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Special amino acid fertilizer-water paste for aquiculture and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102775237AStrange PhotosynthesisImprove efficacyFertilizer mixturesDiseaseWater quality
The invention discloses a special amino acid fertilizer-water paste for aquiculture and a preparation method thereof. The special amino acid fertilizer-water paste for aquiculture is prepared from the following raw materials in certain proportion: an amino acid solution, microelements, fermentation organic substances, inorganic fertilizers, minerals, a water quality improver, beneficial bacteria and a thickening agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps: A. production of amino acid solution namely, a. hydrolyzing; b. neutralizing; c. filtering; d. concentrating; B. production of fermentation organic substances: a. mixing: evenly mixing organic raw materials with the amino acid solution; b. inoculation: evenly mixing the organic raw materials with beneficial bacteria; c. fermentation; and C. production of amino acid fertilizer-water paste: a. chelation: heating the amino acid solution, adding microelements while stirring to perform chelation; b. mixing: sequentially adding the fermentation organic substances, inorganic fertilizer, minerals, water quality improver and beneficial bacteria, and evenly mixing; c. thickening: adding a thickening agent, and evenly mixing; d. inspection. The invention enhances the immunity of fish, reduces the occurrence of diseases, increases the culture yield of bighead, lowers the fish culture cost, and improves the fish quality.

Anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor

The invention discloses an anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor. The mildew-proof floor is composed of a damp-proof layer, a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) board layer, an anion adhesive layer and a wear-resistant layer, wherein the damp-proof layer, the TCM board layer, the anion adhesive layer and the wear-resistant layer are sequentially arranged from down to up, and the upper and lower surfaces of the TCM board layer are respectively glued with the damp-proof layer and the wear-resistant layer through the anion adhesive layer; the anion adhesive layer consists of a soy protein adhesive and anion natural mineral substance powder, wherein the mass ratio of the soy protein adhesive to the anion natural mineral substance powder is 4:1, the anion natural mineral substance powder is a mixture of tourmaline, lanthanide rare earth compound salt and titanium dioxide in accordance with the weight ratio of 4:3:3, therefore anions can be continuously released to remove formaldehyde, other hazardous substances and indoor peculiar smell, and realize bacteria resistance and bacteriostasis and purify indoor air, so health efficacy is achieved; furthermore, Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients contained in the anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor can play a role in mosquito repellent, bacteria resistance, bacteriostasis and multiple functions, therefore the anti-microbial mildew-proof floor has an extensive application prospect.

Preserved meat and pickling method thereof

ActiveCN103610088AGuarantee the traditional qualityRich cured meatFood ingredient as flavour affecting agentFood preparationLean meatAdditive ingredient
The invention relates to the technical field of animal product processing and in particular relates to preserved meat and a pickling method of the preserved meat. The preserved meat is obtained by pickling pork by using edible salt, white spirit, peppers, anises, cloves, tea, white sugar and nitrate. The pickling method comprises the steps of (1) pretreatment; (2) immersing;(3) salt frying and pickling; (4) air-drying; (5) fumigation-drying; (6) cooling; and (7) package. According to the preserved meat and the pickling method of the preserved meat, the using amount of pickling ingredients is small, so that the conventional flavor and the color of the preserved meat are guaranteed; the preserved meat is brown, transparent and shiny, is the same in reality as in appearance and smells delicious; the good smell can be kept for a long time; the preserved meat is tender and fat but not greasy; furthermore, the pickling flavor is strong; lean is kermesinus, and fat is milk white; meanwhile, the salt content is only 1.6-2 percent; people do not feel seriously thirsty after eating the preserved meat. The preserved meat is immersed in boiled tea water, so that the meat has natural, fresh, cool and pleasant tea flavor; fumigation is executed by combusting tea tree branches, so that the natural tea fragrance of the preserved meat is enhanced.

Processing method of special type wild boar bacon

The invention discloses a processing method of special type wild boar bacon. The processing method comprises the ten major steps of: selecting a material; placing under a cold environment; trimming; tumbling; pickling; cleaning; soaking; drying; fire-curing; and air-drying. The processing method has the beneficial effects that the special type wild boar meat is used as the raw material, the special flavor of the bacon is substantially guaranteed, meanwhile various natural Chinese traditional medicine raw materials are used as spices for pickling, not only the natural quality of the bacon can be guaranteed, but also the bacon has a health-care function, grease of the bacon can be effectively removed through multiple cleaning and soaking, finally the meat is subjected to fire-curing by using cinnamomum hupehanum branches and leaves, branches and leaves of pine and cypress trees and ailanthus bark, smoke is directly used for fire-curing of the bacon after being filtered by active silicon oxide, harmful components in the smoke can be filtered off, and the bacon is subjected to fire-curing of bamboo leaves on the last day. The special type wild boar bacon pickled by using the method has rich and delicious flavor, yellow color, diffusing aroma, lasting pure taste, no greasiness and long storage period and can meet the diverse requirements of people on material and cultural life.

Compound beauty-maintaining jerusalem artichoke aloe skin chewable tablets and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN103829127AImprove the added value of processingSatisfy the thirstFood shapingNatural extract food ingredientsBiotechnologyMagnesium stearate
The invention relates to compound beauty-maintaining jerusalem artichoke aloe skin chewable tablets and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of food processing. The chewable tablets are prepared by the following steps: taking jerusalem artichoke powder, aloe skin powder and rose petal powder as main raw materials, xylitol, mannitol, citric acid and the like as auxiliary materials and magnesium stearate as a lubricant according to a certain mass ratio, grinding, mixing, adding a wetting agent to prepare a soft material, pelleting, drying, granulating, tabletting, sterilizing, packaging and the like. The prepared chewable tablets are rich in various bioactive substances such as aloe-emodin, aloin, flavonoids compounds, active polysaccharides, dietary fiber, rose anthocyanins and jerusalem artichoke fructosan, uniform in color, palatable in sourness and sweetness and convenient to carry, have the aroma of roses and the clean aromas of aloes and jerusalem artichoke, have the effects of promoting digestion, diminishing inflammation, preventing decayed teeth and obesity, calming the nerves, activating blood, relieving hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, resisting oxidation and ageing and improving immunity after being eaten often, and have remarkable beauty-maintaining health-care effects.

Manufacturing technology of hibiscus petal tea

The invention discloses a manufacturing technology of hibiscus petal tea. The technology comprises the following steps of 1, petal preprocessing, picking, selecting, ultrasonic cleaning and air drying; 2, punch forming, wherein preprocessed petals are punched, clipped and formed to obtain the formed petals; 3, color protection, wherein the formed petals are arranged in a color protection solution to be soaked; 4, microwave de-enzyming, wherein rinsing is performed with clean water, and microwave de-enzyming is performed after natural draining; 5, rolling, wherein the petals are spread after microwave de-enzyming is performed, standing and softening are performed, and then rolling is performed till trabs are tight and straight and stopped when the lubrication feeling is achieved; 6, vacuum drying and vacuum packaging. According to the technology, the microwave de-enzyming technology and the vacuum drying technology are adopted in a combined mode, the petal tea rehydration performance is good, and the adopted color protection solution can more effectively protect the color and the shape of the petal tea; the hibiscus petal tea is bright in color and rich in flowery flavor, the tea soup is bright in color, fragrant in smell, fresh and elegant in taste and free of herbal flavor, and the novel health care hibiscus petal tea has the certain ornamental value after being brewed.
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