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Saccharum is a genus of tall perennial plants of the broomsedge tribe within the grass family. The genus is widespread across tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate regions in Africa, Eurasia, Australia, the Americas, and assorted oceanic islands. Several species are cultivated and naturalized in areas outside their native habitats.

Compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk

InactiveCN102178115AHealthy micro-ecological balance environmentAvoid damageFood processingAnimal feeding stuffDiseaseSucrose
The invention provides compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, which is used for weaning piglets and teaching the piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, and comprises the following components in part by weight: 212.4 parts of corn starch, 154.0 parts of bulked corn, 100.0 parts of 46 percent of bulked bean pulp, 40 parts of fish meal, 100 parts of wheat flour, 5 parts of calcium powder, 21 parts of calcium hydrophosphate, 2 parts of table salt, 20 parts of soybean oil, 5 parts of lysine, 2 parts of threonine, 1.5 parts of choline chloride, 10 parts of premix, 0.2 part of complex enzyme, 0.3 part of pig Duowei, 0.2 part of sweetener, 0.3 part of flavouring agent, 3 parts of baking soda, 20 parts of cane sugar, 30 parts of glucose, 50 parts of egg powder, 70 parts of soy protein concentrate, 50 parts of fermented bean pulp, 6 parts of acidizer, 100 parts of whey powder, 0.5 part of mould removing agent, 0.3 part of antioxidant and 0.3 part of mildewpreventive. In the invention, the problems of incomplete immune functions, low disease resistance, inadequate digestive ferment, incomplete upper gastrointestinal development, low digestion and absorption ability, susceptibility to diarrhea and the like of piglets.

Method for improving quality of the tobacco leaf expanded cut stem by microorganism enzyme

The invention provides a method for improving the quality of expanded cut rolled stem of tobacco by microbial enzyme. The procedures are as follows:1) Preparation of bio-enzyme: (1) Aspergillus niger is activated and cultured by potato cane sugar culture medium and is then transferred into sterilized seed culture medium, and shake cultivation is carried out at the temperature of 28 DEG C for 24 hours with 250r/min<-1>; seed liquid with 10% of inoculation amount is transferred into a sterilized 500ml shake flask (containing 100ml culture liquid for enzyme), and the seed liquid carries out incubation for culturing at the temperature of 25 DEG C for 96 hours and then zymotic liquid is obtained. (2) Extraction of lignin degradation complex enzyme: After being filtered by filter paper, the zymotic liquid is centrifugally separated at the low speed of 1500rpm. The supernatant carries out fractional salting out by (NH4)2SO4 till the saturation is 0.7 to obtain crude enzyme liquid, after the crude enzyme liquid carries out ultrafiltration dialysis, the lignin degradation complex enzyme is obtained. Activities of enzyme components: 350U/L of Lip, 11U/L of MnP and 5.6U/L of Lac; 2) Improvement of the quality of expanded cut rolled stem of tobacco: The expanded cut rolled stem for cigarette is weighed and sprayed evenly by lignin degradation complex enzyme liquid containing 0.2-0.4% of expanded cut rolled stem after being diluted by distilled water at the temperature of 27 DEG C-29 DEG C. The expanded cut rolled stem of tobacco is placed in a sealed container for enzymolysis for 95-97 hours and dried naturally till the moisture content is 12.5%-15%. The result by subjective analysis suggests that the complex enzyme preparation can effectively decrease the lignin content of the expanded cut rolled stem, promote the transformation of aroma matter and improve aroma quality and taste.

Fruity probiotic yogurt slice containing antifreeze sericin peptide and method for preparing same

ActiveCN103109930ARich in physiological functionsRich in antioxidantMilk preparationProbiotic yogurtBiotechnology
The invention discloses a fruity probiotic yogurt slice containing antifreeze sericin peptide. The raw materials for preparing the fruity probiotic yogurt slice comprise 10-14 parts of skimmed milk powder, 2-5 parts of sucrose, 1-3 parts of sericin peptide, 1-4 parts of fruit material, 0.1-0.6 part of lyophilized active probiotics and 0.1-0.4 part of magnesium stearate. The invention further discloses a method for preparing the product which is the fruity probiotic yogurt slice. The method mainly comprises the following steps of: preparing a skimmed-milk food-grade culture medium, fermenting the probiotics, adding the antifreeze sericin peptide, freezing and drying fermented milk in vacuum, and pressing powder into slices. As the fruity probiotic yogurt slice contains the antifreeze sericin peptide and the lyophilized fruit powder which is rich in the vitamin B group, the number of the probiotics in the fruity probiotic yogurt slice can be increased, the retention time of the activity of the probiotics can be prolonged, and the taste, flavor and nutritional and healthcare values of the fruity probiotic yogurt slice can be improved. The fruity probiotic yogurt slice can serve as a functional food for supplementing the vitamin B group, improving the immunity and promoting the intestinal health.

