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Mint and coffee flavored biscuit

A mint and coffee flavored biscuit is composed of the following raw materials of 200-220 parts by weight of flour, 30-40 parts by weight of soybeans, 30-40 parts by weight of black soybeans, 40-50 parts by weight of coffee beans, 40-50 parts by weight of lemon, 70-80 parts by weight of egg liquid, 100-110 parts by weight of coconut milk, 10-20 parts by weight of papaya, 30-40 parts by weight of grapes, 4-5 parts by weight of mint, 5-6 parts by weight of astragalus, 5-6 parts by weight of lotus seeds, 5-6 parts by weight of wheatgrass, 5-6 parts by weight of reed rhizome, 3-4 parts by weight of bamboo leaves, 3-4 parts by weight of gardenia, 80-100 parts by weight of white vinegar and water of an appropriate amount. The mint coffee flavored biscuit is simple in producing process and environmentally friendly, has a unique taste due to the addition of food materials such as coffee and lemon; the coffee has a very good refreshing function, the lemon has a beauty effect, and extract of traditional Chinese medicines such as mint is added into the biscuit particularly, so that the biscuit can clear away heart fire. Due to the addition of the food materials, the biscuit has the functions of refreshing an eater and clearing away heart fire and is particularly suitable for people who sit for a long time and stay up late to eat.

Making method for black soya bean ginger decoction

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The invention discloses a making method of black soya bean ginger decoction, and the black soya bean ginger decoction is characterized by being prepared from the following raw materials: by weight, 50-100 parts of black soya bean, 20-30 parts of hazelnut kernel, 20-30 parts of cashew, 200-250 parts of fresh ginger, 20-40 parts of rock sugar, 1-2 parts of fig leaf, 2-4 parts of perilla frutescens, 2-3 parts of sunflower flower, 1-2 parts of cassia twig, 2-3 parts of lotus seed pot, 2-3 parts of astragalus root, 1-3 parts of arundina chinensis, 1-2 parts of herba vernoniae cinereae, 5-15 parts of salt, 5-15 parts of distiller's yeast and a proper amount of grape seed oil and water. The black soya bean ginger decoction tastes savoury, mellow, sweet and unique; in the formula, components of the hazelnut kernel, the cashew and the like are added for addition of nutrient content; at the same time, traditional Chinese medicine components are added for strengthening health care functions, the astragalus root has the effects of tonifying the lung, invigorating the spleen, benefitting qi and securing the exterior, the fig leaf has the functions of removing heat to promote salivation, invigorating the spleen and promoting the appetite, and the black soya bean ginger decoction is suitable for consumption by people having a poor appetite, air-condition diseases and other symptoms in summer.
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