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Dispenser with material-recognition apparatus and material-recognition method

Dispenser apparatus for dispensing flexible sheet material including material-recognition apparatus permitting the dispenser to recognize sheet material from an authorized source and to be enabled for operation with such material. The dispenser preferably includes standard mechanical components for dispensing sheet material from the dispenser including a housing, structure for supporting a roll of sheet material, drive and tension rollers forming a nip through which the sheet material is displaced as the drive roller rotates and drive apparatus in power-transmission relationship with the drive roller. The material-recognition apparatus includes a sensor mounted in the dispenser housing and in position to scan a code, preferably located on the core on which the sheet material is wound. The sensor generates a code signal corresponding to the code. A control circuit operatively connected to the sensor is adapted to receive the code signal and compare the code represented by said code signal to at least one code in a code database. The dispenser is placed in a dispenser-enabled state capable of dispensing sheet material corresponding to agreement between the codes and a dispenser-disabled state in which the dispenser is disabled when no such code agreement exists.

Intelligent dispensing system

A system and apparatus for automatically dispensing a paper product mounted on a gravity-assisted holder through a dispenser. The apparatus includes an electric motor, a main product roller for automatically rolling a predetermined amount of the paper product from the holder, exit guide rollers for guiding the paper product through a front cover of the dispenser, and a series of interconnected gears that are driven by the electric motor to activate the main product roller and exit guide roller and operate both the main roller and exit roller at the same speed. Operating the rollers at the same speed prevents paper or tissue jamming inside the dispenser. The system monitors usage of each paper product dispenser with each dispenser having a microprocessor controller for determining a corresponding paper product status for the dispenser. Each paper product dispenser communicates with a master network device preferably mounted on a ceiling plane. Paper product status messages are transmitted between each dispenser and master network device unit using a standard data communications protocol. The master network device communicates the paper product status for each individual dispenser to an independent building automation and control network. A central control console that is interoperable with the building automation and control network monitors the status of each paper product dispenser through signals communicated from a master receiver/transmitter unit to the central control console.
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