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Health protection robot system and data processing method thereof

The invention discloses a health protection robot system and a data processing method thereof, and relates to the field of medical care, in particular to an intelligent health protection system which is used for integrating fragmented health data so as to realize scientific user health behavior intervention. The invention aims to provide a health protection system which has the advantages of being simple in structure, low in cost and convenient in operation, integrates the fragmented health data, carries out intelligent analysis and carries out intervention on the user health behavior by the system. The health protection robot system comprises an acquisition module, a server and a terminal, wherein the acquisition module is used for collecting the health and medical care data of a user; the server carries out comparison, analysis and model operation through the uploaded health and medical care data, generates a health data summarization and evaluation report and a health intervention scheme, and provides control and support for the operation of a virtual robot; and the terminal is used for a registered user to carry out login, causes the registered user to receive the health data in the acquisition module and is provided with a display module used for displaying the health data and system functions.

Method for extracting refined cordycepin and cordycepin polysaccharide from cordyceps mititaris

The present invention relates to a method for extracting the purificatory cordycepin and the cordyceps amylase from the cordyceps militaris, belonging to the fields of medicines and health protection and chemical engineering. The cordyceps militaris powder is extracted and filtrated by a cooling seep method, the filter residue is mixed with ethanol, the supersonic wave assists to extract and offcenter, the supernatant has the processes of concentration and alcohol-precipitating, then the alcohol-precipitated supernatant has the processes of decompression, concentration and elution, the eluted liquid has the processes of concentration and crystallization and recrystallization using the n-butyl alcohol, at last the purificatory amylase is obtained after freezing and drying. The preparation progress of the present invention only uses water and ethanol as the solvent, thus reducing the pollution, the resin is capable of being reused a plurality of times with low cost. The present invention fully exploits the biological activity ingredients of the cordyceps militaris, realizes the coextraction of the cordycepin and the cordyceps amylase, guarantees the biological activities of the cordycepin and the cordyceps amylase, farthest increases the utilization rate of the raw material to the largest extent, reduces the manufacturing cost. The present invention is suitable for the large-scale industrialized manufacture.

Dried tofu with soybeans as main ingredients

The invention discloses dried tofu with soybeans as main ingredients. The dried tofu comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 100-106 parts of soybeans, 6-10 parts of corn kernels, 4-6 parts of seasame, 6-10 parts of buckwheat, 2-3 parts of pseudo-ginseng, 1-2 parts of lily, 1-2 parts of schisandra chinensis, 1-2 parts of pollen pini, 1-2 parts of Chinese chives, 2-4 parts of garlic bolt, 2-7 parts of white sugar, 2-6 parts of salt, 0.5-1 part of Chinese hawthorn seed powder, a proper amount of mulberry and 0.03-0.06 part of bean product defoaming agent. The dried tofu prepared by the invention has rich nutrition and good taste; the plurality of powder agent added before squeezing and the method of using the mulberry as flavor modifier provide high health protection value to the product; the mulberry can be used for treating dizziness caused by deficiency of liver and kidney, blood deficiency and essence deficiency, waist soreness and tinnitus, premature graying of hair, insomnia and dreaminess, fluid impairment and thirst, consumptive thirst and constipation due to intestinal dryness; and the schisandra chinensis can treat cough and asthma due to lung deficiency, thirty, spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, thinness and weakness due to overexertion, wet dream, spermatorrhea and lingering dysentery.

Cooling and antidotal tea and manufacture method thereof

ActiveCN103125634AReduce consumptionGive full play to the valuePre-extraction tea treatmentBetelToxic material
The invention discloses cooling and antidotal tea which comprises, by weight, 1-2 parts of Chinese-date, 1-2 parts of honeysuckle, 1-2 parts of chrysanthemums, 1-2 parts of roses, 1-2 parts of oolong, 3-4 parts of fructus lycii, 1-2 parts of black sesame, 1-2 parts of white sesame, 1-2 parts of scaphium scaphigerum, 1-2 parts of hawthorn, 0.2-0.3 part of liquorice, 1-2 parts of lotus seeds, 1-2 parts of raisins, 1-2 parts of mint, 1-2 parts of Huang Shan Mao Feng tea, 1-2 parts of roselle, 1-2 parts of rock sugar, 3-4 parts of corns, 5-8 parts of brown rice, 1-2 parts of milk powder, 1-2 parts of calendula, 1-2 parts of cushaw flowers, 1-2 parts of pitaya flowers, 1-2 parts of datlily and 1-2 parts of betel. Manufactured ice tea is similar to milk tea and is capable of achieving instant drink. The ice tea has rich nutrient elements and health protection components. The hawthorn improves digestion, the medlar can be benefit to Yang, the lotus seeds reduce pressure, the scaphium scaphigerum clears heat from the throat, the honeysuckle can clear away heat and toxic materials, and the Huang Shan Mao Feng can resist oxidation and improve a sub-health status of urban white collar, human immunity is increased, and blood sugar and blood fat are reduced and the like. If people drink the cooling and antidotal tea for a long time, life can be prolonged.

