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Indium-arsenic quantum dot active region structure and light emitting device

The invention relates to an indium-arsenic (InAs) quantum dot active region structure. The structure comprises n InAs quantum dot layers (1), wherein n is greater than or equal to 1 and is a natural number; and an InGaAs layer and an InAs quantum dot layer in which an In component is increased linearly and an InGaAs layer and a cover layer in which the In component is decreased linearly are grown on each of the indium-arsenic quantum dot layers (1) in turn epitaxially from the top to the bottom. The invention also relates to an InAs quantum dot light emitting device, in which a GaAs buffer layer, a lower cladding layer, a lower limit waveguide layer, the InAs quantum dot active region structure, an upper limit waveguide layer, an upper cladding layer and an ohmic contact layer are epitaxially grown a GaAs substrate from the bottom to the top in turn. The InAs quantum dot active region structure and the light emitting device can reduce a pressure stress born by InAs quantum dots, inhibit the precipitation of indium in the quantum dots, reduce the accumulated strain of a quantum dot active region structure, and reduce defects and malposition. Therefore, the InAs quantum dots and a corresponding light emitting device have higher luminous efficiency and luminous intensity.
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