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Device for planting arbors in rocky desertification regions and preparation and planting method thereof

ActiveCN105123314AEarly survival and easy growthEarly Survival Growth GuaranteeExcrement fertilisersBioloigcal waste fertilisersFiberCircular disc
The invention provides a device for planting arbors in rocky desertification regions and preparation and planting method thereof. The planting device includes a basal disc parent body, an evaporation-proof cover, moisture absorption roots, and a water storage layer; the basal disc parent body is a circular column obtained by compression forming of water retention nutrient soil; the evaporation-proof cover is formed by combining two half circular discs through a buckle, the centre of the evaporation-proof cover is provided with a growth hole, and the bottom of the evaporation-proof cover is provided with a plurality of water collection holes and funnels; each moisture absorption root is cylindrical bar-shaped; the water storage layer is formed by nutrient soil covered by high water absorbing fibers; the basal disc parent body is positioned in a rock hole dug in a rock, the evaporation-proof cover covers an upper part of the basal disc parent body, the water storage layer is positioned on the bottom of the basal disc parent body, and a plurality of the moisture absorption roots are positioned on the bottom of the water storage layer and contact the water storage layer. According to the invention, the beneficial technical effects are that the good moisture and nutrient substances are provided for early survival and growth of tree seedlings, so that the tree seedlings can take root and survive easily, and the roots of the trees can grow downward along the moisture absorption roots; and the structure is simple, and the operation is convenient.
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Culture of cordyceps militaris and preparation method of oral cordyceps militaris tablet

The invention discloses a culture medium for cultivating cordyceps militaris, a preparation method of the culture medium, a culture method of cordyceps militaris and a preparation method of an oral cordyceps militaris tablet. The culture medium for cultivating cordyceps militaris is an aqueous solution and comprises 130 to 140g/L of dry silkworm chrysalis meal, 60 to 65g/L of rice flour, 1.2 to 1.5g/L of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.8 to 1.2g/L of sodium dihydrogen phosphate. The culture method of cordyceps militaris comprises the following steps of inoculation, culture and harvest re-culture. The preparation method of the oral cordyceps militaris tablet comprises the following steps of drying, multiple cold sterilization treatment, crushing, wet granulation and tabletting. Cordyceps militaris cultured by the culture medium provided by the invention has nutrient content far higher than nutrient content of cordyceps militaris cultured by other culture methods, has a golden color, a luster and a heavy fragrance. In the preparation of the dried oral cordyceps militaris tablet, multiple cold sterilization treatment is carried out after drying. Through low-temperature superfine crushing, a cordyceps militaris spore wall breaking effect is guaranteed and a nutrition constituent loss is reduced.

Method for fermenting fruit and vegetable pulp by adopting plant probiotics

PendingCN105995710AEfficient removalGuaranteed energy supply for growthFood scienceBiotechnologyOrganic acid
The invention provides a method for fermenting fruit and vegetable pulp by adopting plant probiotics, and is used for solving the problems that low-acid and acidic fruit and vegetable puree has shorter shelf life, the product flavor is not good, the processing cost is high and nutrition loss is serious during processing. The method is specifically completed by the steps of fruit and vegetable pretreatment, crushing, softening, fruit and vegetable pulping, mixing, primary sterilization and cooling, fermentation, centrifuging, degassing, homogenization, secondary sterilization and cooling and sterile filling. The method has the beneficial effects that the fruit and vegetable pulp with weaker acidity is fermented by different lactobacillus to generate plenty of organic acids, such as lactic acid, thus reducing the pH value of the fruit and vegetable pulp, generating better fermentation flavor at the same time, reducing the sterilization conditions and retaining the nutrients of fruit and vegetables and increasing the nutrients of the fermentation product while saving cost; meanwhile, the fermented fruit and vegetable puree is centrifuged by a horizontal spiral centrifuge to separate yeast mud, thus effectively improving the utilization stability of the fermented fruit and vegetable pulp in the beverage industry.

Ganoderma lucidum culture medium and culture method thereof

InactiveCN103694016AHigh in nutrientsSolve the problem that consumes a lot of woodHorticultureFertilizer mixturesAgricultural scienceSlag
The invention relates to a ganoderma lucidum culture medium which comprises the following components in percentage by mass: 50-60% of mulberry twig, 20-30% of cottonseed hull, 10-20% of ganoderma lucidum slag, 5-10% of bran, 1-5% of corn flour and 1-3% of calcium carbonate. The ganoderma lucidum culture method comprises the following steps: (1) material preparation: airing the mulberry twig, and pulverizing into wood dust; (2) proportioning: mixing the mulberry twig wood dust, cottonseed hull, ganoderma lucidum slag, bran, corn flour and calcium carbonate, adding water which is 1-1.5 times by mass of the culture medium, and uniformly mixing; (3) fermentation: piling the mixed culture medium, and fermenting at normal temperature for 5-10 hours to obtain the culture medium; (4) bagging: adding the culture medium into a bacterium cylinder bag to obtain a culture bacterium cylinder, sterilizing, cooling, and inoculating the ganoderma lucidum strain; (5) culturing for 30-35 days to grow the ganoderma lucidum; and (6) after 55-60 days, carrying out mushroom emergence management to obtain the mature ganoderma lucidum sporophore. By using the low-cost mulberry to culture the ganoderma lucidum, the cultured ganoderma lucidum has high nutrient content, and the production cost is lowered.
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