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Fodder, a type of animal feed, is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, rabbits, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs. "Fodder" refers particularly to food given to the animals (including plants cut and carried to them), rather than that which they forage for themselves (called forage). Fodder (/ˈfɒdər/) is also called provender (/ˈprɒvəndər/) and includes hay, straw, silage, compressed and pelleted feeds, oils and mixed rations, and sprouted grains and legumes (such as bean sprouts, fresh malt, or spent malt). Most animal feed is from plants, but some manufacturers add ingredients to processed feeds that are of animal origin.

Feed for pigs in different growth stages and feeding method thereof

The invention discloses a feed for pigs in different growth stages and a feeding method of the feed, which belong to the field of feeds. The feed with a new formula consists of sucking pig milk powder, a sucking pig feed, a piggy feed, a middle pig feed and an adult pig feed. Sucking pigs are fed with 4kg of sucking pig milk powder from the third day after the birthday to the age of 37-40 days of the sucking pigs; then the sucking pigs are fed with 20kg of sucking pig feed from the 37th-40th day after the birthday to the age of 59-65 days; the pigs can get out of a fence after being fed with a bag of piggy feed, two bags of middle pig feed and three bags of adult pig feed, the weight of each pig is more than 120kg when the pigs get out of the fence, and the specification of the piggy feed, the middle pig feed and the adult pig feed is 40kg/bag. The feed is designed and developed according to the growth characteristics of the pigs in different growth stages; the feeding method simplifies a complex pig culturing process through simple and effectively digitalization, so that the transition of different growth stages is stable and effective; therefore, the growth speed of the pigs is obviously improved, and the pig culturing benefit is effectively improved.

High protein corn product production and use

The present invention relates to the production of a highly digestible, high protein product (high protein distillers dried grains or high protein DDG) from corn endosperm, and more particularly to a method for the recovery of high protein DDG by using: (i) dehulling and degermination to isolate a low fat, low fiber corn endosperm fraction, (ii) enzymatic hydrolysis to solubilize and alcoholic fermentation to assimilate the starch and non-starch carbohydrates present in the corn endosperm, and (iii) filtration and/or centrifugation to recover the dealcoholized insoluble solids that remain after fermentation of the corn endosperm. The present invention provides an alternative to the traditional dry mill method of processing corn to produce ethanol, and results in the production and recovery of a distillers' by-product (high protein DDG) with increased value and range of use as an ingredient in feeds for farm-raised ruminants and non-ruminants and pet foods. The product of the present invention contains less than about 2.0 weight percent starch, from about 55.0 to about 65.0 weight percent protein, from about 4.5 to about 7.5 weight percent fat, from about 3.0 to about 5.0 weight percent crude fiber, and from about 78.0 to about 90.0 percent total digestible nutrients, and improves the palatability and digestibility of animal feeds and/or pet foods into which it is incorporated, and aids in the management of the health and weight gain of the animal.

Bioremediation method for soil polluted by heavy metals

ActiveCN102553904AComposite treatment effect is goodConsiderable enrichmentContaminated soil reclamationMicroorganismPollution soil
The invention discloses a bioremediation method for soil polluted by heavy metals. The bioremediation method comprises the following steps of: adding earthworm feeds into the soil polluted by the heavy metals, turning the soil, uniformly mixing, and putting earthworms into the soil and cultivating the earthworms; after the earthworms are cultivated for 28 to 35 days, collecting earthworm excrements in the upper layer soil, collecting adult earthworms by adopting a natural lighting method, and retaining young earthworms and earthworm eggs in the soil; planting plants by adopting a hedge planting method, cradling the parts of the plants growing for 78 to 90 days, which are positioned above the ground, and removing the whole plants after the plants grow for another 50 to 70 days; collecting the adult earthworms and the earthworm excrements for 1 to 3 days by adopting an outdoor collection method every 28 to 35 days during planting of the plants; and after the whole plants are removed, collecting all the adult earthworms and the young earthworms by adopting the natural lighting method, and collecting the earthworm excrements and the earthworm eggs. The soil is subjected to remediationby combining animals, plants and microorganisms according to a proper remediation sequence and a remediation period, so that the bioremediation method is economic, environment-friendly, easy to operate, high in remediation efficiency and easy to popularize, and is particularly suitable for mild or moderate copper, cadmium and lead combined polluted soils.

Core premix for organic beef cattle

The invention relates to a core premix for organic beef cattle, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 10-40% of compound galenical preparation, 10-40% of compound enzyme preparation, 10-30% of compound micro-ecological preparation, 20-40% of natural mineral substances, 15-30% of natural vitamins and 5-30% of other preparations. The product can be mixed with organic crop straws, corn, cakes, wheat bran, grass powder, iodized salt, bone powder, calcium powder and the like in certain proportions to be used as a diet for the beef cattle; and by feeding the beef cattle with the diet all year round, not only the immunity of the organic beef cattle can be improved in the feeding process, but also the quality and taste of the beef are improved. Because the product uses the galenical preparation of a plurality of natural traditional Chinese medicines such as cordate houttuynia, honeysuckle flower, radix astragali, forsythia, tuckahoe, fleece-flower root, atractylodes rhizome, white atractylodes rhizome, hawthorn, liquorice and the like as additives to replace the western medicines and antibiotics, uses the compound enzyme preparation to improve the feed utilization ratio and uses the compound micro-ecological preparation to improve the intestinal tract environment of the beef cattle, thus ensuring the food safety of the organic beef.
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