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Preparation method of blueberry wine

The invention relates to a preparation method of a blueberry wine. The preparation method comprises the following steps of cleaning blueberry fruits, and then, smashing the blueberry fruits to form blueberry slurry; adding pectinase into the blueberry slurry to carry out enzymolysis, carrying out enzyme deactivation, cooling to the room temperature to obtain cooled blueberry slurry, adding alcohol and an active dry yeast for a wine to ferment, and when the sugar content is measured to be up to 1 BoX, ending the fermentation to obtain a raw blueberry wine; and adding an antacid into the raw blueberry wine, filtering, blending the raw wine by using the alcohol to ensure that the alcohol strength is up to 9-12 degrees, and then, filtering to obtain the blueberry wine. According to the method disclosed by the invention, insoluble substances such as pectin substances, cellulosics and polysaccharides in the raw wine are effectively dissolved by using a pectinase enzymolysis agent, so that fruit juice is clarified within short time; and the blueberry wine with stable chemical property is brewed by using processes such as fermenting by using an active dry yeast for a wine, ageing and filtering, and the brewing period is shortened from more than three years consumed by using the traditional method to three to five months, so that the working period is shortened, the utilization ratio of equipment is increased, and the labor cost is reduced.

Passion fruit and pear jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses passion fruit and pear jam and a preparation method thereof. The passion fruit and pear jam is prepared by the following raw materials in part by weight: 600 to 800 parts of passion fruit, 300 to 400 parts of pears, 400 to 500 parts of water, 40 to 60 parts of lemon juice, 10 to 25 parts of jelly powder and 200 to 280 parts of maltose. The preparation method comprises the following steps that: 1) the passion fruit is washed and sliced to take out passion fruit meat; 2) pears are washed, peeled off, denucleated and sliced into blocks, pear blocks are arranged into a blender to be processed into pear paste; 3) lemons are washed and peeled off, seeds of the lemons are removed, and then the lemons are squeezed to obtain the lemon juice; 4) the passion fruit meat is placed into the water to be boiled, then the jelly powder and the maltose are added into the passion fruit meat to be cooked with slow fire under the stirring state until the jelly powder and the maltose are dissolved, then the pear paste and the lemon juice is added to be cooked with slow fire under the stirring state until the paste is in a thick state, and the paste is bottled and sealed to be stored in a refrigerator after being cooled to obtain the passion fruit and pear jam. The passion fruit and pear jam has strong fruity fragrance, is soft to taste, is appropriately sweet and sour and has functions on producing a refreshing effect to the mind, nourishing the skin, beautifying the feature and helping the digestion.

Middle-Jiao and Qi tonifying sulfur-free dried mangoes and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses middle-Jiao and Qi tonifying sulfur-free dried mangoes. The middle-Jiao and Qi tonifying sulfur-free dried mangoes are characterized by being prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 280-300 parts of mangos, 15-25 parts of grapefruits, 8-10 parts of glehnia littoralis, 5-7 parts of pawpaws, 6-8 parts of chickpeas, 6-7 parts of cacao beans, 3-5 parts of rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, 4-6 parts of radix bupleuri, 8-10 parts of red date powder, 2-3 parts of corn poppy flower powder and a proper amount of white sugar. According to the invention, fresh mangos are directly processed, are not blanched, are not soaked into sugar for a long time, do not need to adopt sulfur dioxide as a color protecting agent so as to achieve the aims of protecting the color and flavor, and preventing corrosion; the middle-Jiao and Qi tonifying sulfur-free dried mangoes are heavy in fruit flavor, do not have sulfur dioxide residue, are relatively rich in nutrition by adding the raw fruit and vegetable materials, such as grapefruits, and glehnia littoralis, are reasonable in nutritional structure proportioning, and have the efficacies of tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi by being matched with the traditional Chinese medicines, such as rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, and radix bupleuri.

