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Biochemical engineering, also known as bioprocess engineering, is a field of study with roots stemming from chemical engineering and biological engineering. It mainly deals with the design, construction, and advancement of unit processes that involve biological organisms or organic molecules and has various applications in areas of interest such as biofuels, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and water treatment processes. The role of a biochemical engineer is to take findings developed by biologists and chemists in a laboratory and translate that to a large-scale manufacturing process.

DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) sequencer

The invention discloses a DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) sequencer which comprises a supporting table, a plurality of vibration dampers, a vibration damping plate, a reaction bin assembly, a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera, a two-dimensional regulation supporting device and a medicament supply assembly, wherein the vibration damping plate is connected with the supporting table by a plurality of vibration dampers; the reaction bin assembly is fixedly arranged on the vibration damping plate and is used for performing the DNA sequencing reaction; the CCD camera is used for acquiring an optical signal; the two-dimensional regulation supporting device is used for supporting the CCD camera; and the medicament supply assembly is arranged on the supporting table and is used for providing reagents and buffer solution for the reaction bin assembly. According to the DNA sequencer disclosed by the invention, by the arrangement of a plurality of reaction bins and the matching of the two-dimensional regulation supporting device capable of carrying out two-dimensional regulation and the medicament supply assembly capable of supplying the reagents for a plurality of reaction bins, the aim of simultaneously performing a plurality of reactions is fulfilled, a plurality of samples can be simultaneously sequenced and the DNA sequencing efficiency is greatly improved.

High-capacity intermittent industrial wastewater microwave photocatalytic degradation device

The invention relates to a high-capacity intermittent industrial wastewater microwave photocatalytic degradation device, belonging to the technical field of wastewater treatment. The existing microwave photocatalytic degradation technology for the organic pollutant-containing industrial wastewater has the problems that microwave energy is wasted and practical single-jar wastewater treatment quantity is relatively small, and has the problem of scaling since an electrodeless ultraviolet lamp screen protector in the device is soaked in wastewater liquid by the outer side face of a quartz tube for a long term. The invention intends to solve the problems globally.In order to solve the problems, an electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is arranged in a silk screen cage-shaped nonopaque microwave restraining device made from metal material, the microwave is guided into the microwave restraining device to be restrained, the useless dissipation of the microwave can be stopped, and the designed volume of an expander can be allowed to be greatly enlarged on the basis of the structure, so that the single-jar wastewater treatment quantity of a reactor can be greatly improved. An ultrasonic transducer is attached to the outer side face of the side wall of the reactor, so that the scale can be timely removed after the high-frequency ultrasonic wave reaches up to the scale.

Method for preparing drug sustained release nanofibers

The invention provides a method for preparing drug sustained release nanofibers. The method is characterized by including the specific steps that (1) drug-carried micro-spheres are arranged in an organic solvent to be evenly stirred and vibrated to obtain core layer spinning solutions; (2) degradable solutes and volatile solvents are evenly mixed to prepare surface-layer spinning solutions; (3) the surface-layer spinning solutions and the core layer spinning solutions are injected into a surface-layer liquid storage tank and a core layer liquid storage tank of a coaxial spinning jet respectively, coaxial electrostatic spinning is carried out at the room temperature, and the volatile solvents in the surface-layer spinning solutions volatilize to form through holes in the spinning process to obtain the drug sustained release nanofibers with the porous surface layer and the drug-carried micro-sphere wrapped core layer. By means of the method, the obvious multi-stage drug release system is achieved, and the drug-carried micro-spheres are released in the core layer firstly to enter a hole channel in the surface layer and finally enter damaged target components of the nanofibers to give play to drug effects. The method is simple in operation and gentle in reaction condition. A drug sustained release curve is well controlled, and the drug using efficiency is improved.

Non-combustion smog-free electronic cigarette

The invention discloses a non-combustion smog-free electronic cigarette. The non-combustion smog-free electronic cigarette comprises a heating rod assembly, a filter tip assembly and an electronic cigarette rod. The heating rod assembly comprises a heating rod electrode ring positive electrode, a heating rod electrode ring negative electrode and a heating rod insulation ring, wherein the heating rod electrode ring positive electrode and the heating rod electrode ring negative electrode are coaxial. A heating rod axial airflow hole and a heating rod radial airflow hole are formed in the hearing rod electrode ring positive electrode, a thermal insulation sleeve is arranged at the outer end of the heating rod electrode ring negative electrode, and a heating assembly is arranged in the thermal insulation sleeve. The filter tip assembly comprises a filter tip shell, a filter tip cover, a filter element and a solid cigarette core. A smoking hole is formed in the filter tip cover, a heating cavity is formed inside the solid cigarette core, the inner end of the filter tip assembly is arranged on the heating rod assembly, and the like. The solid cigarette core is made of porous materials containing tobacco components, and the non-combustion smog-free electronic cigarette is not combusted in the smoking process and can replace traditional cigarettes completely.
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