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Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood constituent monitoring

InactiveUS6181958B1SensorsBlood characterising devicesNon invasiveHemoglobin G Szuhu
A system for determining a biologic constituent including hematocrit transcutaneously, noninvasively and continuously. A finger clip assembly includes including at least a pair of emitters and a photodiode in appropriate alignment to enable operation in either a transmissive mode or a reflectance mode. At least one predetermined wavelength of light is passed onto or through body tissues such as a finger, earlobe, or scalp, etc. and attenuation of light at that wavelength is detected. Likewise, the change in blood flow is determined by various techniques including optical, pressure, piezo and strain gage methods. Mathematical manipulation of the detected values compensates for the effects of body tissue and fluid and determines the hematocrit value. If an additional wavelength of light is used which attenuates light substantially differently by oxyhemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin, then the blood oxygen saturation value, independent of hematocrit may be determined. Further, if an additional wavelength of light is used which greatly attenuates light due to bilirubin (440 nm) or glucose (1060 nm), then the bilirubin or glucose value may also be determined. Also how to determine the hematocrit with a two step DC analysis technique is provided. Then a pulse wave is not required, so this method may be utilized in states of low blood pressure or low blood flow.

Technique for producing Jinhuaqianliang tea (flower coil tea)

The technology for producing golden flower Qianliang tea (Hua-juan tea) is characterized in that the technology comprises the process steps as follow: plucking criteria-water removing in high temperature-rolling and shaping-pile-fermentation-dry and adding incense-stems picking and sieving-matching and pile-classificaition and weighting-steam softening-moisture detection-adpressing and sizing-premilary test and baking-cultivating golden flower-aerationagitation. The technology is an improved deep processing technology. The processes of the pile-fermentation and the cultivating golden flower ensure that the appearance of the products is ooiu colour, the interior is brown, and even distributed beneficial organism (namely, golden flower)-eurotium cristatum is clearly saw, the shangse is bright red, the taste is pure and aromatic, and the flower is aromatic, and has the health care functions of promoting sleeping, invigorating stomach and promoting digestion, relaxing bowel, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva, antidiabetics, lowering blood pressure, curing bloated, cuing laxness, etc. The technology fully actives microelements such as vitamins contained in tea, mineral composition, 18 amino acid, protein, glucide, folic acid, catchol which are beneficial to human health and easily absorbed, and the cultivation of golden flower has substantial transformation on tea polyphenols, caffeine, and theophylline that are transferred into elements that are beneficial to human health, all ages, expand market, have high cultural value, provide collection opportunity for black tea lovers.

Eucommia Bark male flower instant tea and preparing method thereof

InactiveCN101223928AWith compound synergistic effectPrevention of cerebral thrombosisTea substituesFood preparationLiver and kidneyPotassium
The invention discloses an instant tea of eucommia male flower and a preparation method thereof, which uses eucommia male flower, eucommia leaf, hawthorn and puerarin as raw materials; the preparation method comprises the nine processing steps of cleaning and choosing, leaching, thermal treating, heat dissipating, extraction, filtrating, concentrating, granulating and bagging, etc. In the eucommia male flower instant tea of the invention, the eucommia male flower, the eucommia leaf, the hawthorn and the puerarin of the raw materials have the functions of lowering blood pressure, reducing blood, preventing cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction, preventing senile dementia, being antitumor and anti-aging, enhancing immunity, etc., with consistent efficacy direction, due to the efficacy combination of the four raw materials, the invention has compound synergism effect; besides, the promoting digestion and removing stagnated food, reinforcing spleen and strengthening stomach functions of hawthorn and improving cardiac function of puerarin and nourishing liver and kidney function of eucommia male flower and eucommia leaf can achieve complementary effect, which leads the health function of the tea to be more distinctive. Due to containing richly calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc., the invention is endowed with rich nutrition, faint scent and good taste.
Owner:张康健 +1

Eucommia ulmoides leaf and wild chrysanthemum flower nutritional powder processing method

The present invention discloses an eucommia ulmoides leaf and wild chrysanthemum flower nutritional powder processing method. The eucommia ulmoides leaf and wild chrysanthemum flower nutritional powder is processed by using eucommia ulmoides leaves and wild chrysanthemum flowers as main raw materials, preparing raw materials, complex enzymatic treating, blending, homogenizing, degassing, sterilizing, concentrating in vacuum, freeze-drying, sorting and packaging, etc. By conducting steaming enzyme deactivating for the eucommia ulmoides leaves and wild chrysanthemum flowers, the astringent tastes of the raw materials are removed; by conducting beating of the raw materials using vitamin C solution, the nutrients are richer in the product; and by complex enzymatic treatment, the nutrients of the eucommia ulmoides leaves and wild chrysanthemum flowers are fully retained, the utilizations of the raw materials are improved. Multiple homogenizings not only improve the taste of the finished nutritional powder, but also enhance the quality of the finished nutritional powder, and thus the finished nutritional powder has health-care functions of clearing heat and clearing away toxins, dispelling wind and dispersing heat, removing blood stasis and improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, etc.