Capsule and oral liquid prepared by food plant flower or flower extraction

A capsule and an oral liquid prepared from edible flower of plant or extract of the flower belong to the technology field of food and health food. The capsule and the oral liquid contain 5 to 98% of flower or flower extract, and 2 to 95% of adjuvants. The flower is selected from Rosa rugosa, Camellia japomica, lily, Osmanthus Fragrans, Flos Rosae Chinensis, Lonicera japonica Thunb, Flos Chrysanthemi, Rhododendron, Sophora davidii, bombax ceiba, jasmine, Flos Mume, Diranthus chinensis, lotus, forget-me-not, Flos Sophorae, Lavandula angustifolia Mill., snow lotus, Flos Gomphrenae, Flos Hibisci, Flos Celosiae Cristatae, Flos Puerariae, Fructus Auranti, Gardenia jasminoides, Herba Taraxaci, orchid, Flos caryophyni, Camellia, Flos rosae multiflora, Aglaia flower, Herba Menthae Spicatae flower, Leonurus Artemisia flower, Iris japonica Thunb., loquat flower, Flos Magnoliae, Flos Citri Sarcodactylis, Michelia figo, Juncus effusus Linn., pine pollen, poney, etc. The flower extract is extract of the flowers, and the adjuvants are selected from citric acid, sucrose powder, Mel, Aspartame, xylitol, dextrin, starch, vitamin C, and royal jelly. The capsule and the oral liquid have the advantages of convenient administration, high nutrition and health protection values, good taste, etc.

Child care pig compound feed without tensile body and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to child care pig compound feed without a tensile body, and the child care pig compound feed is prepared from the following components: corn, peeled soybean meal, puffed soybean meal, fermented soybean meal, steam white fish meal, flour, soybean oil, mountain flour, calcium hydrogen phosphate, edible salt, child car pig compound premix, coated slow-release acidifier, L-lysine hydrochloride, DL methionine, L-thronine, tryptophan, octanoic/decanoic acid glyceride, yeast nucleic acid, xylo-oligosaccharides, sodium glutamate, sodium butyrate, the root of Chinese pulsatilla, coptis chinensis, golden cypress, ash bark, choline chloride and phytase. The child care pig compound feed without the tensile body provided by the invention starts from the physiological characteristics of a child care pig, adopts multiple combinations of raw materials, is complementary in nutrition, designs amino-acid-balanced, calcium-phosphate-balanced and electrolyte-balanced daily ration, adds no antibiotic, adopts medium-chain fatty acid and natural Chinese herbal medicine additive for health protection, and can be used for improving food consumption of the child care pig, reducing the feed conversion ratio, improving intestinal health of the child care pig, improving immunity and drawing a skeleton of the child care pig, so that a good foundation is laid for later-stage growth.

A kind of mulberry wine and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102277251AAvoid the peak of ripeness during the full fruit periodThe solution is not easy to storeMicroorganism based processesWine preparationYeastVitis vinifera
The invention provides mulberry wine and a preparation method thereof. The mulberry wine is prepared from two groups of raw material by weight percent: the components of the first group of raw material and the weight percent of the contents are as follows: 85-93% of fresh mulberries, 4-7% of honey and 3-8% of yeast; the components of the first group of raw material and the weight percent of the contents are as follows: 60-70% of stem-removed fresh grapes, 4-8% of medlar, 2-6% of Polygonum multiflorum, 2-5% of Astragalus mongholicus, 2-6% of liquorice, 0.3-0.5% of Cordyceps, 10-15% of white sugar and 3-8% of yeast. The preparation method of the mulberry wine comprises a preparation method of first semi-finished product mulberry wine, a preparation method of second semi-finished product mulberry wine, and a method for synthesizing the finished product of the mulberry wine. The mulberry wine provided by the invention has a rich flavor, has nutritional values of grapes and other compositions and has a health-protection function, and also solves the problem that the mulberries are not easy to be stored and cannot be supplied to people to eat all the year around. The preparation method provided by the invention has the advantages of simple and feasible method, short production period, low cost and production in a large scale.

Hydrogen-enriched health beverage and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a hydrogen-enriched health beverage. The hydrogen-enriched health beverage contains drinking water, and hydrogen and water soluble plant extracts containing natural small molecular group substances are added, wherein mass concentration of the water soluble plant extracts ranges from 3 to 250000ppm, and mass concentration of hydrogen ranges from 0.6 to 3ppm. A preparation method comprises following steps: A, the water soluble plant extracts containing natural small molecular group substances are extracted from plant and are added into drinking water, and an obtained solution is stirred to be uniform; B, hydrogen is added so as to obtain the hydrogen-enriched health beverage. Compared with the prior art, the preparation method is capable of realizing dissolving of the water soluble plant extracts and hydrogen at the same time, solubility of hydrogen in water is increased greatly, release of hydrogen from water is not easily caused, retention time of hydrogen in the hydrogen-enriched health beverage is prolonged, beverage oxidation is delayed, stability is improved, and shelf life is prolonged; synergistic effect of the plant extracts with hydrogen is achieved, so that health protection effect of hydrogen is improved, health protection effect and dietary therapy effect of the water soluble plant extracts are improved, and the effect achieved via combination of two ingredients is better than the sum of the effects of the two ingredients.
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