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Generally, a fishery is an entity engaged in raising or harvesting fish which is determined by some authority to be a fishery. According to the FAO, a fishery is typically defined in terms of the "people involved, species or type of fish, area of water or seabed, method of fishing, class of boats, purpose of the activities or a combination of the foregoing features". The definition often includes a combination of fish and fishers in a region, the latter fishing for similar species with similar gear types.

Submersible netpen

The present invention relates to a netpen for breeding, storage, or transport of fish in the sea, in particular completely or in part in open sea regions outside the skerries, wherein the netpen may be lowered in the sea to a desired depth when needed, wherein the netpen may be elevated to a half or approximately half submerged state for various work operations, such as maintenance and inspection of the netpen or harvesting, and wherein netpen has a substantially spherical geometry. The invention is characterized in that the netpen consists of a framework of stays (1, 2, 3, 4) mainly comprising polyethylene or polyethylene-like materials, such as PolyEthylene Low Density (PELD) or PolyEthylene High Density (PEHD), preferably PEHD, a horizontal through center pole (5) also serving as a buoyancy adjusting element for elevation and lowering of the netpen, a horseshoe-shaped working platform (6) having an integrated dock (7) for working vessels, the entire working platform including dock being liftable and lowerable through buoyancy adjustment by means of a designated element (13), and the working deck being mounted on an extended axle (15) on the center pole in such a manner that the netpen may be rotated inside said working deck. On said axle, through lines (8), there are also attached buoys (10) that gives the netpen sufficient reserve buoyancy in normal position as well as weighting organs (9) that, when the netpen is to be stabilized fully submerged at a desired depth, is landed on the sea floor; alternatively, the netpen is stabilized at the desired depth due to the reserve buoyancy in the floatation unit (30) and the floatation element (23), as shown in FIG. 30. Life-supporting functions, such as fodder, energy, and air, are being supplied to the netpen through a lifeline from a nearby floatation unit (30), preferably a platform being an integrated part of the anchoring for the netpen.

Loach fish fry artificial cultivation method

A loach fish fry artificial cultivation method is characterized by comprising spawning and hatching process, 7-day (d) fish fries cultivation and 15 d fish fries cultivation, wherein the spawning and hatching process comprises the following steps: parent fish rearing and selecting; artificial induction; fertilization process; and fertilized egg hatching process. A loach fish fry reinforced cultivation method comprises the following steps: adopting indoor flat surface slot to cultivate the 7 d fish fries and the 15 d fish fries, reinforced culturing fish fries, stocking loach fish fries to a pond after the 7 d fish loach fish fries and the 15 d fish fries grow up, and thereby greatly improving fish fry indoor cultivating survival rate and fish dries pond descending survival rate. A result of an experimental research shows that: the indoor cultivating survival rate of the 7 d fish fries reaches up to 87.8 percents, the pond descending survival rate reaches up to more than 30 percents, the 15 d fish fries reaches up to 92.6 percents, and the pond descending survival rate reaches up to more than 50 percents. The loach fish fry artificial cultivation method is scientific and rational, easy to implement, and good in practicability. By using loach fish fry artificial cultivation method, the fish dries pond descending survival rate can be greatly improved, and good economic benefit can be obtained.

Alga/fish mixed type three-dimensional ecological fish shelter and feeding method thereof

The invention provides an alga/fish mixed type three-dimensional ecological fish shelter and a feeding method of the fish shelter, wherein the fish shelter comprises an anchoring system, a fish shelter top consisting of a floating ball and a fixed frame, a fish shelter middle layer consisting of a horizontal grid and a fixed frame suspended with a middle spherical fish shelter, and a fish shelterbottom consisting of a horizontal grid and a fixed frame suspended with a bottom spherical fish shelter; and the fish shelter middle layer is respectively connected with the fish shelter top and the fish shelter bottom by a connecting rope and the lengthways crossed grid. The feeding method comprises the following steps of: shipping to a feeding sea area, firstly throwing a first anchor along with the direction of incident flow, sequentially throwing a second anchor by means of fair current, tying an anchor tail rope and a mark float at the back end of the anchor, dragging the anchor tail rope by means of fair current, tensioning a whole system, and completing feeding. According to the invention, the fish shelter can be used for culturing and proliferating the alga with different water depths, is taken as a perching and refuge occasion of the small size medium-upper layer fish and a large size medium-upper layer juvenile fish, and is simple in structure, and convenient to assemble andrecover, so that the novel artificial fish shelter can be provided for building an ecological marine ranch.

