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Three-dimensional printer with replaceable nozzle

The invention discloses a three-dimensional printer with a replaceable nozzle. The three-dimensional printer comprises a three-dimensional adjusting mechanism, and the printing nozzle which performs three-dimensional printing under the adjustment of the three-dimensional adjusting mechanism, wherein the printing nozzle comprises a nozzle bottom plate, a nozzle thermal preservation sleeve which is fixed on the nozzle bottom plate and is provided with a printing through hole and a positioning notch, a material tube which is radially clamped on the nozzle bottom plate, and a linear stepping motor; the material tube is axially clamped in the positioning notch through a material tube pressing plate which is in sliding fit with the nozzle bottom plate; a piston presser used for pushing a piston in a first material tube is fixed at the output end of a lead screw of the motor. When materials in the material tube are used up or the materials are needed to be replaced, the printing nozzle is controlled to automatically replace the material tube, and a three-dimensional object consisting of multiple materials can be printed. The piston is driven to be extruded by adopting the linear stepping motor, thrust is high and can be accurately controlled, and the blockage of the nozzle is avoided. According to the printer, liquid foods and multiple liquid materials such as gel and ceramic powder can be printed.

Controlled degradation magnesium alloy coating bracket and preparation thereof

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The invention relates to a controlled degradation magnesium alloy coating stent and a preparation method. The stent body is made of medical high purity magnesium or magnesium alloy by mechanical processing or laser carving; the stent body is provided with a drug-loading coating which bears curative drug; the surface of the stent body is provided with an anti-corrosive coating; the surface of the anti-corrosive coating is provided with a degradable polymer film drug-loading coating; the preparation method includes surface cleaning, preparation of the degradable polymer film drug-loading coating, and application of curative drug; through (1)surface cleaning, (2)preparation of the degradable polymer film drug-loading coating, and (3)application of curative drug, an oxide film is formed on the surface; different drugs and dosage can be fixed by regulating the molecular weight and the thickness of the polymer layer, the drug-loading quantity is more than 30 percent, which improves the fixed stability of the drug, greatly reduces the degradation speed of the magnesium alloy and controls release of the drug, delays corrosion of the magnesium alloy, extends the service life of the stent, is safe in use, and meets the clinical requirement.

Central determination poker game

An poker game which provides a predetermined outcome to a player. In one embodiment, a plurality of playing cards are provided to a player wherein one or more of the provided playing cards are based on the predetermined game outcome. The player is enabled to select one or more of the initially dealt playing cards to hold or to discard. If a poker hand with an associated payout equal to the value associated with the predetermined game outcome may be obtained based on the held cards, the gaming device utilizes one or more backfill algorithms, to determine which card or cards, if any, need to be dealt to the player. The determined cards are provided to the player to replace the playing cards designated by the player to discard and the selected predetermined game outcome which is associated with a value equal to the payout of the player's poker hand is provided to the player. If a poker hand with an associated payout equal to the value associated with the selected predetermined game outcome cannot be obtained by the player based on the playing cards held by the player, a subset of the held cards is selected and one or more backfill algorithms are used to determine which cards need to be dealt to the player. The discarded playing cards and at least one held playing card are replaced with the determined card. The selected predetermined game outcome which is associated with a value equal to the payout of the player's poker hand is then provided to the player.

Method for producing fluorescent microballoons immune chromatography test paper stripe and quantitative determination method

The invention discloses a method for preparing fluorescent microspheres immunochromatographic test paper strip and quantitative detection method. The invention takes the luminous nano-particles of dual-structure silicon dioxide compound organic dye as a marker, uses the immunochromatographic technology for preparing fluorescent microspheres immunochromatographic test paper strip, and then prepares a detection card which consists of a sample pad, a glass fiber membrane, a nitrocellulose membrane and absorbent paper, wherein the nitrocellulose membrane is fixedly provided with a detection line and a quality control line. In the detection process, the best excitation light souce of fluorescent microspheres is used for excitation; after the emitted fluorescence passes through a filter, a CCD scanning technology or fiber-optic technology is used for collecting, accumulating or multiplicating the emitted spectra which is then converted into a numerical signal; then the measured fluorescence intensity of the detection line is multiplied by a correction coefficient, and later the corrected fluorescence intensity is substituted in a standard curve which is preset in a fluorescence analyzer; and finally, the concentration of an object to be measured in the sample can be automatically calculated and obtained by the fluorescence analyzer. The invention has high sensitivity, accurate quantization and easy operation.

Collapsible structures having overlapping support loops

Collapsible structures are provided that include two collapsible flexible loop members, each loop member defining a closed loop and having a first and a second edge. Each loop member is capable of assuming an expanded position and a collapsed position. Two adjacent loop members overlap each other at a first overlapping point along the upper edges of the two adjacent loop members, and at a second overlapping point along the lower edges of the two adjacent loop members. The overlapping loop members define a hinge portion about which the two adjacent loop members are pivotable, with the hinge portion positioned vertically with respect to the ground. One or more fabric pieces are provided for substantially covering each loop member, each loop member substantially supporting the fabric in particular areas so that the fabric assumes the particular configuration of the loop member in its expanded position. The loop members and their associated fabric are foldable on top of each other about their respective hinge portions to have the loop members and their associated fabric overlaying each other, and the overlaying loop members are then collapsible to the collapsed positions by twisting and folding to form a plurality of concentric rings and layers of fabric to substantially reduce the size of the structure in the collapsed position.
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