Creep mixed feed for piglets

The invention relates to a pig feed, in particular to a creep mixed feed for piglets. The creep mixed feed for piglets comprises the following raw materials in part by weight: 100 to 300 parts of puffed corn, 100 to 300 parts of rice meal, 100 to 300 parts of flour, 10 to 30 parts of soybean oil, 0.3 to 0.5 part of rovimix 536 compound vitamin, 2.5 to 4 parts of low-copper mineral element, 50 to 100 parts of peeled bean pulp, 30 to 80 parts of fermented bean pulp, 40 to 100 parts of puffed soybean, 30 to 50 parts of steam fish meal, 20 to 50 parts of slurry albumen powder, 20 to 30 parts of dried porcine solubles, 40 to 100 parts of whey powder, 20 to 40 parts of glucose powder, 20 to 40 parts of sucrose, 10 to 50 parts of emulsified fatty powder, 5 to 10 parts of calcium carbonate, 1 to 3 parts of table salt, 5 to 12 parts of calcium biphosphate, 1 to 2 parts of sodium butyrate, 1 to 5 parts of lysine, 0.5 to 3 parts of threonine, 1 to 4 parts of methionine, and 0.5-1 part of TP-100 enzyme. Nutrient components of a product simulate those of breast milk; the creep mixed feed for piglets has high palatability and digestibility; the piglets like eating the feed, so feed intake is large; the product increases the survival rate and the immunity of the piglets, and the piglets do not have loose bowels; and in the product, a process technique of supermicro milling and cold granulating is adopted, and the use ratio of the feed is increased.

Preparation method of purple sweet potato wine

The invention provided a preparation method of a purple sweet potato wine, which is characterized in comprising the following steps of: talking purple sweet potato, cleaning, cutting into pieces or cutting into blocks, steaming to be completely cooked, evenly mixing with water, wherein the quantity of the water is 0.5-3 times of that of the cooked purple sweet potato, adding pectinase and evenly mixing, preserving temperature at 45-55 DEG C for 5-10h, cooling to be 35-40 DEG C to prepare enzymolysis material, and dividing the enzymolysis material into two parts; adding 0.6-1.5% of milled rice koji into one part of the enzymolysis material, and preserving temperature at 35-40 DEG C for 18-24h to prepare bacteria culturing material; and mixing the other part of the enzymolysis material with the bacteria culturing material, adding wine-making yeast expansion culture solution and aroma-producing yeast expansion culture solution, fermenting in a sealing way for 3-4 days, adding sucrose and fermenting in a sealing way for 3-6 days, filtering, adding proper amount of potassium metabisulfite, fomenting at 18-20 DEG C for 15-20 days, removing deposition, ageing, fine filtering, and sterilizing to obtain the final product of the purple sweet potato wine. The preparation method takes the purple sweet potato wine as raw materials, has good product quality, high nutrition value, high commodity additional value and strong practicality.

Fragrant and sweet taste cigarette tipping paper production method

ActiveCN104372719AIncrease the fragranceDifferent pumping sensationSpecial paperPaper coatingHot stampingSucrose
The invention relates to a fragrant and sweet taste cigarette tipping paper production method, which specifically comprises: 1, completely mixing alcohol and an acrylic acid emulsion, then sequentially adding chlorosucrose and aspartame, stirring for 10-20 min, then adding an anti-sedimentation agent and a dispersant, stirring for 5-10 min, adding ethyl maltol (pure flavor type), vanillin and tea extraction essence, stirring for 5-10 min to prepare a fragrant and sweet taste ink, and carrying out sealed storage; 2, printing on a gravure printing machine, wherein the printing plate adopts the laser engraving gravure, the ground color ink adopts the inorganic ink, dilution is performed with alcohol, the final color adopts the fragrant and sweet taste ink to coat, and the printing plate with the mesh depth of 35 [mu]m is adopted; 3, the fragrant and sweet taste ink prepared in the step 1 is coated on the surface of tipping paper, and carrying out sealed storage, wherein the printing speed is 100-120 m / min, and the temperature is 80-100 DEG C; and 4, carrying out hot stamping, slitting and perforating on the tipping paper. With the production method, the cigarette tipping paper is endowed with the sweet taste effect, and the fragrance of the cigarette tipping paper is increased.

Black currant jam for bread with long shelf life and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses black currant jam for bread with a long quality guarantee period and a preparation method thereof. The black currant jam mainly comprises the following components: 20 to 25 percent of flesh and pulp of black currant, 7.5 to 11.5 percent of modified starch, 3.8 to 6 percent of sugar alcohol, 2.2 to 3.7 percent of edible colloid, 0.3 to 1.1 percent of edible emulsifier, 4.4 to 9.7 percent of sucrose, 27 to 34.6 percent of syrup and 1 to 3 percent of grease. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: mixing the modified starch, the sugar alcohol, the edible colloid, the edible emulsifier, a preservative and the sucrose and stirring uniformly; adding water, the syrup and the grease, raising the temperature to 90 to 95 DEG C, and keeping the temperature until the gelatinization is complete; adding the flesh and pulp of the black currants, continuing to stir and keep the temperature, and controlling the content of a solid matter to 65 to 68 percent; andreducing the temperature, and adding an acidity regulator and an edible essence to obtain the black currant jam for the bread with the long quality guarantee period. The black currant jam for the bread with the long quality guarantee period has the advantages that: the jam has soft texture, moist mouthfeel, rich taste, high water content and low water activity, and is baking-resistant, the sugar degree is 65 to 70 degrees, the water activity is 0.75 to 0.8, and the quality guarantee period of finished bread containing the jam is 3 to 6 months.
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