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Composite enzyme beverage and preparation process method thereof

The invention discloses a composite enzyme beverage and a preparation process method thereof. The composite enzyme beverage is prepared from five cereals, fruits and vegetables, edible plants and edible fungi as main raw materials through common fermentation; three-step fermentation is realized by using microzyme, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria; and substep fermentation for different strains is adopted at different stages in the manufacturing process, so that the demands of a human body on the efficacies of health and nutrition are met. According to the composite enzyme beverage disclosed by the invention, the mixture ratio of the raw materials is more gentle, more pure natural organic raw materials are used and the three-step fermentation is realized by the microzyme, the acetic acid bacteria and the lactic acid bacteria; and the composite enzyme beverage retains original vitamins and carbohydrate of the fruits and vegetables, is rich in various B-group vitamins and various amino acids, is a nutrient necessary for eliminating the human fatigue and particularly benefits people suffered from chronic disease syndrome. Particularly after coarse grains are fermented, insoluble dietary fibers can be dissolved into small molecular substances which are easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and thus the digestion and intake of nutritive substances by the human body can be enhanced.

Standardized and industrialized production process for Shanxi mature vinegar

The invention relates to a production process for vinegar, in particular to the standardized and industrialized production process for Shanxi mature vinegar, which solves the problems of long production process period, complex process, unstable product quality, low raw material utilization rate and the like, of the prior production process. The production process comprises the following steps of: performing material processing before alcoholic fermentation, crushing, mixing, liquefaction and saccharification; selecting high-temperature resistant and high-alcoholic strength resistant saccharomyces, and adding a composite yeast to perform alcoholic fermentation; adding the composite acetic bacteria into vinegar residue, stirring with a vinegar residue stirrer, fermenting the vinegar residue in an acetyl hydrate fermenting tank, and turning the vinegar residue with a vinegar residue turning machine; tamping the vinegar residue in the acetyl hydrate fermenting tank, covering a layer of table salt on the tamped vinegar residue, and standing the vinegar residue; fuming the vinegar residue by the combination of a vinegar residue fuming furnace and a steam vinegar residue fuming jar; pouring vinegar; ageing the vinegar; clarifying the vinegar with a crude acidic protease, and filtering the vinegar with kieselguhr; blending the vinegar and the traditional Shanxi mature vinegar; sterilizing the vinegar; and packing the vinegar. The process of the invention has the advantages of systematized flow, standardized technological parameters, scale production procedure, normalized product quality and optimized production process.

Preparation method of compound Daqu

The invention relates to the field of microbial fermentation, in particular to a preparation method of a compound Daqu, so as to solve the problems of the traditional Daqu such as single nutritional components of raw materials, longer starter-making and brewing time, low utilization rate of grains, high cost and the like. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) treating the raw materials of the Daqu; (2) inoculating aspergillus niger 41254, aspergillus niger UV-11, monascus, mucor racemosus, actinomucor elegans, rhizopus oryzae, saccharomyces cerevisiae, candida drusei, acetobacter, bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus delbrueckii 6100 into a conical flask containing the raw materials of the Daqu for culturing, then expanding the culture and obtaining a mother culture; and(3) adopting uncooked materials for making a starter, inoculating the obtained mother culture and the raw materials of the Daqu into a solid fermentation device, keeping the temperature at 30 DEG C-33 DEG C, continuing for 30-33h, discharging the starter and finally carrying out low-temperature vacuum drying. The preparation method enriches the nutritional components in the raw materials and improves the quality of a brewed product; and a plurality of bacterial strain are artificially added, thereby improving the utilization rate of the grains, shortening the starter-making cycle, improving the yield of the brewed product and reducing the production cost.

Mixed grain rice vinegar and production method thereof

InactiveCN102586070AStrong aftertasteMild sourVinegar preparationBiotechnologyLiquid product
The invention discloses a mixed grain rice vinegar and a production method of the mixed grain rice vinegar. The mixed grain rice vinegar is a liquid product prepared from black tartary buckwheat, oat, broomcorn, wheat, black glutinous rice and white corn serving as main materials as well as sticky rice and a plurality of Chinese herbal medicines serving as auxiliary materials through fermentation together. The production method comprises the following steps of: cleaning the sticky rice, and then soaking and steaming; respectively crushing the Chinese herbal medicines, the black tartary buckwheat, the oat, the broomcorn, the wheat, the black glutinous rice and the white corn; mixing according to proportion and fermenting for 15 days to obtain a brewing mass; turning over and mixing the brewing mass and performing acidification and fermentation twice; ageing mature brewing mass for three months; then placing the aged brewing mass into a vinegar sprinkling pond; sprinkling cold boiled water slowly, soaking, discharging the vinegar liquid from the bottom of the pond to obtain raw vinegar; and finally, heating the raw vinegar, cooling and bottling, checking out to obtain a finished product. The mixed grain rice vinegar has a health-care function, is natural and pollution-free, can be used for cooking as a seasoning in various occasions such as homes, dining rooms, restaurants and tourist sites. In addition, the mixed grain rice vinegar is delicious in taste, has pure flavor, is soft and lasting in aftertaste, is mellow and sweet, is rich in nutrition and has a unique style.

