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Technique for extracting active component of Enteromorpha prolifera and method for preparing Enteromorpha prolifera seaweed fertilizer

The invention provides effective technology for extracting active ingredients of Entermorpha and a method for preparing an Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The method is characterized by comprising: taking the Entermorpha as a raw material, effectively extracting the active ingredients of the Entermorpha through technical processes such as pretreatment of raw materials, leaching, neutralization, concentration and combination, taking an extracting solution as a base fluid, combining the extracting solution with at least one composition of humic acid, urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassiumsulfate, monoammonium phosphate and microelement, and preparing the high-activity Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The Entermorpha alga fertilizer is rich in active substances of algae, not only can strengthen photosynthesis of crops, increase the yield of the crops and improve the product quality but also can strengthen the cold resistance, the drought resistance, the stress resistance and the disease resistance of the crops, promote earliness of the crops and increase the fertile flower percentage and the fertile fruit percentage, has lower production cost, good solubility and safe use, is friendly and harmless to human beings, domestic animals and the natural environment, and is a novel environment-friendly fertilizer suitable for modern agriculture.

Automatic control system for intelligent and efficient greenhouse agricultural production

The invention relates to an automatic control system for intelligent and efficient greenhouse agricultural production, which comprises a central processing module, and a detection module, a keyboard input module, a display module, a communication module and an execution module which are connected with the central processing module, wherein the detection model comprises a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, an illumination sensor, a carbon dioxide concentration sensor, an oxygen concentration sensor and a settling pond water yield sensor, which are arranged in a shed, and a wind speed sensor, a rain and snow sensor, a shed-outside temperature sensor and a shed-outside humidity sensor, which are arranged outside the shed; the execution module comprises a cooling unit, a warming unit, a ventilating unit, a light filling unit and a deep-well pump; and the communication module is connected with an upper computer away from the shed by a communication cable. By the automatic control system, the growth environment in the shed can be detected in real time, moisture, other nutrients and the growth environment required by plants are supplied and controlled intelligently, so that animals and the plants can grow quickly with high efficiency and nutrition in ideal environment, the labor cost is reduced, and the output efficiency is improved.

Compound liquid fertilizer with high suspension degree, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a compound liquid fertilizer with high suspension degree, and a preparation method and an application thereof, and belongs to the liquid fertilizer industry field. The preparation method comprises the steps: adding macromolecule organic sugar into a clay material to be used as a basal suspending agent I, and carrying out first suspension chelation of a major element and a trace element at the temperature of 40-60 DEG C; followed by controlling the temperature at 20-30 DEG C, slowly adding a plant growth regulator and a surface active material, fully mixing uniformly, finally adding macromolecule cellulose and an analog thereof as a suspending agent II, carrying out second suspension chelation, and fully stirring to obtain the compound liquid fertilizer with high suspension degree. The prepared compound liquid fertilizer with high suspension degree has comprehensive nutrients, high content, low cost, good liquidity, good stability and good dissolvability, and is beneficial for crops to efficiently absorb and utilize. The preparation method is simple in process and easy to implement. The compound liquid fertilizer is an ideal fertilizer source for water and fertilizer integration for drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, water flushing and the like.

The control method of increasing the low-temperature heating heat of inverter air conditioner

The invention provides a control method for increasing low-temperature heating heat of a varied-frequency air conditioner. After an outdoor electronic control chip of the air conditioner receives an instruction to start an indoor low-temperature heating mode, the method comprises the following steps: step 1: the outdoor electronic control chip responses outdoor ambient temperature and environmentrelative humidity so that the air conditioner can enters into a corresponding low-temperature heating running state; and step 2: after the air conditioner enters into a low-temperature heating running state, a compressor runs for a corresponding heating time according to a designated heating frequency, then the air conditioner enters into a defrosting operation and an outdoor heat exchanger of the air conditioner can be defrosted through reversing a four-way valve in the air conditioner, wherein before the defrosting operation in the step 2 and in the entire process of defrosting operation, the operation frequency and time of the compressor can be changed on condition that the compressor of the air conditioner keeps running all the time. The method provided by the invention can response the changes of ambient temperature and relative humidity and can effectively improve low-temperature heating heat of the varied-frequency air conditioner.

