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High-temperature baking resistant jam and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a high-temperature baking resistant jam and a preparation method and application thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: uniformly mixing a thickening agent, a preservative, a solid sweetening agent and chelated salt, and dissolving the mixture in water; raising the temperature to a temperature of between 80 and 85 DEG C with continuous stirring, adding a liquid sweetening agent and fruit products, and sterilizing at the temperature of between 90 and 95 DEG C for 10 to 15 minutes; and cooling to the temperature of between 60 and 65 DEG C, and adding a food flavor, a food color and prepared organic acid solution to obtain the high-temperature baking resistant jam. The jam has good high temperature resistance, can be baked at a high temperature for more than 20 minutes without deformation, off-flavor and discoloration, has high transparency, and is suitable to be used as sandwich, stuffing, surface decoration and seasoning of baked goodssuch as cakes, bread and the like. The high-temperature baking resistant jam has the advantages of simpleness and wide sources of raw materials, simpleness and easy operation of the preparation method, and no need of complicated equipment, and can be produced by slightly adjusting the conventional production lines of manufacturers for fruit drinks and seasonings.

Method of preparing a multi-flavored shake

InactiveUS6126983AEfficiently and effectively preparingMinimize storageRotary stirring mixersFrozen sweetsEngineeringFood flavor
A flavored shake drink is prepared from a prepackaged neutral flavored mix stored within a serving cup. A flavored syrup is selected and dispensed through a dedicated nozzle carried by a housing. Each of a plurality of nozzles is in fluid communication with a corresponding solenoid control valve which controls the flow of the selected syrup pumped from a bag-in-the-box styled reservoir. One reservoir is provided for each of the selected flavors. A manually activated programmable timer controls the length of time that the solenoid activated valve remains opened thus providing a preselected amount of syrup into the cup. Switches are provided for doubling and halving the amount of the preselected quantity of syrup when creating varying single flavored and combination flavored shakes. In addition to shielding provided around the blender spindle carried by the housing for maintaining the surrounding area in a clean condition, a protective sleeve is placed within the cup for limiting the amount of mix splashed from the cup during blending of the selected syrup and neutral flavored mix. Prior to adding a selected syrup, the cup of unflavored mix is stored in a tempering freezer where it is maintained at a pre-selected temperature suitable for providing desirable blending of the syrups with the mix.

Coarse grain biscuit and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a coarse grain biscuit and a preparation method thereof. The formula of the coarse grain biscuit comprises 15 to 18 percent of coarse grain special flour, 30 to 38 percent of gluten flour, 8 to 15 percent of edible vegetable oil, 12 to 20 percent of white granulated sugar, 2 to 3 percent of dried whole milk, 0.2 to 0.25 percent of sodium bicarbonate, 0.2 to 0.35 percent of ammonium bicarbonate, 0.1 to 0.25 percent of edible salt, 0.1 to 0.25 percent of coarse grain essence, 2 to 3.5 percent of egg and the balance being water. The preparation method comprises the following steps that: needed raw materials are taken and mixed in advance by means of dry powder; a mixed liquid is prepared and then is added in the premixed dry powder so as to be mixed; water is added in the mixture so as to knead the mixture into a dough; the dough is kneaded, fermented and pressed into a dough which is fed into an oven to be roasted; and the roasted dough is coated with palm oil after and is packaged after airing. The coarse grain biscuit adopts coarse grain special flour made of coarse grain of natural corns, beans and tubers, and has easily controlled mixture ratio of raw materials, low cost and stable quality; moreover, the coarse grain biscuit is suitable for large-scale production, and has a nice chewy texture and the efficacies of heal care and weight reducing.
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