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Preparation method for natural mulberry powder

The invention discloses a preparation method for natural mulberry powder. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: checking and accepting raw materials; removing stems of the raw materials; cleaning, picking and crushing the raw materials; grinding the raw materials into pulp; homogenizing the raw materials at a pressure of 20-25Mpa; filtering the pulp; freeze-drying filtrate at two stages, wherein, at the pre-freezing stage, thickness of the materials is controlled between 8mm and 10mm, temperature is controlled between -35 DEG C and -45 DEG C, and time is controlled between 1.5 hours and 2 hours, and at the sublimating stage, the thickness of the materials is controlled between 8mm and 10mm, pressure of a drying room is controlled between 80Pa and 90Pa, temperature of a heating plate is controlled between 60 DEG C and 75 DEG C, and water content of the materials is controlled within 5% to obtain fruit powder; and crushing to refine the dry-frozen fruit powder to obtain pulverous fruit powder with uniform mass. The preparation method has the advantages of high raw material utilization rate, delicate shape, good color, scent and taste, bright color, less loss of nutrition, high rehydration, easiness for storage and convenience for carrying, and has natural characteristics of the product per se.

Amphiphilic polymer pigment dispersant for water paint

The invention discloses an amphiphilic polymer pigment dispersant applied to hydrophilic paints, which belongs to the chemical painting producing technology. Catalytic chain transfer technology is adopted to assure a copolymerization between an ester monomer and double-bond ester, thus obtaining a macromolecule monomer with an unsaturated double-bond C=C at the end, wherein, a graft amphiphilic polyacrylate dispersant with a hydrophobic chain segment at the main chain and a hydrophilic chain segment at the branch chain is obtained by the copolymerization between the macromolecule monomer and a methyl acrylic ester monomer with a hydrophobic chain segment or a monomer with a hydrophilic chain segment; the number average molecular weight thereof is between 1000-200000. The invention has good dispersing effect, bright color, and high stability. The manufacturing steps are as follows: (1) isobutyric acid alkyl ester and the like are used for getting the macromolecule monomer with the double bonds under the chain transfer catalyst; and (2) the amphiphilic polymer pigment dispersant applied to hydrophilic paints is obtained by copolymerizing the macromolecular monomer with one or more than two types of methyl acrylic acid ester monomers with hydrophobic chain segments, or by copolymerizing one or more than two types of acrylic ester monomers with one or more than two types of hydrophilic monomers with hydrophilic chain segments.

High-temperature-resistant environment-friendly composite pigment and production method thereof

The invention relates to the technical field of chemical pigment fabrication and discloses a high-temperature-resistant environment-friendly composite pigment and a production method thereof. Inorganic titanium yellow pigment carriers are enveloped with organic yellow pigments to form the composite pigment. The preparation method comprises processing titanium dioxide and nickel oxide into mixed-phase inorganic titanium yellow pigment carriers to be mixed with organic yellow pigments with negative charges, and performing enveloping treatment through positive and negative charge particle attraction action to achieve composition of organic and inorganic pigments. By nanometer fine processing, surface charges are increased, the envelop is dense, the structure force is large, the composition process is environmentally friendly, the composite pigment is non-toxic, the composite titanium yellow carriers can protect the sensitive organic pigments from ultraviolet attack like ultraviolet absorbers, and accordingly, the weather resistance and the light resistance of the pigment are improved greatly, and the pigment has the advantages of being environmentally friendly, weather resistant, light resistant, heat resistant, anti-ageing, bright in organic pigment color and high in tinting strength.