A kind of pseudomonas and its use and method for removing cadmium pollution in environment

The invention relates pseudomonas, use thereof and a method for removing cadmium pollution to the environment. The pseudomonas class is named pseudomonas putidaHN103 and the collection number in a collection center is CCTCCNo.M2011184; and the shape and characteristics of the pseudomonas putidaHN103 comprise: 1) on a culture medium, a bacterial colony which used to be colorless and transparent turns white, smooth and convex-like with irregular edges; and 2) according to the result of bacterial microscopic examination, pseudomonas belongs to brevibacterium and is gram negative. The use of the bacteria is the use of the bacteria as a biological repair material for removing cadmium pollution. The method for removing cadmium pollution to the environment comprises the following steps: 1) regulating the cadmium ion concentration in sewage to a range in which pseudomonas can grow normally; 2) placing pseudomonas; 3) keeping the pseudomonas in the sewage for a certain time period; and 4) removing bacterial absorbing cadmium ions. The pseudomonas requires small investment, is low in cost, high in adaptability and capable of effectively removing cadmium, can quickly and obviously lower the concentration of cadmium ions in the environment and is suitable for biological remediation environments polluted by cadmium.

Bacterial strain for preventing and controlling tobacco black shank and bacterium agent thereof

ActiveCN101220335AMaintained ability to suppress tobacco black shankGrow fastBiocideFungiDecompositionCarbon source
The invention relates to a bacterial strain for preventing and treating tobacco black shank and the bacteria agent thereof, which is characterized in that: the invention adopts paecilomyces lilacinus ZY-19-2, the collection number is CCTCCNO: M207196, as the original bacterial strain to prepare the bacteria agent through a fermentation process, and the fermentation conditions are as follows: 0.8 to 2.0 percent of colloidal chitin is taken as a carbon source, the initial pH value of the fermentation fluid is 5.5 to 7.0, 0.8 to 1.5 percent peptone is taken as a nitrogen source, 0.1 percent Tween-80 is taken as a surfactant, the fermentation time is 48 to 72h, the vaccination amount is 0.8 to 2 percent, and the rotational speed of a shaking bed is 100 to 180r/min. The invention has the following advantages that: 1. the paecilomyces lilacinus strain has fast growth, the producing capacity of chitin is strong; 2. the invention can decompose the body walls of flies and maggots and can grow on the body walls of flies and maggots or a culture medium which is prepared by the decomposition products of the body walls and water; 3. the invention can be colonized at the root of a tobacco plant for resisting the infection of the tobacco black shank; 4. the invention can effectively overcome the antibacterial effect of the soil and maintain the suppression capacity of the tobacco black shank for a long time.

Propagation method for rapid spikelet breeding of ithocarpus polysachyus rehd

The invention discloses a propagation method for rapid spikelet breeding of ithocarpus polysachyus rehd. The method comprises nursery land selection and soil preparation, building of cutting orchard, management of cutting orchard, scion wood cultivation, cutting slips collection and treatment, cuttage and after-cuttage management procedure; a single high-quality nursery stock is selected, and a ridge is excavated on a seedling trench of the nursery land, and applied with organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer, and then the stock plant is planted and cultivated as the cutting orchard; a half-lignified branch after topdressing and reasonably clipping and cultivating is used as the scion wood, and the scion wood is spliced in a nutrition cup filled with matrix; a film and a blackout screen are covered to cultivate nursery stock; thus massive high-quality ithocarpus polysachyus rehd cutting seedlings are obtained. The high-quality female parent scion wood is cultivated by the cutting orchard, the propagation amount of the scion wood is big, and the propagation speed is quick; the excellent character of the female parent is kept; the scion wood is applied to cutting propagation, so as to cultivate high-quality ithocarpus polysachyus rehd seedlings; the propagation method is short in seedling time, quick in speed, high in survival rate, simple in method, and easy to operate; the propagation method has good economical benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.

Modified polyurethane suspended filler and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses modified polyurethane suspended filler which comprises, by weight, 10 parts to 80 parts of polyhydroxyalkanoate, 10 parts to 80 parts of activated carbon, 60 parts to 80 parts of polyurethane, 1 part to 10 parts of water-soluble polyurethane solutions, 0 part to 10 parts of bioactivator, 0 part to 1 part of inorganic metal salt, 0 part to 20 parts of organic high-molecular polymer and 0 part to 10 parts of inorganic flocculate. A preparation method of the modified polyurethane suspended filler includes the steps of taking the 10 parts to 80 parts of polyhydroxyalkanoate, the 10 parts to 80 parts of activated carbon, the 0 part to 10 parts of bioactivator, the 0 part to 1 part of inorganic metal salt, the 0 part to 20 parts of organic high-molecular polymer and the 0 part to 10 parts of inorganic flocculate, dissolving the mixture in the 1 part to 10 parts of water-soluble polyurethane solutions, soaking the 60 parts to 80 parts of polyurethane in the solution to obtain the loaded polyurethane suspended filler, and conducting secondary drying after primary drying is conducted to obtain the modified polyurethane suspended filler. The modified polyurethane suspended filler has the advantages of being high in porosity and large in specific area.