Litchi fruit vinegar beverage and production method thereof

The invention relates to a litchi fruit vinegar beverage and a production method thereof. The production method comprises the following steps of: removing shells and kernels of fresh litchis, and crushing the pulp to squeeze a juice; defecating the juice at a low temperature; separating the litchi juice; adding lactic acid bacteria into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the first time; performing cross flow filtration to remove the lactic acid bacteria, and adding wine yeast into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the second time; adding acetic acid bacteria into the litchi juice to perform fermentation for the third time to obtain a litchi raw vinegar; mixing the raw vinegar with a fruit juice, fructo-oligose (prebiotics), honey, purified water and the like in certain proportion; and filtering the mixture through an ultrafiltration membrane and performing aseptic canning to obtain the litchi fermented vinegar beverage. The litchi fruit vinegar beverage has a unique production process, and after multi-bacteria, low-temperature and long-time fermentations, the produced vinegar beverage has strong litchi fruit aroma and thick mouthfeel integrates nutritional and health-care functions, and is a novel nutritious, cosmetic and pollution-free green beverage.

Drink and sauce produced by using fermenting soybean food

The invention provides a drink and a sauce having rich nutrients and multiple health-care functions, which are prepared by leaching fermented soybeans with added vinegar (wine, fruit juice, water or tear), deep processing and adding raw sugar and other auxiliaries containing rich nutrients and bioactivators. Soybeans undergo germination, fermentation and other extremely complex biochemical processes to form hundreds of nutrients and activators with the nutrients of the soybeans. A large number of Chinese and foreign documents prove that the substances have health care functions such as human body free radical clearing, arteries hardening prevention, immunity improvement, cancer resistance, blood fat and cholesterol reduction, blood pressure reduction, blood sugar reduction, bowel loosening for relieving constipation, intestinal microecology improvement, beneficial bacteria propagation and bacterium resistance and suppression. The invention aims to solve a technical problem that the nutrients were not fully used by Chinese people in the past 2,000 due to high salinity (such as that of lobster sauce, soybean paste, preserved bean curd and soy sauce) and disagreeable flavor (such as that of natto and tempe). The invention provides a novel drink and a novel sauce which contain nutrients and bioactivators of fermenting soybeans, are edible and contribute to absorption. Till now, no records of the uses of the soybean food have been found in Chinese and foreign documents. The drink and the sauce fill the gap of health care products in China, are expected to contribute to the promotion of the health care cause in China.
Owner:袁维理 +2

Method for preparing sugarcane juice flavor vinegar

The invention discloses a method for preparing sugarcane juice flavor vinegar, which comprises the following steps of: cleaning sugarcane, pressing, and performing solid-liquid separation and other treatment to obtain clarified sugarcane juice, and preparing into a fermentation medium; introducing yeast culture solution for alcoholic fermentation, wherein the introduced volume is 2 to 10 percent based on an initial volume of the alcoholic fermentation, and fermenting at the temperature of between 28 and 32 DEG C for 72 to 120 hours; finishing the alcoholic fermentation and introducing acetobacter culture solution, wherein the introduced volume is 5 to 10 percent based on the initial volume of acetic fermentation, performing submerged aeration fermentation, controlling the aeration amount to be 0.06 to 0.12L/(L*min), controlling the temperature to be between 28 and 32 DEG C, fermenting for 144 to 240 hours and finishing the acetic fermentation; and finally performing solid-liquid separation on fermenting mash, and conventionally sterilizing to prepare the sugarcane juice flavor vinegar. The prepared sugarcane juice flavor vinegar has the characteristics of rich aroma, soft sour, full mouthfeel and the like, can be used as a novel leading product of a sugarcane resource, and brings a novel economic growth point to the sugarcane industry.