Antibacterial anti-alga color master batch dedicated to fishing net and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102924804AHas antibacterial and anti-algae functionsEasy to useFisheryMixed materials
The invention discloses an antibacterial anti-alga color master batch dedicated to a fishing net and a preparation method thereof. The color master batch disclosed by the invention comprises the following raw materials in weight part: 35-75 parts of carrier resin, 10-48 parts of pigment, 10-20 parts of antibacterial agent, and 0.5-3 parts of compatilizer. The preparation method for the color master batch, disclosed by the invention, is realized through the following steps: adding the pigment, the antibacterial agent and a processing agent into a grinding miller as per the raw material ratio for grinding and refining, adding the carrier resin and the compatilizer together into a high-speed mixer for uniform mixing, and finally adding the mixed material into a double-screw extruder for mixing and extruding. According to the invention, the antibacterial agent is added into the color master batch dedicated to the fishing net, and the compatilizer is added to enhance the compatibility of the prescription components, so that the antibacterial anti-alga color master batch dedicated to the fishing net can be prepared; and moreover, the color master batch has antibacterial and anti-alga functions, is convenient to add and use, and has the advantages of low toxicity, high efficiency and long antifouling period.

Health-care fodder for freshwater fish

The invention discloses health-care fodder for freshwater fish. The health-care fodder is mainly prepared by raw materials in percentage by weight as follows: 14%-35% of soybean meal, 1%-5% of fish meal, 15%-45% of miscellaneous meal, 5%-10% of corn distiller dried grains with solubles, 20%-35% of wheat meal, 2%-5% of fish oil and 1.0%-1.4% of a health-care additive, wherein the health-care additive is a mixture of vitamin, mineral, immunity polyhexose, probiotics and a complex enzyme preparation agent. According to nutritional requirements of freshwater fish, plant protein is taken as a main protein source, and the biological value of fodder protein is increased by adjusting balance of amino acid; and simultaneously, the immunity polyhexose, the probiotics, the complex enzyme preparation agent and the like are added, so that the utilization rate of the fodder is increased, antinutritional factors are passivated, enteric microflorae of the freshwater fish are adjusted, the immunity of the freshwater fish is enhanced, contents of hazardous substances in excrement are reduced, water pollution caused by the excrement and undigested fodder in the excrement is reduced, the freshwater fish can healthily grow, and economic benefits for culturing the freshwater fish are increased.

Bait feeding device and fish-feed-coefficient research device with bait feeding device

The invention relates to a bait feeding device. The bait feeding device comprises a bait containing piece, a supporting plate, gears, a hopper, a first motor, a control system and a first time controller. The bottom of the bait containing piece is open, and a plurality of partition plates for dividing the bait containing piece into a plurality of containing grooves are arranged inside the bait containing piece. Racks arranged in the length direction are arranged on the two sides of the bottom respectively. A sliding groove is formed by the racks and the bottom face of the bait containing piece. The bait containing piece is arranged on the supporting plate in a slideable mode through the sliding groove. The gears are erected at the bottom of the bait containing piece and meshed with the racks. An output shaft of the first motor is connected with the gears in a driving mode, and the bait containing piece is accordingly driven to move back and forth along the supporting plate. The bait feeding device is simple and reasonable in structure; the feeding time and the feeding amount can be adjusted in cooperation with the control system according to the sizes and the growth stages of fries, and timely and quantitative bait feeding can be achieved; a fish-feed-coefficient research device is simple in structure and low in cost, and baits can be timely and quantitatively fed, recycled and researched.
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