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Intermittent gas flow apparatus and membrane separation apparatus

Intermittent gas flow and membrane separation apparatus and methods of use including an internal gas chamber including an upper wall; at least one inlet for supplying gas to the internal gas chamber; a column pipe that extends above the upper wall of the internal gas chamber, the column pipe including a lower end portion including a lower end portion opening in the internal gas chamber, the column pipe linking the internal gas chamber to an area external to the internal gas chamber for fluid flow between the internal gas chamber and the external area; an auxiliary pipe including one end portion connected to the column pipe for fluid flow between the auxiliary pipe and the column pipe, and another end portion branched off from the column pipe, the another end portion including an opening located in the internal gas chamber at a position higher than the lower end portion opening of the column pipe by a predetermined height; and an auxiliary pipe external tubular member including a closed end, the auxiliary pipe external tubular member surrounding the another end portion of the auxiliary pipe with the closed end being positioned below the opening in the another end portion of the auxiliary pipe, and spaced from the another end portion by a predetermined distance permitting fluid flow into the space between the wall of the tubular member and the auxiliary pipe.

Mobile station and methods for diagnosing and modeling site specific full-scale effluent treatment facility requirements

InactiveUS20110257788A1Reduce financial riskHigh continuity of operationWater/sewage treatment by neutralisationSustainable biological treatmentInitial treatmentIon exchange
A mobile station and methods are disclosed for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements to arrive at a treatment regimen and/or proposed commercial plant model idealized for the particular water/site requirements. The station includes a mobile platform having power intake, effluent intake and fluid outflow facilities and first and second suites of selectably actuatable effluent pre-treatment apparatus. An effluent polishing treatment array is housed at the station and includes at least one of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange stages. A suite of selectively actuatable post-treatment apparatus is housed at the station. Controls are connected at the station for process control, monitoring and data accumulation. A plurality of improved water treatment technologies is also disclosed. The modeling methods include steps for analyzing raw effluent to be treated, providing a field of raw effluent condition entry values and a field of treated effluent condition goals entry values, and utilizing said fields to determine an initial treatment model including a selection of, and use parameters for, treatment technologies from the plurality of down-scaled treatment technologies at the facility, the model dynamically and continuously modifiable during treatment modeling.

Apparatus for the purification of water and method therefor

An apparatus and method for the purification of contaminated water whereby the contamination level of the wastewater is automatically monitored and treatment self-adjusted and continued until the desired level of purification is reached. Specifically, if upon treatment a pre-set purification level is not obtained a water recycle control means completely precludes the uptake of additional contaminated water and recycles wastewater within the apparatus until the desired level of purification is obtained. The present invention more particularly pertains to an efficient, turn key, economical, movable, automatic and compact apparatus and method for treating a fluid with ozone comprising multiple pressurized contact columns which are arranged in a hybrid parallel and series column configuration, which utilizes a unique water recycle control system and piping arrangement to improve the efficiency of the mass transfer of ozone into the water and increase its solubility by increasing the contact time between the water phase and the gas phase. The apparatus and method of the present invention has the further advantage that it requires minimal installation and may be used to fulfill the clean and safe water needs of any hotel, resort, restaurant, hospital, light industry, commercial business, apartment complex or small city.

Method for biologically remediating water body and soil comprehensively utilizing resources

The invention discloses a method for biologically remediating a water body and soil comprehensively utilizing resources. The method comprises the steps: (1), determining main pollutants in a selected land area or water body area; (2), selecting to plant and/or cultivate fast-growing herbaceous plants, fast-growing alga, trees, bushes, fungi or microorganisms with high remediation efficiency in the selected land area or water body area; (3), harvesting or collecting the fast-growing herbaceous plants and the fast-growing alga after growing to reach a suitable height or size; (4), concentratedly processing the harvested or collected fast-growing herbaceous plants and the fast-growing alga, and comprehensively utilizing to prevent the pollutants from dispersing; (5), remediating an eutrophic water body by adopting an artificial floating island; (6), remediating a heavy metal polluted water body by confining floating plants; (7), repairing cadmium and zinc polluted soil by mixed-cropping festuca arundinacea and bluegrass; (8), remediating polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) polluted soil by mixed-cropping alfalfa and italian ryegrass; and (9), extracting and recovering silver from silver-containing wastewater remediation plants.

Ecological closed cycle water fish-cultivating method

The present invention belongs to an industrialization aquiculture field, particularly relates to a closed cycle water industrialized fish cultivating system. The system separates solid and liquid in a storage sedimentation basin and a backwater channel sedimentation and rotational flow pool sedimentation, the tiny particulate matter is separated and purified by a sandrock filtering bed of a one level biological filter based on the water particulate matter separation, the water purified by the one level biological filter is feed into a two stage biological filter, the biological film of biologic filling material in the one level and the two stage biological filters is degraded with ammonia nitrogen and azote nitrous acid, the total purifying rate of the water particulate matter reaches more than 99%, the culturing water is added with oxygen mechanically or by liquid oxygen, finally the water is disinfected and sterilized through a ultraviolet ray sterilizer, and the clean ecological water is feed into a fish pool, thus the waste water of the fish pool may be purified and used in repeat. The fish-cultivating system implements completely closed cycle water industrialized fish cultivation, the fish is out of a disease or less, and the fish survival is more than 80%.
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