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Preparation method for highland barley dissolving powders

ActiveCN104938913AGood brewabilityEasy to eatMulti-step food processesFood dryingNutrientRice flour
The invention provides a preparation method for highland barley dissolving powders and belongs to the field of food processing. Specifically, the highland barley is carefully chosen, cleaned, dried in a dryer and crushed in a pulverizer to prepare highland barley powders. After that, 60-70 weight parts of highland barley powders and 30-40 weight parts of rice flours are mixed up in a feed mixer and puffed in a twin screw extruder. The puffed highland barley is put into a fluidized bed to be dried, extruded by a tablet press, cooled and packaged. Due to the adoption of the above method, the defect in the prior art that the highland barley is not easy to process and mold due to the existence of amylopectin and the low content of gluten in the highland barley can be overcome. Highland barley dissolving powders prepared through the above method are brewed in boiled water to form a crisp and delicious highland barley paste. Therefore, not only the quality and the nutrient of the highland barley are maintained, but also the highland barley dissolving powders are convenient to take. The highland barley dissolving powders are suitable for the mass consumer. Meanwhile, the method is simple in process, high in mechanized level, suitable for large-scale industrial production and wide in popularization value.

Natural fresh flower jelly and processing method thereof

InactiveCN101601445AEasy to eatImprove nutrition and health valueFood preparationSucroseAgar
The invention relates to a natural fresh flower jelly product prepared from edible flowers and extracts thereof, which belongs to the technical field of flower foods. A flower jelly is a semi-solid transparent sweet sour food made from fresh flowers, fresh flower extracts, coagulant and auxiliary materials as main raw materials. A product comprises the flower jelly and fresh flower marmalade added with petals and is directly edible. The weight percentages of the fresh flowers and the extracts thereof, the coagulant and the auxiliary materials in the product are: 5.1 to 50 percent of the fresh flowers and the extracts thereof, and 94.9 to 50 percent of the coagulant and the auxiliary materials, wherein the flowers are selected from roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, sweet osmanthus flowers, jasmine, plum flowers, forget-me-not, lavender flowers, seville orange flower, gardenia, orchids, lilac flowers, camellias, peach flowers, crabapple flowers, wintersweet flowers, murraya paniculata flowers, nasturtium flowers, banana shrub, juncus effusus flowers and dandelion flowers; and the fresh flower extracts are the extracts of the flowers; the coagulant is selected from jelly powder, agar, pectin, CMC, gelatin, xanthan gum and composite coagulant; and the auxiliary materials are selected from sucrose, xylitol, fructose, protein, sugar, aspartame, citric acid, malic acid, honey and water.

Novel method for drying fresh dendrobium officinale

The invention relates to a novel method for drying fresh dendrobium officinale. The method comprises the following steps: 1) clearing raw materials, 2) blanching and cooling: placing the cut dendrobium officinale in hot water of 70-100 DEG C, scalding for 1-3min, soaking in cold water, and rapidly cooling to the room temperature, 3) draining and conducting tray loading: controlling the loading thickness to be about 5-15mm, 4) prefreezing: freezing to a central temperature between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 25 DEG C for 2h after loading the raw materials in the tray, and 5) conducting vacuum freeze drying or microwave vacuum freeze drying: cooling a cold trap to be between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 60 DEG C, placing the materials in a drying bin, conducting vacuum-pumping, cooling the materials to be between subzero 20 DEG C and subzero 60 DEG C after half an hour, adopting a multistage heating method, controlling the temperature of the raw materials at a sublimation section to be between subzero 15 DEG C and subzero 30 DEG C, and controlling the temperature of the raw materials at an analysis section at 30-60 DEG C. The method has the benefits that the shape, color and active ingredients of the fresh dendrobium officinale are preserved to the greatest extent, and the fresh dendrobium officinale is easy to store, eat and distinguish.

Production method of spanish mackerel head can

The invention relates to a method for preparing canned spanish mackerel head and is characterized in that a fresh spanish mackerel head, the eyes of which are not cut, is chosen and put into pickling materials and seasoned and then fried to dark brown in heated peanut oil, and the fried head is taken out and packaged into a can container after the remained oil is drained; flavor oil and condiments are also added into the container with the weight percentage of the mackerel head of 85 to 90 percent, the flavor oil of 1.5 to 3 percent and the condiments of 8 to 12 percent; the gas in the mackerel head and accessional material is dissolved out after the container is opened and heated for 15 to 20 minutes in the temperature condition of more than 80 DEG C; after the can is sealed, the sterilization is carried out for 40 to 80 minutes at temperature of 100 to 120 DEG C, and the head is cooled to room temperature, thus forming the canned spanish mackerel head. The canned food manufactured by adopting the method fully preserves the nutritional components of spanish mackerel heads, is rich in nutrition, delicious in taste, long in shelf life and convenient in eating, improves the added value of spanish mackerel heads, and reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution. The manufacturing method of the invention is reasonable in process, feasible in operation, high in production efficiency and is suitable for industrial production.
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