Health care vinegar and brewing process thereof

The invention provides health care vinegar and a brewing process thereof. The brewing process of the health care vinegar comprises the following steps of material steaming, saccharification, alcoholic fermentation, acetic fermentation, solid-substrate fermentation conducted through fumigation, vinegar spraying, ageing, blending and sterilization. In order to guarantee mellow and normal mouthfeel of the health care vinegar, the solid state fermentation mode is adopted in the production process; medicine-and-food homologous materials which are from different sources are added at different stages of ageing and vinegar decoction separately, and sufficient release and utilization of nutritional ingredients of the medicine-and-food homologous materials are guaranteed. The medicine-and-food homologous materials of the plant source are subjected to smashing treatment, then added at the vinegar sunning and ageing stages and reutilized at the vinegar decoction stage, so that the raw material utilization rate is raised; the materials of the animal source are added at the vinegar decoction stage, and it is guaranteed that efficacy and mouthfeel of the materials are not destroyed. The health care vinegar prepared through the preparation method is suitable for being eaten by people in different physique conditions, the physique conditions can be improved when the vinegar is eaten for a long time, and a good health care function is achieved.

Production method of small rice vinegar

The invention belongs to the technical field of edible vinegar, in particular to a production method of small rice vinegar. The invention aims at solving the technical problems of low production efficiency, unstable process conditions, high labor intensity of workers, impacts on quality and taste of the rice vinegar and the like in manual control which is mostly adopted for making the vinegar at present. The production method of the small rice vinegar comprises the following steps: 1) taking small rice, preparing into rice flour, and adding a certain amount of water for preparing into slurry; 2) adding amylase and glucoamylase into the slurry, and preparing into serous fluid; 3) adding brewing yeast and Daqu into the serous fluid for preparing into wine mash; 4) taking a certain proportion of the wine mash, rice hull and wheat bran, placing into a fermentation tank, adding acetic bacteria, preparing into fermented material, further using water to leach acetic acid in the fermentation tank and preparing into vinegar liquor; 5) sterilizing the vinegar liquor, placing the vinegar liquor after sterilization into an aging tank for hermetical aging for at least 90 days, and preparing into mature vinegar; and 6) filtering the mature vinegar, carrying out instantaneous sterilization at 125-135 DEG C for 4-6s, and preparing into the small rice vinegar. The production method of the small rice vinegar adopts the automatic mechanical vinegar making way, has high production efficiency and stable process conditions, and can reduce the labor intensity of the workers and meet the market demand.

Melon and fruit vinegar and manufacture method thereof

InactiveCN101245307ASymbiosis grows rapidlyShort fermentation cycleVinegar preparationFood flavorOxygen
The invention relates to melon and fruit vinegar and a preparation method thereof, which is prepared by washing, peeling, color protecting, smashing and pulping fresh hami melon or water melon, adding various yeasts and various acetic acid strains for mixing and going through the steps of one time fermentation, aging, clarification, blending, sterilization, filling and sterilization. The melon and fruit vinegar of the invention is prepared by adopting fruit vinegar fermented by whole meshed fruit; the adoption of one time fermentation by mixing various microzyme and various acetic acid strains overcomes the disadvantage of the relative weakness of the nutrient contents and flavor substances of the fermentation products owing to the monotonicity of the strain and leads the nutrition composition and flavor substances of the fruit vinegar to be more abundant; meanwhile, in the process of fermentation, by properly supplementing oxygen, the intergrowth of the microzyme and acetic acid bacteria is quick, the fermentation period is short and the efficiency is high; a certain amount of juice is contained in the vinegar, therefore, the nutrition is more abundant and the flavor is better. The melon and fruit vinegar has the advantages of eliminating fatigue, tonifying qi, nourishing the blood, preventing constipation, softening blood vessel, relieving hypertension and decreasing blood fat.

Passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101570724AEfficient health functionIncrease profitVinegar preparationHerb medicineMedicine
The invention relates to a passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid which is a mixture comprising 10-16 of 3-6-degree brewed white rice vinegar, 40-65 of effective component extract of passion fruit peel, 5-25 of passion fruit pulp with a concentration of 15-35 percent, and 10-35 of effective component extract of Chinese herbal medicines according to parts by weight, as well as table sugar with an appropriate amount. The effective component extract of the passion fruit peel is juice extracted by steaming and boiling the passion fruit peel with water. The passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid fully takes the functions of vinegar and passion fruit and has the functions of the Chinese herbal medicines which promote flow of qi and blood circulation, stimulate the appetite, promote digestion and nourish and strengthen body; and the passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid has a highly-efficient healthcare function and is favorable for adjusting the balance of the body mechanism. Meanwhile, the passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid maintains the pure natural characteristics of the passion fruit in terms of color, aroma and taste; and the preparation method of the passion fruit vinegar healthcare liquid improves the effective utilization rate of the passion fruit from about 40 percent to over 90 percent, greatly improves the utilization rate of the effective components of the passion fruit, solves a great problem in the storage of fresh passion fruit and can generate good economic benefit.
Owner:韦裕明 +1
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