Hawthorn and purple sweet potato cloudy juice drink and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102599584ABright colorHealthy and high nutritional valueFood preparationOrganic acidTechnical design
The invention provides a hawthorn and purple sweet potato cloudy juice drink and a preparation method thereof. The drink has palatable sweetness and acidity and unique hawthorn flavor and is natural and healthy. The hawthorn and purple sweet potato cloudy juice drink with appropriate sweetness and acidity and unique taste is prepared by selecting purple sweet potatoes and hawthorns as the raw materials, fully utilizing various functional substances such as organic acids, pectin and flavonoids in the hawthorns and anthocyanidin and polysaccharides in the purple sweet potatoes, adopting the enzymic technology and adopting scientific compounding. The product utilizes the organic acids in the natural products as the acidity agents and the pectin as a stabilizing agent of the drink, realizes the diet concepts of nature, health and nutrition pursued by modern people and has the functions of cooling and quenching thirst, building body and removing free radicals in the bodies. The organic acids in the hawthorns not only can stabilize anthocyanidin in the drink and the color of the drink but also provides palatable unique acidity for the drink. The drink and the preparation method are scientific and reasonable in technical design and have great significance to realization of comprehensive development and utilization of fruits and vegetables.

Casserole spicy soup base and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102697014ABright colorAppetizer and spleen invigorating human body absorptionFood preparationStar AnisesCape Jasmine Fruit
The invention relates to a casserole soup base and particularly relates to a casserole spicy soup base and a preparation method thereof. Each casserole spicy soup base is prepared by boiling 10-20 weight parts of bone soup and 1-2 weight parts of main material in a casserole, wherein the bone soup is prepared by boiling chicken bones, duck bones and beef bones in the boiling water, and the color of the bone soup is oyster white; and the main material comprises the following ingredients in parts by weight: 1-100 parts of beef tallow, 1-25 parts of vegetable oil, 1-5 parts of crystal sugar, 1-20 parts of Pixian bean paste, 1-5 parts of fermented blank bean, 1-10 parts of glutinous rice wine, 1-5 parts of shallot, 1-10 parts of ginger, 1-10 parts of spicy pepper, 1-20 parts of hot pepper, 1-3 parts of licorice root, 1-3 parts of rhizoma kaempferiae, 1-3 parts of cassia bark, 1-3 parts of bay leaf, 1-3 parts of long pepper, 1-3 parts of galanga, 1-3 parts of lithospermum, 1-3 parts of syzygium aromaticum, 1-3 parts of cardamom, 1-3 parts of cape jasmine fruit, 1-3 parts of star anise, 1-3 parts of amomum tsao-ko, 1-3 parts of pepper, 1-3 parts of fennel, 1-3 parts of fructus amomi, 1-3 parts of lysimachia sikokiana, 1-3 parts of netmeg, 1-5 parts of dried orange peel, 1-10 parts of chicken essence and 1-10 parts of cooking wine. The casserole soup base provided by the invention thoroughly abandons the traditional preparation method by repeatedly boiling a kettle of spicy soup.

Printing decoration method for polyester fibre/acetate blended high-grade resist printing face fabric

InactiveCN101509207APrinted edges are sharply definedBright colorDyeing processEngineeringTextile printer
The invention relates to the textile printing and dyeing industry. A method for printing a terylene/acetic acid blended high-grade dye-resisting printed fabric, which comprises the following steps: a first step of preparing printing paste: adding dye-resisting agent C into pearlescent pigment printing paste, and adding dye-resisting agent 550 into disperse dye printing paste; a second step of overprinting: carrying out multi-chromatic printing by a flat screen printing machine, drying and cropping; a third step of dyeing a ground color: pad-dyeing the ground color by using the dye-resisting disperse dye prepared in the first step; and a fourth step of post treatment: ageing the fabric dyed with the ground color at a high temperature of between 170 and 190 DEG C, then water washing, and cropping to obtain a product. The method uses differential fiber P/TA blended fabric to develop a new double-component dye resisting printing process, prevents the disperse dye dyed with the ground color from locally dyeing on a printed part, and removing the disperse dye to achieve the aim of fresh color; and proper water washing assistant and water washing temperature overcome the defect of staining of the printed fabric caused by the loose color of the disperse dye. The printed fabric has good printing durability.
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