef dried meat slice

The invention provides a matcha beef dried meat slice, comprising the following raw materials by weight: 200 to 230 part of beef, 50 to 70 parts of chicken breast, 60 to 80 parts of lotus root starch, 20 to 30 parts of black fungus, 30 to 40 parts of red date, 30 to 40 parts of green tea powder, 30 to 40 parts of black tea powder, 20 to 30 parts of banana, 4 to 5 parts of China rose, 5 to 6 parts of Sichuan lovage rhizome, 5 to 6 parts of wolfberry, 5 to 6 parts of Phlegmariurus petiolatus, 7 to 8 parts of dwarf lilyturf tuber, 7 to 8 parts of lily bulb, 3 to 4 parts of flax leaf, 3 to 4 parts of willow leaf, 100 to 130 parts of cola, 40 to 60 parts of salt, 50 to 60 parts of olive oil, 20 to 60 parts of white sugar and a proper amount of water. According to the invention, beef is used as a main raw material, a small amount of chicken breast is added to improve the taste of the dried meat slice, and fruits and vegetables like the red date and the banana are added to increase contents of vitamins and dietary fiber in the dried meat slice; meanwhile, the China rose especially added in the process of preparation of the dried meat slice has blood stasis removing, qi circulation promoting, swelling eliminating and toxin removing effects and the like, the wolfberry has eyesight improving and beauty fostering effects and the like, so the matcha beef dried meat slice provided by the invention has a good health care effect, is health food with good taste and is applicable to most people.

Whole grain protein beverage and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN103609715AHigh arginine contentRich in basic amino acidsMilk substitutesFood scienceHydrolysateColloid
The invention discloses a whole grain protein beverage and a preparation method thereof, and relates to a grain beverage. The whole grain protein beverage comprises the following raw materials: oat, soybean, naked barley, nut, filbert, pea, pinecone, red kidney bean, white sesame seed, corn, rice, millet, wheat, white granulated sugar, a stabilizer and an enzymic preparation. The method comprises the following steps: adding water to boil after soaking the grains; obtaining glue milling liquid by a colloid mill; carrying out heating and heat preservation, adding the enzymic preparation to obtain enzymatic hydrolysate in a manner of enzymolysis; homogenizing and obtaining serous fluid by a vibrating screen; evenly mixing the stabilizer and the white granulated sugar; adding hot water to obtain a stabilizer solution; adding hot water to the white granulated sugar to obtain syrup; injecting the serous fluid, the stabilizer solution and the syrup into a blending tank; metering the volume by blend water to obtain a blending liquid; cooling the blending liquid to below 15 DEG C, and infiltrating into an ultra high-temperature instant sterilization system; preheating the blending liquid; degassing the preheated blending liquid; homogenizing the degassed blending liquid; carrying out ultra high-temperature instant sterilization on the homogenized blending liquid; filling the blending liquid after ultra high-temperature instant sterilization; and then packaging the filled blending liquid.
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