Sensor equipped flame retardant clothing

A fire-fighter turnout coat having an outer flame retardant shell with exterior and interior sides, the shell layer having a dual layer of first and second materials woven together in a manner which allows the formation of void spaces between the first and second materials when the turnout coat is exposed to increasing heat, the first material generally having a polyparaphenylene isophthalamide meta-aramid polymer and the second material generally having a para-aramid polymer; a second inner thermal insulating layer having an interior side and comprising a woven or nonwoven material; a moisture barrier layer positioned between the outer shell and the inner insulating layer; and a thermal detector system having a first heat sensor positioned on the shell exterior side, the first sensor having a thermistor and a thermocouple, a second heat sensor positioned on the thermal layer interior side and having a thermistor, a first display positioned adjacent the first sensor on the shell layer exterior side, a second display positioned remotely from the first sensor on the shell layer exterior side, and a power supply, wherein the first and second sensors and the first and second displays are electrically interconnected with the power supply to communicate temperature change by light emission from the first and second displays, wherein the electrical interconnection is conductive textile ribbon.

Method for culturing large eucalyptus seedlings

The invention discloses a method for culturing large eucalyptus seedlings. The method comprises the following technical steps: 1. selection of seedling field; 2. preparation of a plug seedling bed; 3.preparation and sterilization of matrix soil; 4. selection and treatment of ear rods and tissue culture seedlings; 5. cutting and plug transplantation of the tissue culture seedlings, wherein, the cutting seedlings are vertically inserted in the midpoint of holes at depth of 1.5-2cm; and the tissue culture seedlings are directly transplanted to the prepared plug seedling bed; 6. water and fertilizer management; 7. transplantation in vessels: the seedlings are cultured in the plugs for about 50-70 days, and terminal buds are newly extracted to 2-3cm; when the root systems of most of nursery stocks are lumped, the seedlings in the plugs are transplanted to a black polyethylene plastic nursery cup with 8*8 (cm) for culturing the large seedlings; and 8. culture of the large seedlings: the transplanted young seedlings are placed in a shading arched cover for culture, and a shading net is gradually opened for hardening the seedlings at the later period; water and fertilizer management is strengthened; and then the seedlings are removed out of a seedling nursery and planted in a mountain for afforestation in the case of seedling height up to 35-50cm and ground stems up to more than 0.25cm, fertilization is stopped 10 days before afforestation, and the nursery stocks are applied with transferring fertilizer by 0.3% of complex fertilizer once 1-2 days before outplanting.

Rapid method for developing different camellia varieties in the same tree

The invention discloses a method for rapid developing multi-variety camellia on a tree, which belongs to a method for grafting trees in horticulture. The method comprises the processes: (1) technique of selecting variety of rootstock and scion; (2) technique of transplanting rootstock; (3) technique of grafting the scion; (4) managing technique after transplanting and grafting. The method for rapid developing multi-variety camellia on a tree of the invention has the advantages that grafting can be carries out at all seasons; varieties of the rootstock and the scion are not limited with a high survival rate and quick growth; flower blossoms out in current year; the survival multi-variety camellia has strong adaptive capacity and can grow and blossom in a temperature of -6 to 35 DEG C. By adopting the invention, gene of the camellia can be promoted to change, which makes the camellia grow developed fibrous root but not earth root and have little sideway root; the camellia only blossoms red and white flowers can be changed in a short period into an unique tree which can blossom tens of varieties of flowers, which achieves an effect of beautifying environment and is used for an occasion that the camellia is regarded as ornamental trees. The invention is a gardening technique with a strong artistry.

Method for planting saffron crocus in Tibet region

The invention relates to a method for planting saffron crocus in a Tibet region and belongs to the technical field of natural medicine plantation. The method comprises the steps of field seed ball breeding and indoor cultivation flower picking. The field seed ball breeding comprises the sub-steps of selection of seed corms, plantation preparation, plantation, field management, harvesting of the seed corms and storage of the seed corms. The indoor cultivation flower picking comprises the sub-steps of loading into flat baskets, shelving, cultivation management, and harvesting and processing of the saffron crocus. The saffron crocus is planted in a large field in the Tibet region by using the plantation method, sunlight is sufficient, the plantation time of the seed corms in the land is long, flowers are picked in the land, and the cost is reduced; by virtue of the selection and the cooperation of various plantation parameters according to the technical scheme, filaments of the produced saffron crocus are long, the appearance is good, and the yield is high; the content of saffron crocus essence and saffron crocus bitter principle is greatly higher than that of the saffron crocus produced in the prior art, the medicinal value is high, and pesticide residues are eliminated; moreover, seed balls are large, low in lesion and low in degeneration.
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