Capsule for treating hypertension

The invention discloses a capsule for treating hypertension. The capsule is characterized in that the capsule is prepared from the following traditional Chinese medicinal raw materials, by weight, 2 parts of radix astragali, 20 parts of red sage root, 6 parts of root of kudzu vine, 8 parts of Chinese yam, 10 parts of ginkgo biloba, 16 parts of corn silk, 16 parts of gynostemma pentaphylla, 7 parts of pseudo-ginseng, 35 parts of haw, 3 parts of perilla, 2 parts of apocynum venetum, 5 parts of wild chrysanthemum flower, 2 parts of prunella vulgaris, 17 parts of uncaria, 16 parts of wolfberry, 3 parts of concha haliotidis, 6 parts of eucommia, 10 parts of raw oyster shell, 15 parts of white peony root, 15 parts of achyranthes root, 3 parts of lotus plumule, 10 parts of Poria cocos, 10 parts of rhizoma alismatis and 10 parts of rhizoma gastrodiae. Symptoms of a patient can be alleviated within a short period of time after the capsule is taken. The capsule has effects of reducing blood pressure and blood lipid. Curative effect is stable; drug effect is definite; and the technology is feasible. The capsule has little side effect if a patient takes the capsule for a long time. After drug discontinuance, hypertension is not easy to recur. Costof the capsule is low.

Health care food and application thereof

The invention discloses a health care food and application thereof, belonging to the technical field of health care products. The health care food is composed of the following materials in percent by weight: 20 to 50 % of okra extracts, 10 to 30 % of mandarin fruit extracts, 10 to 20 % of pagodatree flower bud extracts, 5 to 20 % of honeysuckle extracts, 5 to 20 % of green tea extracts, 5 to 20 % of herba dendrodii officinalis powder, and 5 to 20 % of ginseng powder. The health care product is composed of multiple kinds of natural plant extracts and rare traditional Chinese medicines, and is capable of realizing synergistic effect through acting on multiple target organs; the health care food has functions of resisting fatigue, enhancing human tolerance and immunity of organism, restraining bacteria, resisting inflammation, clearing away heat and toxic material, removing inner inflammation and improving eyesight, protecting liver, tonifying Yang and kidney, resisting oxidization, resisting aging, removing radicals, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, aiding digestion, promoting digestion and easing constipation, and the like; and the health care food also has the advantages of high health-care and nutritional value, rational composition, remarkable therapeutic effect and simple production process, and is capable of realizing industrialization production.

Fried mushroom bean curd and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103444881AHigh in nutrientsIncrease the nutritional content and add diced mushrooms to make the dried tofu have a unique flavorCheese manufactureFood scienceBiotechnologyAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses fried mushroom bean curd. The fried mushroom bean curd is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 120-140 parts of soybeans, 15-20 parts of semen juglandis, 10-12 parts of mushroom, 6-8 parts of papaya juice, 1-2 parts of angelica dahurica, 2-3 parts of gynostemma pentaphylla, 1-2 parts of papaya nucleus, 2-3 parts of red dates, 1-2 parts of hawthorn leaves, 2-3 parts of cistanche deserticola, 2-3 parts of aplotaxis auriculata, 1-2 parts of lance asiabell roots, 2-3 parts of ligusticum wallichii, 1-2 parts of cortex acanthopanacis, 1-2 parts of scabish, 1-2 parts of jade butterflies and 2-3 parts of morinda officinalis. By adding the semen juglandis into the bean curd produced by using the method disclosed by the invention, the nutrients of the bean curd are increased; by adding diced mushrooms, the bean curd is unique in flavour; as the bean curd is dried, the bean curd is chewy; by adding various health-care traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, the bean curd has functions of lowering blood pressure, lowing cholesterol, invigorating stomach to digest, invigorating spleen and stomach, preventing and resisting cancer, enriching kidney and warming lung, and relaxing bowel.
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