Processing method of red dates

The invention belongs to the technical field of dried fruit processing and relates to a processing method of red dates, wherein the red dates in the method are naturally dried or dried red dates with water contents of 18-23%, and the processing method comprises the following specific steps: (1) a cleaning step; (2) a polysaccharide converting, softening and processing step; (3) a cooling and conditioning step; and 4) a grading, sterilizing and packaging step, wherein the polysaccharide converting, softening and processing step is as follows: performing the softening treatment on the red datesunder a certain temperature and humidity environment, wherein the treating temperature is 20-70 DEG C, the relative processing humidity is 20-70%, and the treating time is 3.0-7.5 hours, and the stepis performed in stages. The processing method disclosed by the invention can be used for reducing the browning degree in the red date processing so as to maintain the original luster of the red dates; the polysaccharide converting, softening and processing procedure can be sued for reinforcing the polysaccharide conversion effect of the dry and hard red dates during the softening process, and thetypes and proportions of the carbohydrates in the red dates are changed so as to improve the product quality; and the non-soaking type rehydration softening technique is used for effectively preventing the nutrient loss and prolonging the storage periods of the red dates.

Low-temperature extended maceration method suitable for making dry red wine from plateau wine making grapes

InactiveCN106318752AExtended soaking timeFruityWine preparationPectinasePlateau
The invention discloses a low-temperature extended maceration method suitable for making a dry red wine from plateau wine making grapes. The method comprises pre-fermentation cold maceration, alcohol fermentation and post-fermentation postmaceration, and specifically comprises the following steps: 1) crushing picked red wine making grape raw materials, removing stalks to obtain fruit pulp, pumping into a fermentation tank while adding food grade sulfurous acid and pectinase, filling CO2 into the fermentation tank for oxygen exclusion, homogenizing through pump circulation, and performing cold maceration on the fruit pulp at 6-10 DEG C for 3-4 days; 2) after the cold maceration is completed, adding Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and performing alcohol fermentation; 3) when the specific gravity is reduced to 996g/L and the reducing sugar is 2g/L, entering the post-fermentation postmaceration without performing wine-liquid separation; and 4) after the postmaceration is completed, performing wine-liquid separation to perform malic acid-lactic acid fermentation. By adopting the long-time pre-fermentation cold maceration and post-fermentation postmaceration method, the maceration time of grape berries is sufficiently extended, so that abundant phenol substances and aromatic substances in plateau wine making grapes can be effectively extracted out.

Preparation method of mulberry fruit vinegar

The invention relates to a preparation method of fruit vinegar, in particular to a preparation method of mulberry fruit vinegar. The preparation method comprises the following steps: soaking mulberries with salt water, then cleaning and airing; pulping and filtering the mulberries; adding pectinase according to 0.2-1.5 percent of the weight of a raw material and fermenting for 1-5 hours at the temperature of 25-35 DEG C; adding white sugar according to 150-250 g/L; inoculating yeast strains for fermentation, wherein the inoculation amount is 0.5-1 percent, the fermentation temperature is 25-35 DEG C, the time is 4-6 days, and when the alcohol content reaches 6-9 percent, the fermentation is ended; sterilizing mulberry alcohol juice for 10 minutes at the temperature of 90-100 DEG C; inoculating activated acetic bacteria into the fermented mulberry alcohol juice according to the inoculation amount of 8-12 percent, wherein the fermentation temperature is about 30-35 DEG C, and when the acidity reaches 5 percent or above, the fermentation is stopped; putting for 15-20 days at a normal temperature; performing centrifugal filtration to obtain mulberry clear liquor; packaging and pasteurizing. The mulberry fruit vinegar prepared by the preparation method of the mulberry fruit vinegar is sour, sweet and palatable, pure in flavor, rich in fruity flavor, rich in nutrition and long in shelf life.

Black chokeberry blueberry wine and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a black chokeberry blueberry wine and a preparation method of the forever-young blueberry wine. By using cabernet sauvignon grape, blueberry and black chokeberry, content and flavor of polyphenols nutrient matter in the blueberry wine are greatly improved, and technical difficulty of too low content of tannin in traditional fruit wine is solved; by applying the fast cooling method of gradient cooling, the cooling rate of raw materials is largely increased, nutrition and flavor matter in the raw materials are effectively protected; by using the ultra-high pressure unfreezing, the unfreezing time is largely reduced, the production cycle is lowered; meanwhile, the raw material tissue is crushed, the juice yield is increased and dissolution of nutrient matter is promoted; through properly adding chitosan, astringency in the black chokeberry fruit wine is effectively reduced; the product is clear and transparent, the fruit smell is strong, rich and thick; the product is sweet and cool, and has high nutrient component and specular property of the black chokeberry blueberry wine; the product is health and safe; the black chokeberry blueberry wine is scientific and simple in operation process, low in cost, low in energy consumption, and easy to industrial production, and free from pollution to production environment.
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